Dame: VTGOP statement on Biden bribery scandal

by Paul Dame

VTGOP Chairman Paul Dame issued the following statement today regarding FBI Whistleblowers reports on President Joe Biden’s bribery scandal.

“It is both a shocking and sad day for many Americans to learn of allegations that their President may have accepted bribery payments from a foreign national.  The Congressional Oversight Committee has been working diligently to follow a complicated paper trail that indicated President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden may both be guilty of at least some form of money laundering.  But recent documentation unveiled by an FBI whistle-blower demonstrated the bureau had intelligence from a long-time and reliable source that payments from the Ukrainian national links them not to any legitimate services rendered, but to bribery.  While the FBI and several news outlets claim this information is “unverified” the bank records previously obtained by House Republicans, along with the complicated transactions across multiple LLCs seem to indicate a corroboration of this claim.

“This fact pattern could suggest multiple criminal violations and should be pursued in the criminal courts where President Biden will have a chance to make a defense and be tried by a jury of his peers. 

“The fact that then Vice President Joe Biden would publicly brag that he personally pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son’s business partner, and that he did so by leveraging US taxpayer funds in the form of foreign aid betrays the most fundamental level of public trust we expect of our political leaders if it turns out to be true that President Biden benefited from a $5 Million bribery payment.  House Oversight should review the discussions around the recommendation to fire that prosecutor to determine who else beside Vice President Biden was involved in that decision.

“Once a politician is found to have sold his integrity for a price, he cannot be further trusted to retain higher office. 

“While this suspicious payment has been discovered thanks to the work of House Oversight Committee and the protections offered to whistleblowers who came forward with the information – it begs the question whether there are other policy decisions made by Biden that were improperly influenced by foreign actors, either during his time as Vice President, or may even be in force right now during his term as President of the United States.

“Many immigrants who have fled countries from around the world breathe a sigh of relief when they come to America and find that we have largely eradicated the system of bribery that plagues so many other counties.  If these allegations are true, our President has betrayed that trust and called in to question his integrity and his ability to execute the appropriate use of taxpayer funds.  Democrats would be wise to begin now to look for an alternative candidate if the recent evidence leads to a criminal case against President Biden.

“Biden’s actions aside, this issue brings in to focus further questions about the fairness and equity of our justice system at the highest levels.  If President Biden has received bribes, it seems reasonable to ask whether he has made them as well to any members of our law enforcement agencies.  The fact that this alarming evidence of corruption went completely ignored by the FBI until the recent House Republican Investigations is a major cause for concern.  Why wasn’t this picked up sooner?  Between President Biden’s own public admission of working to fire the prosecutor, the IRS investigation into Hunter, the laptop that was discovered prior to the 2020 election, the Suspicious Activities Reports that should have been filed by the banks and this latest FD-1023 from the FBI, all together they are difficult to explain away as innocent coincidences.

“Senate Democrats and House Republicans need to work together to identify the pieces of our law enforcement system that failed and make efforts to ensure something like this never happens again at our highest levels of government.  Transparency, integrity and equality under the law are bipartisan values that bring us together as Americans.  While this is difficult new for many Americans to hear, we must remember that our nation has a history of coming face to face with its problems and routing them out to improve the lives of our people under their government.”

The author is an Essex Junction resident and chair of the Vermont Republican Party.

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  1. Anyone who was paying attention has known this for years.

    Nearly a world war later…. You finally know now?? You know because they let you know

    What about Elections, Weiners laptop, Hillary’s emails, Covid, the Jab? When are you going to wake up to those lies??

    You know if you’d pay attention to anything other than CNN and Fox News, you’d probably have known too.

    They’re playing you and you fall right for it every time.

  2. Nothing will come of this. Republicans are too frightened. By what? God knows but they can’t seem to get out of their own tracks.

    • I believe that many republicans are RINO’s and are part of this swamp that has been working to destroy our country. Added to the things in question is the destruction of the twin towers, Sandy Hook and other school shootings, Kennedy’s assassination, the bombing in Texas. We need to go back years and learn the truth about many things including the wars. How far back were the elections rigged? What about all the things Obama did that was illegal? What about Biden having all the files he took illegally when he was vice president.

    • The GOP is gaming us too – the D.C. elite have run amuck, and they don’t care who knows it. The constituents are chattel to be used, abused, and then discarded. They now don’t want their profitable game to end, and they must protect one another to the death – OURS, not theirs!

    • By design, the RNC and VTGOP will not “get out of their own tracks”. joseph biden was the least objectionable and most easily controllable candidate that the uniparty had prior to the SC primary in 2020. There was and remains no way the most popular “democrat” at that time, bernie sanders would be allowed to become the nominee.
      This current political “outrage” by the RNC and VTGOP is just prt of the theatre and preparations for 2024. biden will not be the nominee- and that Trump might be the GOP nominee- has the uniparty scrambling to block Trump. Remember, all of the “revelations” coming to light now were previously exposed and subsequently covered up in 2020. Think whatever you may of Trump, but ALL of his accusations of spying, corruption and election fraud have been proven true. All of them. If required, the uniparty will capitulate these accusations as true- but only if it furthers their goals. Mr. Dame, as chair of the VTGOP is following the playbook already written by the uniparty, nothing more. He may be a great guy, honest and all that- but his ultimate employer is the RNC wing of the uniparty.
      Federal and now Vermont state politics is a cesspool of corruption, grifting and dirty deals meant only to provide for the elitist cabal. the Vermont 2024 state budget is ample proof that the dirt is piled high in Montpelier- and not from the recent flood.

  3. This is NOT shocking whatsoever. It is common corruption within both the Democrat and the Republican Parties in modern-day Amerika, aka the SWAMP. Most Americans were aware of what Biden & Co was in this particular instance, Biden & Co. were involved in since BEFORE he was elected to the public office of the POTUS.

    It has now taken three long years for Congress to investigate what was readily apparent to so many in this nation with NO ONE in the current “good ‘ol boy” do-nothing, say-nothing GOP party officially headed by a spineless Romney family member.

    Now that the GOP finally has even evidence to impeach this inept despot just as the Democrats did to President Trump before without any well-founded or credible evidence – the GOP does, as usual, virtually nothing – allowing this nation to rot from the inside out just as this sitting POTUS is doing.

    Rather than taking expeditious & obligatory actions to remove this criminal from elective office, the Mitch McConnell’s of the GOP timidly refrain from taking any advancements other than televised spectacles which in the end do absolutely NOTHING to save this nation or punish those who, according to the US Constitution, are directly responsible for the reprehensible betrayals which they have perpetrated against her.

    And the feeble VT GOP does the exact same – speak softly and carry NOTHING.

  4. I just watched it – Hostage Video.
    Omigod! He took MONEY for policy! I’m shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED!
    No mention of human trafficking, election fraud, or selling access to China. Who’s complicit???

  5. I have to agree that both parties, past and present, have often put their own wealth ahead of what is good for America and its people. The problem could easily be fixed by term limits in Congress and Senate, stopping the big money that backs them and doing a thorough vetting process with transparency for the American people to see on any who runs for office. There is to much at stake for our country to just look the other way and do nothing! For too long this country has been run by a good old boys club with the mentality if you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours, it needs to return to what is good for the country and all of the people!

  6. Any comment from Governor Scott or is Mr. Dame taking over the chicken dancing, sideshow, carnival barker distraction from Truth? Try to keep up now Mr. Dame. There is so much more yet to come out – like Epstein’s client list, what is really going on over there Ukraine, and the banker wars between the US and the EU. Stay in tuned and buckle up!

  7. From my perspective, this is only coming out because Biden is a liability to the globalist (UN, WEF, World Bank and orgers) agenda. If this wasn’t the case, the news media would have continued to run interference to protect the Biden family. Many of these details were known before the 2020 election. Based on our governor’s track record he will not make a public statement regarding the Biden family criminal activities. He is too busy appeasing the woke god known as Social Justice, a United Nations goal. The United Nations is very clear about this agenda. It states that Social Justice requires strong redistribution policies to be enacted by policies to reduce inequities of outcomes. Equity is ideology to make this happen.

  8. Now Paul Dame is telling us something we’ve known for years. I knew it the first day Biden took office when he shut down the Keystone XL pipeline and drilling in Anwar. Those things only benefited the Chinese. Meanwhile we had Paulie giving us people like Christina Nolan and his other band of merry RINOS to vote for. Hey Paul, when are you going tell us something we don’t know. Maybe you and Tom Evslin can do a podcast together and have Chris Christy and Mitt Romney on. What a dweeb.

  9. Anyone remember Watergate? I do, Pres Nixon (R) chose resignation over impeachment trial, And his replacement secured VP slot without a vote of the people, and also later was elevated to President when Nixon resigned, and never secured a vote of the people in 1974. Later on is when Jimmy Carter was elected, up until now, was declared the worst President in the history of this country. Poor Jimmy was just in over his head. Biden is in over his head, but had other motivations from way-way back.

  10. For us older citizens who have watched politics for years, anyone with a brain knew that Joe Biden has been an idiot and a criminal throughout his 50 year political grift. He was a racist and friend of Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia who was also an active member of the KKK. Here’s
    a quote from Senator Byrd, “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side. Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”. Joe Biden’s good friend and Hillary Clinton’s mentor and idol. These are your democrats.

    Oh My God, Paul Dane has just found out that the Biden family is a criminal enterprise and has been for years. Hunter, the bag man and family stooge set up 20 LLCs (limited liability companies) to launder foreign cash being deposited in bank accounts with the money moving from business to bank and on to another business to make it difficult to track.

    We don’t have a republican party in Vermont, we have a club for certain members. A comment above speaks to the governor’s silence on the Biden crimes. Hello, he voted for him claiming that he would be good for America. The republican response to Covid, unconstitutional lock downs and coerced but not quite mandatory required unsafe, untested vaccines or lose your job. Do you really wonder why this state has fallen under the control of a rouge legislature, a collection of control nannies bent on running everyone’s life into the ground if necessary?

    I don’t read Paul’s missives anymore because through the pandemic I did my own research and came to the conclusion very early that it was planned to set the election theft in place to make sure Trump wouldn’t win another term. All that is over, so when does Vermont return to election day, no mailed ballots unless requested and hand counting on the same day. Where are the republicans on this? It’s time for the great shuffle inside the republican party. Instead of being behind like this article they need to be out front trying to change and speak out about our elections laws to ensure legitimate, fair and honest elections. I won’t hold my breath until this happens. Most of us true conservatives have no party, we hold our noses and vote for the least likely RINO.

  11. Why do we have unelected Republicans speaking for all of those we elected? Why aren’t we getting statements from people we put in office??????

    Having the chair or any republican speak for others is really not appropriate. Where is our Governor who told all the world he was voting for Mr. Build Back Better, you will own nothing and be happy? This is complete Marxist dribble, passed down from WEF and company…..

    See if all those we voted for stood up and said something, we might build a party.

    Vermonters, here’s your sign.
    Unelected people running the government and speaking for the elected IS THE PROBLEM!

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