Despathy: Enough is enough! No more drug experimentation on children

by Allison Despathy

This past week on June 17, 2022, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for both the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines for children as young as 6 months of age.

This is literally experimentation on our children.

This is an experimental, gene-based injection completely lacking any level of rigorous data related to safety, efficacy or long-term complications. Children are not suffering from severe covid. Children have close to a 100% recovery rate from Covid. The only children struggling are those who are immuno-compromised due to health conditions or medication and unfortunately these children would struggle with any infection.

Public health experts at Johns Hopkins University such as Marty Makary have been discussing this fact for over a year now. Why would this experimental vaccination campaign in children even be considered at this point with what has been a clearly evident Covid vaccine failure in the adult population? We went from 100% safe and effective to -you can get and transmit Covid but it prevents severe Covid. Again I ask how would this reduction in severity even be assessed- Plain and simple it has not.

Typically vaccines take on average about ten years to come to market after safety trials and long term research regarding efficacy and possible complications. These experimental, gene-based Covid injections have zero long-term assessments regarding safety, especially since clinical trials were unblinded and then it becomes impossible to track long term effects. These vaccines are combining biotechnology, synthetic biology and nanotechnology, all newer scientific technologies with massive gaps in understanding relating to actual impacts on human health.

Why would we take this risk with our children when it is clearly evident that children are NOT struggling with severe Covid? How is this even possible that the FDA would allow this when there is absolutely zero evidence suggesting a need for an experimental, gene-based injection for our children?

This is a huge risk with absolutely no known or recognizable benefit. These experimental injections do not prevent Covid or transmission of Covid so vaccinating a child is not going to save a family member who is at-risk or immuno-compromised. There is no logic or scientific basis here.

Further, as of June 10, there are currently 1,301,354 adverse reactions to Covid vaccines that have been reported to the Health and Human Services Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). There have been 28,859 reported deaths. These numbers are astounding and warrant pause and adequate scrutiny and assessment to determine what is actually happening here especially before unleashing this new experimental technology on our children. The swine flu vaccine campaign of 1976 was halted and reevaluated after much lower numbers of adverse events, specifically Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) had been reported.

Natural immunity has always been considered the gold standard and at this point all of the scientific evidence in the research is supporting the fact that having Covid regardless of vaccination status is the best protection and far surpasses any level of immunity offered by a vaccine alone. A high majority of children have had Covid and thus have natural immunity- estimates based on data range between 40 to greater than 80% of the children at this point who have had Covid. Natural immunity is yet again showing the most robust, durable protection compared to the experimental Covid injections which also bring both known and unknown risks.

Coronaviruses are common cold viruses that have been with us for as long as we know. People are infected with coronaviruses regularly and often every year- sometimes they struggle symptomatically and sometimes they do not, there are many factors involved here. Coronaviruses true role in the body are not fully understood. There are virologists around the world who are researching and attempting to understand the role of a virus as well as the virome. Some viruses seem to offer protection from other diseases, infections and environmental exposures.

Skip Virgin, a world renowned virologist conducts research in this realm. There is so much we do not understand about viruses and their role in life and health but we do know that coronaviruses naturally mutate, people have always encountered them through life and they are typically not a problem for people. We are not going to eradicate coronaviruses, we need to acknowledge how little we know about viruses, the role they play and also the fact that all coronavirus vaccines in the past have failed. An emphasis on healthy lifestyle practices, nutrition status, and immune system support are real solutions for public health that do not have side effects or long term complications.

In 2017, NPR published an article entitled, “One-Third of New Drugs Had Safety Problems After FDA Approval.” In this article, author Sydney Lupkin states that “A Yale School of Medicine study found that nearly one third of medication approved by the FDA between the years of 2001-2010 had major safety issues after the medications were made widely available to the patients. Seventy-one of the 222 drugs approved in the first decade of the millennium were withdrawn, required a“black box” warning on side effects or warranted a safety announcement about new risks,,,,.” This was reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Dr. Caleb Alexander, Co-Director of the John Hopkins Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness, stated, “All too often, patients and clinicians mistakenly view FDA approval as (an) indication that a product is fully safe and effective, nothing could be further from the truth.” Not only are we dealing with rushed vaccine development, research and trials as well as completely new vaccine technology but now we have a rushed FDA authorization of an EUA- which is an experimental product NOT an FDA approved product.

It is also worth noting that Donald W. Light, writing for the Center for Ethics at Harvard University found that new prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of causing serious reactions after they have been approved. He stated, “That is why expert physicians recommend not taking new drugs for at least five years unless patients have first tried better-established options and have the need to do so.”

People have a legitimate right and duty to question the safety of these new injections and the recent, rushed FDA Emergency Use Authorization for experimental gene-based injections in children over the age of 6 months. It is also essential to note that the FDA authorized Covid ‘vaccines’ still hold a full liability shield for both Pfizer and Moderna due to the protection offered by the still active declaration of the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) and its medical countermeasures clause. This is unacceptable-These are our children.

Are these Covid “vaccines” really a safe or necessary option for our children? Is this really going to provide any actual benefit that outweighs both the known and unknown risks? Keep in mind there is zero evidence supporting actual benefit with these Covid injections and the risks are unfortunately prevalent and real. These are the most critical questions at this time. These are our children.

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The author is a clinical nutritionist in St. Johnsbury.

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  1. Alison, you are quite right on all counts, thank you. Targeting small kids is so contrary to the data that I believe this push is about more than just Pharma greed and its capture of our government’s regulatory agencies ( CDC, FDA )

  2. I just cannot believe this is being pushed to children….OMGosh this is so “1984” and SCARY..

  3. If I had a child…..and you thought you could just do what you want to my child…… would rightfully fear for your life.

  4. What a welcome bit of reason and common sense. Thank you, Allison, for articulating the problems with the “safe and effective” death jab so clearly and compellingly, and for pointing out the pathological lunacy of injecting children. As you point out, toddlers and young adults have practically zero chance of contracting this thing called Covid, which, frankly, I think is an overblown and exaggerated threat in the first place. How can parents, how can a society that calls itself civilized, allow such behavior? There’s the real sickness.

  5. As per the essence of this article, when a vaccine ceases to be effective at preventing mass infections, then a mandate has no basis. Have we not reached some level of herd immunity by now with this thing? In terms of ease of transmission and threat to the health of the average person, COVID is pretty much on par with influenza and the common cold. There is absolutely no sense in subjecting young people to this vaccine from a simple risk/benefit analysis.

  6. Now that people have taken the mRNA vaccine for two years we are in the throes of SADS. Look it up. Talk to your local funeral home director and ask them why they are having trouble embalming the deceased.

    • I probably agree with you, but I’d like to know what you mean by “having trouble.” Are funeral directors having trouble keeping up with the high demand resulting from vaccination injuries/deaths, or having trouble embalming bodies with blood vessels clogged by clots and other substances?

  7. And even the “prevents severe illness” claim has now fallen by the wayside. Fun fact: 75% of Vermont’s Covid hospitalizations since February have been in the “fully vaccinated.” That number is no doubt even higher if you include the “partially” vaccinated. Vermont’s data tracking has no category for the completely unvaccinated; they are lumped in with the one-dose (and perhaps two-dose) folks.

    But . . . “stay up to date” on your shots? More like I’m staying up to date on how they are unsafe and defective.

  8. Pet peeve: This mRNA shot is in no way a vaccine. What the government and Big Pharma have done is change the definition of “vaccine”. Note: any time anyone changes the name of something that has been in common usage for years, you’re being lied to.

    While it’s true that nearly all young children who encounter fauxvid survive, it’s also true that the overwhelming majority of adults do too. According to Robert F Kennedy’s meticulously researched book, 99.97% of people who get fauxvid (the flu) survive it. Sounds more like a “scamdemic” to me.

    The bigger fallout from the fauxvid jab is turning out to be the drop in both female and male fertility. Several recent studies (and numbers “on the ground”) point to about a 22% decline in fertility rates. Add that in with the jab deaths (my sister, in perfect health, died of myocarditis within 2 weeks of getting her jab) as documented by VAERS, and you can start to see the end game.

    Let me ask you… Do you see overflows at funeral homes? Are bodies stacking up everywhere? Are we having to build new cemeteries by the thousands? Don’t you think this would be the case if the scamdemic were real?

    Credit where credit is due though. The fauxvid scam was the most brilliant plot ever conceived,. With one fell swoop, they a) took out fair elections, b) cancelled several Constitutionally guaranteed rights, c) took a giant step toward their stated goal of depopulation, and d) got rid of our rightfully elected leader, President Trump. Does any serious person think we really “elected” Joe Biden? And I’m sure I’ve missed many more.

    • “Note: any time anyone changes the name of something that has been in common usage for years, you’re being lied to.” We have seen the activist Left redefine something that has been in common use for years, like the entire concept of the gender binary. We have seen men being defined as women and vice versa. We have heard that indeed men can become pregnant and give birth. We have seen women who give birth, formerly known as “mothers” being redefined as “birther persons”. Does anyone of common sense and SCIENCE doubt we are being lied to?