Could ‘2000 Mules’-style ballot fraud happen in Vermont? Ballot harvesting, drop boxes legal here

Photo of ballot drop box from Colchester municipal website

By Guy Page

Vermonters watching Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” Saturday night at 6 pm at Ignite Church on South Brownell Road in Williston might be interested to know that Vermont voting law passed in 2020 includes several elements used by the perpetrators of the large-scale electoral fraud the filmmaker says took place in six key ‘battleground states” in the 2020 presidential election.

“2000 Mules” describes how the electoral reform group True The Vote bought cellphone data on the open market, accessed publicly-available security video of voting drop boxes, and identified ‘mules’ depositing thousands of ballots, which had been harvested by not-for-profit groups, into  multiple drop boxes, often in the dead of night. 

To date there are no sustained allegations of ballot harvesting fraud in Vermont. However, Vermont law for the 2020 Pandemic Election does feature several elements crucial to practicing electoral fraud as described in “2000 Mules”. 

Universal mailed ballots, and dropboxes. S348, the 2020 Temporary Elections Procedures law passed early in 2020, authorized universal mailed ballot voting and “creating early or mail ballot collection stations.” In at least some Vermont municipalities, ballot collection included ballot dropboxes (see Colchester photo). Dropboxes were deemed necessary to promoting voter turnout while protecting public health during the pandemic.

Ballot harvesting. The Vermont Legislature agreed with Secretary of State Jim Condos that ballot harvesting – the practice of third parties collecting ballots from voters and delivering them to election officials – would be permitted. Only candidates and campaign workers could not participate in ballot harvesting. Not-for-profit organizations, however, would be permitted. The Legislature specifically rejected a proposed June 12 amendment by Republican Reps. Scott Beck and Heidi Scheuermann limiting ballot harvesting to family members. 

The doors will open at 5 pm for networking and discussion. The 6 pm showing is free and open to the public. Donations are welcome, and seating is limited. A VIP-led discussion of the film will accompany the showing.

Updated from May 9 2022 post

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  1. “Election Day” is & always was a SINGLE day to exercise one’s civic duty & Constitutional right – it was not “Election months”.

    The only exception were absentee ballots which were via request.

    The Statute referenced above states at least one measure was “temporarily” imposed due to a pandemic.

    Where’s the pandemic now & WHY is this Statute still in place?

  2. That’s some scary stuff !! How long before there’s a drop box at the Kremlin, or on Tiananmen Square ? I do not have a problem with “absentee ballots”, but allowing voting by mail with no way of 100% knowing who filled out the ballot should not be allowed ! Just my opinion, but election day should be one day, and voters should have to be physically present, to be recognized as legal voters, and checked against a current list of approved, legal voters. Unless you have a physical impediment that causes you a hardship to go to the polls, (in that case vote on an absentee ballot, that is what they are for) if voting is as important to you as it should be, you will find a way to make your voice heard legally.

  3. When I asked our Westminster town clerk the following:
    “Assuming Westminster has authorized ‘drop-boxes’ on municipal property that may be ‘unmanned’ from time to time, will they have the required 24/7 video surveillance monitoring the dropbox?”

    The response was as follows:
    We do not have a stand alone “drop box”. We are still using the mail slot that is to the right of the front door for returned ballots…. The “required 24/7 video surveillance that you mention also states “….or in the alternative be within sight of the municipal building” and this is within the building.”

    When I asked: “Will the opening of mail-in ballots by election officials be under video surveillance as well? Otherwise, if a ballot arrives in an unsigned envelope, couldn’t anyone sign the envelope and process it as a legitimate vote?”

    The response was as follows:
    “A town or city shall follow the procedures issued by the Secretary of State’s office for this purpose. There is nothing in there about video surveillance and I think that your question about someone signing the certificate envelope for another voter is an insult to our hard working and dedicated Board of Civil Authority.”

    When I asked: “Can you confirm that the signature on a mailed-in ballot envelope matches the voter’s actual signature?”

    The response was as follows:
    “That is not a process that clerk’s are required to do. Since the vast majority of new registrations are now done through the DMV or on “My Voter Page” on the statewide checklist we would not have a signature on file. We would have a signature if the person registered in the Town Clerk’s office but, again, that is not a requirement for Town Clerk’s.”

    Make of these answers what you will.

    • Sounds like the town clerk graduated from the Joe Biden School of passing the Buck .

      • Some of you may know of Seth Keshel. You can find him on Telegram. He has been a leader in analyzing the voter statistic in all counties in all states. He has labeled Vt as gang #74 in the national pack of organized vote fraudsters.
        He has statistics indicating where the greatest fraud more likely occurred in 2020, giving Biden 30,000+ more votes than probable. Yes, mules, machines, and greatly inflated voter roles are the means.
        Chittenden and Essex Counties show the greatest deviation from norms, while only Essex County looks squeaky clean.
        Both county audits and surveys are being used to track down the actual numbers.

    • That’s the only way dumbocrats and progressives can stay in office

  4. The best way to combat this horrible law is for all of us to show up in person on election day and cast our vote. It is said by the people who are working hard to fix 2020 that if we can all show up later in the day on Election Day it gives them, the nefarious people destroying our elections in the USA, less time to mess with our vote.

  5. So the question raised, “could ‘2000 Mules ballot fraud happen in VT? (Won’t EVEN play it in theaters, hide it from the sheapoles). Not in this sweet, law-abiding, state. Please, of course it can and probably did. This state is pushing for illegals to be able to vote. They give you a month to vote. They passed “select your candidate in the order you like”???? They’ve started a social
    media review board where they can come and arrest you if you don’t go along with their agenda. On the grounds of “domestic terrorism”!

    What could possibly go wrong???

    Lucky for them, there is a ton of sheep in this state, but sad for the state of affairs.

  6. The Vermont Legislature and the Secretary of State Jim Condos have knowingly set VT up for the perfect conditions for voter fraud. What more would you expect from the democrat cesspool in Montpelier.

  7. Brad, they leave. hint hint I remember in 2012 and 2020 how it only took less than minutes after polls closed, for the WHOLE STATE to be counted and Hillary won…. funny huh? Based on procedure it takes more time than that to get the ballots to the proper counting location.. Curious. But again, why are the rats jumping ship? maybe fraud? Curious. I also remember when the president asked for vote info .. A public pile of data, Those same people said NO!!!, I wonder why. Curious.

  8. The voting system in Vermont has been politized and compromised, under Secretary of State Jim Condos, who had resigned, from running again, after comprising the voting system, along with his number 2, who announced he will be running, as Sec of State, in his place.

    A bit of background.

    I’m a Vermonter who has worked, and served, overseas, for the better part of 35 years, so I vote via mail, from overseas. I am the kind of voter this mail in system was set up for.

    In all past elections,pre Condos,I received my absentee ballot, on time, via post, and the ballots always listed the major political parties, followed by the minor ones, so in a Presidential Election It listed the Republican/Democratic first, followed by the minor candidates/parties.

    I always got my ballot in time, and my vote counted…during Condos rein, there was paperwork I had to fill out, for every election, that usually was not mailed in time for me to fill out, to get my ballot in time, for my vote to count!!!

    To add insult to injury, this last Presidential election had something like 22 candidates listed, running for President, most you never heard of, and listed on the ballot, in the number one place ,was Joe Biden, in bold black letters and the then serving President, Donald Trump, was listed at about number 20, in small letters, with only 2 below him and the other 19 who I never heard of,were listed above.

    So Biden gets in, then Condos announces he is stepping down, and supports his number 2 ,to replace him, this after they bent the election,in my opinion !

    I do not know how Condos,the DNC and Zuckerburg bucks affected the rest of the election process, in VT, but I do know how it affected me,overseas so please spread this fraud; far and wide.

    I am simmering with anger at what these poor excuse for Americans have done to our state and country.

    They need to be exposed and brought to justice, if any justice still exists in America today.

    Respectfully, William Olenick, Wilmington Vermont via Central Europe.

  9. Vermont is a cesspool of corruption. Unfortunately, there are many here who don’t care as long as their “normie” life continues to appear normal. Many will accept paying higher taxes, higher fees and are satisfied being enslaved by the government and the central bank. In their minds, it’s a price to pay living in beautiful Vermont. In the past 2 1/2 years, they put on their masks, rolled up their sleeves, filled out their mail in ballots like obedient, compliant little ants. They hoisted BLM flags, ignore the drag queens, and watch passively as children are being abused by a perverted, demonic entity running the school system and our government. Our elders are treated like chattle and pincushions inside long-term care facilities. Over the past twenty years, an infiltration took place here and a majority of people are completely ignorant to all of it. I never imagined my home State would end up in such disgraceful shape. I am disgusted with the entire State and it’s ignorant populace.

  10. One of the difficulties we have in judging our circumstance is that when our neighbors lie and cheat, it reflects on all of us. The biggest lie is the claim that political public service is our highest calling. Everyone, without exception, acts in their own self-interest. If they choose politics, they do so because it serves their personal sensibilities, no one else’s. To claim otherwise reflects an arrogance and hubris in the assumption that only political public service can be service well administered.

    “The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others.” Friedrich Nietzsche

    Why someone lies is unimportant. To paraphrase Nietzsche further, ‘… it’s not that someone lies that’s upsetting, it’s that from then on, they can never be believed.’ And when we can’t trust our neighbors, we have other, more serious problems to confront.

  11. Last I heard, Republicans made up 61% of the registered voters in Vermont. Yet we have a State House where Liberals outnumber Conservatives by at least four to one, judging by the votes this session on radical socialist bills. Look, I get it. There are pockets of liberals in Places like Norwich and Brattleboro, and a ton of them in Chittenden County. But assuming 80% Democrat in those areas, to get to a 61% overall registered Republican figure statewide, the rest of the state must be made up of 80% Republicans, and their preference would seem to be for like-minded politicians. It only makes sense. Witness our recent run of Governors and Senator Leahy. So 61% or close to it seems about right.

    Up until the 90s, Vermont was a traditional conservative, Republican state. And voted that way with one exception for years and years. I would claim it still is, but we have that nasty statistical problem of these conservative areas electing liberal reps? But not Governors or Senators? That, my friends, doesn’t add up.

    Which leaves us with cheating. Cheating doesn’t need to be confined to national candidates, it can happen here at home, and I believe it did. I also think it’s been happening for at least 30 years nationwide. And don’t think just because Trump won a state that there was no cheating. For example, Texas found huge amounts of fraudulent ballots in 2020 which, fortunately, weren’t enough to swing that state.

    Personally, I don’t think Brandon got 15% of the legitimate votes. There was zero enthusiasm for him. You could fit his rallies in a good-sized coffee shop. Meanwhile, Trump was holding rallies with tens of thousand present. Yeah, tell me again how Brandon won legitimately

    The solution is simple. 1) National and state Voter ID 2) Same day voting in person only, except for military stationed overseas and those (mostly elderly) confined to bed. 3) Paper ballots.

  12. I received two extra ballots for former housemates, more than once, one of whom moved out over ten years ago. Nothing doing says I couldn’t have just sent them in. Imagine how many extra ballots get sent to college rentals in Burlington. Imagine how many people think that all they had to do to save the world from Orange Hitler was to just send them in. I guarantee it happened.