CRT/Equity Townhall 7/30 in Brattleboro

Greg Thayer (left) facilitates a recent CRT/equity informational meeting. Another will be held in Brattleboro July 30.

Friday, July 30 at 6:30 pm four speakers will take to the stage at The Whetstone Church in Brattleboro for a two hours discussion on Critical Race Theory/Equity. All speakers have experience with public schools and with the introduction of race based education in our schools. 

CRT is also being introduced in many of our public institutions and businesses. Proponents claims that it does not harm children, that CRT teaches equity and the true history of our nation. While opponents argue that CRT is destroying our children and making them think as racist, and pitting races and ethnic groups against each other. 

Critical Race Theory teaches people that they are either oppressors or oppressed/victims. It’s been around since the 1970’s, being taught in many colleges across the nation and now it is coming to students of all ages. CRT is a product of the writings of the communist manifesto works of Karl Marx. 

Facilitator Gregory Thayer of “Vermonters for Vermont” Initiative will introduce these guest speakers:

  • Mark Coester, Concerned Citizen
  • Aaron Kindsvatter, PhD. UVM Professor
  • John Klar; VT. Liberty Network

Speakers are allowed 15 minute speeches, and after the last speaker all of them will come to the front and answer questions from the audience. the Townhall will conclude at 8:30pm. The event is organized by Gregory Thayer, “Vermonters for Vermont” Initiative.

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  1. Where are our “elected officials” who are concerned about the Constitution and America? Why are they not standing up and speaking against Critical Race Theory in Town Hall meetings? Do they not have any courage, do they just want to sit back and let Marxism takeover? Or are they all bought and paid for by the Marxist Regime?

    Why don’t we stop the paychecks of ALL in the Vermont Congress, every single person. Let’s see what happens then.

    None of these “elected officials” had their paychecks stopped from the Covid lockdowns. They continued to get paid. Why should they not suffer like the rest of us? Then see what happens when the money dries up.

  2. Is Vermont so isolated from what is happening with programs like CRT across our nation? Millions of citizens have come to the conclusion that such programs are in fact divisive and harm relationships between all races. To group peoples by skin color rather than the quality of the person is the antithesis of the freedoms personified by The United States of America for which we stand. Should we be judged by others, that we are educating our children with a system so out of touch with reality in this contemporary world. Perhaps we would decide not to allow our children and family to be exposed. Perhaps!

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