Dame: this war is Putin’s fault, not Biden’s

by Paul Dame

Being the Chair of the State Party of one of the smallest states in the country I have been wary of weighing in on geopolitical issues that are far beyond my control or influence.  But with the VT legislature on break, and status-quo results from Town Meeting day, my attention has been drawn to the wonder of how Ukraine, a former Soviet satellite has grown in to their role as a young Democracy, and rallied nearly the entire world behind them. 

It is easy to forget that perhaps roughly half the people of Ukraine are old enough to remember what it was like to live under the rule of Russian Communists.  Perhaps it is that very memory, or living their entire life in the shadow of that memory, that has given their people the resolve to fight for the freedom that is still fresh in their history books.

In a world filled with politicians and administrative swamp creatures who would gladly lie and deceive to protect their status and pension, it has been remarkably refreshing to see President Zelensky swat down the opportunity to escape imminent mortal danger and instead ask for more ammunition – not a ride.  Citizens around the globe have to look at their own leaders and ask – “Would they do the same for us?” 

Paul Dame

While 62% of Americans believe that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump has won re-election, we have to be clear that this invasion is not Biden’s fault – it is entirely Putin’s.  In a premeditated act, Putin massed troops along the border feigning diplomatic negotiations until he had his forces in place, then he swept in to attack the capitol of a sovereign nation.  Putin’s blame should be so self-evident that it ought to be one thing Republicans and Progressive Democrats can agree on.

Republicans have responded by calling for a review of our energy policy goals in light of the changing geopolitical environment.  There ought to be agreement that whether or not we continue to use fossil fuels longterm- we SURELY shouldn’t be buying them from Russia to finance the invasion of Ukraine right now. President Zelensky agrees and has asked us to do exactly that.  By America adopting a more robust energy production policy – even if only during this international crisis – we can both weaken the Russian military, while also supporting Europe’s energy needs.

The only thing that can get in the way of pragmatic common sense, is Democrat ideology.  At a potentially pivotal moment in world history America has the ability to help our people, the people of Ukraine and millions more across the globe by simply out-producing Russia and other unfriendly actors in oil-rich companies.  If America fails to provide the world with the needed fuel supply, and India, China and other large nations need to make longer term deals with Russia, Iran and Venezuela we risk giving up our position as a global leader that can be relied on in a time of crisis.  If the Western world pushes for sanctions with Russia, but is unwilling to provide the energy the world needs – we may find ourselves in a swamp of unintended consequences regarding energy, the petrol-dollar and our position in global markets.

Instead of working with Republicans to address this critical moment in history, it seems that most Democrats are spending much of their time attacking Republicans for patently untrue claims of supporting Putin.  Instead of dealing with the world as it is today, they act like their best hope for the midterms is to live in the past where Trump was a convenient punching bag.  The world needs Republicans and Democrats to put domestic divisions aside in order to confront the new challenge before us on a world stage that could change rapidly in the next 2-5 years.

My personal prayer is that the crisis in Ukraine can be resolved with diplomacy, sanctions and global pressure, a “banks, not tanks” approach.  But I think we all have to keep in the back of our minds that as much as the U.S. should not engage in the kind of military adventurism we have in the past, we need to be prepared to keep the promise we made to defend our NATO allies.

Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons for a vague promise to be protected.  If they are unable to stop the Russians on their own, will they feel this was a mistake?  Our more formal commitments to neighboring NATO countries like Poland and Romania may be tested as well.  What will be more powerful: Putin’s Army – or the American Promise?

Given the news that Putin has begun recruiting Syrian fighters with experience in urban warfare, his designs may be more far-reaching and unconventional than we want to imagine.

Before it comes to that, I hope the world will unite to help Ukraine stop Putin in his tracks.  But if Ukraine falls,and Putin persists, the world may look to see what is the value of the American Promise.

The author is an Essex Junction resident and chair of the Vermont Republican Party.

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  1. Mr. Dame just outed himself as neo-con uniparty stiff. Cut from the same cloth as No-name McCain and Lindsay Graham who were doing some interesting business over there in the Ukraine with Amy Klobuchar not so long ago. So much for the VT GOP….same old song and dance, wash rinse repeat.

  2. If dementia joe hadnt created an environment where russia financially thrives by supplying oil to much of Europe, this invasion wouldn’t have the $ to back it. If brandon hadn’t said we’d do nothing other than sanction russia for their “incursion” at a press conference and remained more unpredictable, much like trump or kim jon in north Korea, putin wouldve been more hesitant. If our figure head didn’t have many personal, family financial and political obligations (illegal i might add) vested in Ukraine, things may be different. If he and his party were not hell bent on destroying our nation right down to the foundation and rebuilding it in a sick woketpoia ideology, and instead defending the pillars the country was built upon, this likely wouldn’t have occurred. If we hadn’t been focusing our military’s training and recruitment for the past few years on diversity, equity and antiracism and instead focused on building a strong, united force of soldiers that can efficiently conduct armed conflicts with an emphasis on killing our enemies and breaking their resources, putin likely wouldn’t have tried this. Joe is a fragile, weak old man that has convinced a significant portion of our country that this nation and our freedoms (that he has perpetually stripped since his regime took power) are not worth fighting and dying for. America can see our current weaknesses and so can the rest of the world. This is ALL biden’s fault! And if you voted for him and his policies, YOUR hands drip with Ukrainian blood too. May God bless America.

  3. “I have been wary of weighing in on geopolitical issues that are far beyond my control or influence.” Or your scope of knowledge, it would seem.

    You fail to mention the US overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected president Viktor Yanukovych in 2014, replacing him with a puppet friendly to the West. You fail to mention the subsequent Nazification of Ukraine’s military and the eight-year campaign of aggression against ethnic Russians in Donbas. You fail to mention Biden’s financial ties to Ukraine. And you fail to mention the massive expansion of NATO eastward despite US assurances to the contrary made 30 years ago.

    JFK didn’t want missiles in Cuba, and Putin doesn’t want them in Ukraine (or any other bordering state). Putin is indeed responsible for his actions, but it is laughable to insinuate those actions were unprovoked. As with so much history of US foreign policy, the reality is far more complicated than the masses are led to believe.

  4. Mr. Dame is incorrect in his assertion he should not be “weighing in on geopolitical issues that are far beyond my control or influence”. He should weigh in AND be assisting GOP candidates with campaign information on exactly what biden and those that control him, along with Vermont’s corrupt legislature- are doing to the US with “green” energy policies.What the impact of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine means for Vermont’s energy prices and availability. Pointing out Vermont’s current fixation on climate issues, the GWSA, Climate Council and the legislative intent to turn Vermont into a backwater state, of energy policies that enrich the climate evangelist at the expense of every Vermont resident.
    Perhaps Mr. Dame is unaware that diesel fuel in Chittenden County has increased 94% in cost since biden’s coronation, or that regular unleaded gasoline is 59% more costly than just one year ago. The latest large cost increases are blamed on Putin and his Ukraine invasion, but the groundwork for this was laid January 21, 2021 when biden signed executive orders dismantling domestic energy production. Putin saw the fecklessness of the current regime in DC and launched his invasion.
    As Vermont’s legislature debates bills to increase cost of carbon- gasoline, heating fuels and diesel fuel are first up to require imaginary “credits” be manufactured and sold by Vermont to accomplish exactly nothing for CO2 reduction. Dame should be gathering the facts on this issue, then disseminating them to every Vermont resident.
    So too, the GOP should be shouting from the rooftops- of the billions of ratepayer dollars required to increase capacity of Vermont’s electric grid- and the decades required to accomplish this. Of the infrastructure required to attain the stated goals for electric-powered autos, trucks and public transportation. Of the sweetheart deals being doled out to climate evangelists, for useless “public transportation ” projects and useless litigation to fatten environmental groups war-chests.
    Vermont’s energy policies mirror that of the biden administration and the “green new deal”, leading Vermont and the US into very predictable and unfortunate results. Results that cripple the economy for all but a select group. I’d say Dame has plenty to weigh in on.

    • Your use of statistics continue to be garbage as usual. 94% and 59% up from what, some of the lowest fuel prices in recent history? Russian imports represent less than 10% of imports but gas prices are up much higher than that? Why didn’t Trump ban oil imports from Russia? Typical lazy “it’s alwys Biden’s fault” narrative.

      Only the Russian apologists anti-5g antivaxxers would fall for what you are selling. Unfortunately, this website is full of them.

      • Your “interpretation of words” is really hard to follow. What is your worldview?

  5. Ukraine has provoked Russia for decades. There are scores of neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine. They, often with tacit sanction by the govt., have harassed Russian Ukrainians for decades. So has the govt. itself. Putin is no “good guy”. The issue is far more complex than simply one side evil and the other benign.
    The duplicity, and the tragedy, is pervasive.

  6. Yeah, Biden was Vice President when the U.S. orchestrated a Nazi-backed coup in Ukraine to install our own puppet government. Trump wanted to deescalate the situation, but Hillary and the Neo-con / libs went all in on the Russia Gate hysteria, and now they want to finish what they started in Ukraine, which amounts to an existential threat to Russia. These are people who think they can win a nuclear war. This Dame guy needs to dig a little bit deeper.

  7. This point of view from the current “Leader of the Vermont GOP” reveals why the GOP Party in the State of Vermont is so weak and feckless. If the Party was led by a True Republican with courage and convictions, we might have a chance for much needed change. Instead, we have “RINO Leadership” going along to get along and appeasing what should be boldly opposed.

    In his continuation as a “Trump Hater,” Mr. Dame has gone out of his way to distort reality and Stand Up for the current Constitution Hating, Lying, Treasonous, Weak, Immoral, Illegitimate, Criminal, occupier of the White House. It seems, Mr. Dame doesn’t understand the importance of strong leadership on the statewide stage, so how can he understand its importance on the worldwide stage?

    Mr. Dame has so focused on hating Trump’s personality, he can’t recognize his strengths and successes on policies, the world stage, and fighting for our Constitutional Freedoms and The American People. Trump knows we are in a fight for Truth, Freedom and our Constitutional Republic.

    Sober minded Vermonters also know it’s a fight Mr. Dame do you? It doesn’t seem so.
    This is why so many “Real Republicans” in the State of Vermont want nothing to do with the so- called Vermont State Republican Party. The question before you is: What will you do to change that?

  8. Biden’s obvious weakness in all areas gave Putin the green light to do what he wants. Stop licking the boot heals of those who feed you… Disgusting.

  9. biden shows weakness he is INCOMPETENT and was seated not elected… look how he left Americans and our allies in AFGHANISTAN..(That went well) look how when biden was V.P. he left Americans in BENGHAZI…. Paul has shown me he is another republican lite…..

  10. Melissa’s right, why should we favor one corrupt kleptocracy over another? I have relatives in Zaparizhia & there’s info NOW suggesting their “Nuke Plant Attack” may have been staged like the “Ghost Pilot” & other deep fakes..Is Pitin a puke? Sure..But Ukraine’s people drink like the irish & the most corrupt of ANY 3rd world country.. There are RULES in war & handing out guns to civilians w/NO uniforms is nuts, one MUST have a uniform w/name, rank, & country to be accorded Geneva protections, THAT is how WE filled up GITMO, remember? And what of NATO’s “attacks”? Starting in Yugoslavia (ruined), then Iraq & Afghanistan (ruined), then Libya *ruined) then Syria (ruined & just bombed by Israel)..I disdain Putin but we’ve been poking that Bear since 1949 costing us Billions/Trillions we could have spent HERE..1st casualty of war is the truth..Why didn’t Dementia Joe arm-up Ukraine like Trump did? Must have been waiting for Cracky Hunter’s checks to clear 1st..

  11. Oh look, Putin apologists everywhere in the comments. Everyone they disgree with is a nazi or facist. These commenters would gladly invite Russia into the US to kill everyone they despise.

  12. “David Kelley: Caviar Emptor — beware of people claiming to be Russian experts”

    Which now, apparently, includes a fellow with an Education degree from UVM.

    “We belong to a Mutual Admiration Society”

  13. What the Vermont Republican Party needs the least at this time is cable TV type talking head providing opinion on matters that he knows little about.

    What Vermont Republicans want and need is a leader totally focused on getting common sense and clear thinking Republicans elected to local, state and state wide offices across the entire State……..What is needed are enough Republicans elected and holding office in order to reverse the disastrous direction the State is presently headed.

    Time for the Republican Party to tend to its knitting and line up qualified candidates for local and state offices this fall…….That’s the mission!

  14. Aaaaand there it is. The Republican playbook. They disagree with a Democrat’s on everything that doesn’t matter. But be fully on board with everything that does.

    Things Republicans are silent about or outright support:

    * Bad voting systems that make voter fraud easy to do and difficult to spot –
    * Ever higher taxes for schools that educate ever fewer kids
    * passing tax revenues to all the cronies through “non-profits”
    * stirring up trouble in countries of little or no consequence to the US

    Things Republicans scream about:
    * Abortion “rights”. They won’t do anything to change them but they wring their hands and say see what the other guy does.
    * Race and gender relations. More hand wringing, tokenism, and copy cat nonsense
    * Gun rights. Oooooh we just need these few laws. We promise we will fight the next round of restrictions.

  15. Frankly idc if they have a r or d next to their name. We need common sense people, not compromised bureaucrats. We need people that want to serve, not want to be served. Term limits may help facilitate this.

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