Dame: despite scary-high fuel oil prices, Dems want a carbon tax!

by Paul Dame

Many people, including myself, are starting to get their offers to pre-buy home heating fuel for the upcoming winter. My offer was almost 35% higher than what I paid just 6 months ago. Others are telling me they are paying 50% to 70% more than they pre-ordered last year. And winter pre-buying is usually supposed to be a discount – so it makes many of us wonder what this winter might have in store.

But as bad as it will be for Vermonters to be paying hundreds more to get warm this winter, one thing to be thankful for is that if we had been missing just one Republican legislator last May to help sustain Gov. Scott’s veto on a new carbon tax, home heating fuel might have been even more expensive.

VT GOP Chair Paul Dame

Despite this set-back, Montpelier Democrats have promised to go back and pass the SAME bill to override Gov. Scott’s veto – unless they lose some seats. Democrats have not made any changes to their policies in light of the struggles many Vermonters are facing. Their intention is to keep pushing punitive carbon taxes that disproportionately hurt rural Vermonters.

Adding a new carbon tax is bad enough. But because Democrats don’t want to be seen raising taxes in these economic conditions – they proposed to transfer their power to a group of unelected bureaucrats who can add and raise the tax at will and NEVER be accountable to voters for it. Then Democrats could shrug their shoulders to voters in future elections and tell them “It’s not me – it’s the board. Sorry, nothing I can do.” At best it’s irresponsible, at worst it’s unconstitutional.

Unfortunately for Vermonters, this responsibility shirking has become all too commonplace with the Democratic Party in Vermont, and across America. If something bad happens, they always point somewhere else, but they never take responsibility for how they are going to achieve a different outcome. We elect leaders to fix problems, not just to message them better. I’m starting to think if we had a famine Democrats would point to the reduction in childhood obesity.

Recently President Biden was asked about the 8.4% inflation we’ve been having, and his response was to brag that after last month it’s down to 8.3%. He won’t take responsibility for the 8.4% increase, but he is going to jump over the fact that it went down 0.1%. That is denial, we need determination. Rather than taking the problem seriously, and telling Americans how he is planning on fixing it he told us our concerns were unjustified because the unemployment numbers were good. Instead of fixing the problem we do have, Democrats weasel out of it by pointing you towards another problem they tell you is worse (Abortion, Trump, etc) – or trying to gaslight you into believing you are alone in your frustration. Republicans want you to know that you are NOT alone and your concerns are in fact serious. We hear you and are fighting to restore a degree of common sense to Montpelier.

I’ve been talking to several of our House & Senate candidates who have been going door to door in our communities across Vermont for several months. We hear the serious concerns and stories of Vermonters who are having a hard time making ends meet. We understand that Biden’s distraction of unemployment numbers doesn’t help the seniors on fixed incomes when their heating and grocery bills go up, but their pension or social security doesn’t. We know that student loan forgiveness doesn’t make it easier for young electricians and plumbers trying to buy a house in a severely restricted market. We know that “reimagining” and defunding the police does not make Burlington any safer to visit or live in.

Republicans know that we just can’t afford the Progressive Democrat agenda any more. We need to get serious about our essential energy supply and costs for workers and seniors alike. We need to make it easier to build affordable first-time homes to keep young people here, both tradesmen and professionals. We need to fully fund our local police and prosecute criminals to make our streets safer again for workers, students and tourists. While I won’t go so far as to say that Democrats can’t do that – they have made it clear that they won’t. If you think things are better now than they were two years ago, ask your neighbors, your mechanic, your senior center coordinator, your local teachers how everyone else is doing. They will tell you that something is broken and it needs real change not just better messaging. Vermont Republicans stand ready to answer the call, be your voice of reason, address the serious problems we are all experiencing, and focus on creating a Vermont that really works.

The author is an Essex Junction resident and chair of the Vermont Republican Party.

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  1. Dear Paul,

    Do you realize you have taught yourself very well to be a perfect RHINO! You are so disciplined to stay on safe, fiscal only topics and hammer on them, hoping the moral ones won’t matter. Please consider widening your subject matter by speaking on the following important “moral issues.”

    1.) The subject of Abortion.
    2.) The November Ballot Article 22 Question – To add a
    Constitutional Amendment to the Vermont Constitution that
    would allow for ALL the unknowns of “Personal Reproductive
    Autonomy” and ALL it may unleash.
    3.) The Teachings Taking Place in Our Public Schools both Sexual
    and Racist violating our Civil Rights.
    4.) Our Vermont Election System that is widely untrusted with
    ALL Statewide Mailed Ballots, Ballot Drop Boxes and NO
    safety precautions, restrictions or Voter ID’s.
    5.) The gross repeated misrepresentation of what is a man and
    what is a women.
    6.) Many Free speech Violations throughout the State.

  2. Dear Paul,

    I left out one more very important social issue in my last post. I would challenge you to talk about our open border and how that violates our Right to Security. Your RHINO Buddy, VT Gov. Scott is also silent on the subject as he was and is with many other of our Rights and Privileges declared in the Constitution.

    I challenge you Paul, to dust off your copy of the Vermont Constitution and get out of your RHINO people-pleasing mode.
    There are so ……… many of our Constitutional Rights and Privileges that have been and continue to be violated and ignored by Dems/Progs/Marxists and RHINOS alike.

    You say you want to see Republicans win in Vermont. If you do you’ll have to grow some courage and step out to become a Real Republican that can be trusted.Real Republicans care about both moral and fiscal issues. You seem to only Buddy Up with Rhinos like Joe Benning and Phil Scott NOT those who have the courage to deal with and speak to ALL issues.

  3. Elections are Still Rigged. We get “Selections” Not Elections. Fix 2020! Look into ERIC, Inc., 33 States, which includes Vermont, send ERIC, Inc. its Voter Rolls. Great way to Cheat. Here’s the link:
    Also, One of ERIC’s Board Members for 2022-2023 is Will Senning, Director of Elections and Campaign Finance, Vermont.
    Nothing will change for the better in this Country, until We The People Fix 2020 and End Rigged Elections.
    1. No Machines
    2. One Day Voting Only, No Early Voting (Absentee by Authorized Permission from Individual in Writing).
    3. No Drop Boxes
    4. Paper Ballots Only
    5. Live-Stream, In-Person Public Viewing of Counting the Ballots
    6. No Internet of any kind, No Wifi, No Cell Phones, No Modems, etc.
    7. No Ballot Harvesting

    The People Need to have their Voices and their Votes Back in this Country, State by State or Nothing will be Fixed.

    Liberty is from God not man.

  4. What Chairman Dame fails to mention is that he is all in on the “Big Tent ” agenda that gave Madden a victory over two great Republican candidates.
    Dame gloated after the Amendment I introduced on April 30th was defeated. It would have prevented Madden from being supported or endorsed by the VTGOP.
    Those voting against the Amendment I introduced were intent on protecting Scott, Benning, Walker, Sheuermann, Leffler, Beck and Martin. All transrepublicans that voted for or support Article 22.
    Benning voted for it twice as a State Senator and at a forum in Rockingham bragged he will vote for it in November. Scott said he will vote for Article 22 as well.
    See, Chairman Dame really doesn’t care about the VTGOP Platform. Neither does Tom Koch, the Rules Committee Chair. They both said at that meeting they don’t want to tell a potential Republican candidate that they must actually represent Republicans.
    Because not once have either of them spoke against any of the seven Rino’s I have called out numerous times. In fact they still support them.
    Chairman Dame voted for the VTGOP Platform that I and several others worked on for months. Including Benning, who voted for its approval but doesn’t adhere to it. Benning also voted against proposals that would have protected Health Care workers and removed taxes from the pensions of Military Veterans.
    Scott has spit in the face of Real VT republicans so many times you need a calculator to add them up.
    But Dame shouts with glee, ” Scott is the most popular Governor in America. ”
    He sure is, he gets 70% of his votes from the democrats. Why wouldn’t they vote for Scott ? He is a hypocritical liar that supports the left/far left agenda.
    But Dame claims to be distraught by the democrats.
    At least they are honest when they tell how bad they will screw you.
    The transrepublicans pretend to represent you while stabbing you in the back.
    I have been and will continue to support Real Vermont Republicans that are Pro Life and Constitutional. And we are doing it without any support from the VTGOP.
    Paul Dame has no intent to fight for Real Republicans. It would mess up his Big Tent agenda.

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