Ballot harvesting, drop boxes, universal mailed ballots seen in ‘2000 Mules’ legal in Vermont

Photo of ballot drop box from Colchester municipal website

By Guy Page

Vermonters watching Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” Saturday night might be interested to know that Vermont voting law passed in 2020 includes several elements used by the perpetrators of the large-scale electoral fraud the filmmaker says took place in six key ‘battleground states” in the 2020 presidential election.

“2000 Mules” describes how the electoral reform group True The Vote bought cellphone data on the open market, accessed publicly-available security video of voting drop boxes, and identified ‘mules’ depositing thousands of ballots, which had been harvested by not-for-profit groups, into  multiple drop boxes, often in the dead of night. 

To date there are no sustained allegations of ballot harvesting fraud in Vermont. However, Vermont law for the 2020 Pandemic Election does feature several elements crucial to practicing electoral fraud as described in “2000 Mules”. 

Universal mailed ballots, and dropboxes. S348, the 2020 Temporary Elections Procedures law passed early in 2020, authorized universal mailed ballot voting and “creating early or mail ballot collection stations.” In at least some Vermont municipalities, ballot collection included ballot dropboxes (see Colchester photo). Dropboxes were deemed necessary to promoting voter turnout while protecting public health during the pandemic.

Ballot harvesting. The Vermont Legislature agreed with Secretary of State Jim Condos that ballot harvesting – the practice of third parties collecting ballots from voters and delivering them to election officials – would be permitted. Only candidates and campaign workers could not participate in ballot harvesting. Not-for-profit organizations, however, would be permitted. The Legislature specifically rejected a proposed June 12 amendment by Republican Reps. Scott Beck and Heidi Scheuermann limiting ballot harvesting to family members. 

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  1. This is very informative. So our legislators allowed pretty much unrestricted ballot harvesting, knowing the potential for fraud and then intimidated the citizens concerned about election fraud. I contacted the SOS office post election, as I had concern over the fact that Vermont had 100 percent voter turn out. I emailed and left two voicemail requests to the SOS office. No one responded to my telephone or email inquiries to discussy concerns.

      • I can look for my math calculations but that was a long time ago. I basically took the total population count, and substracted I ineligible votes, such as anyone under 18, and non-citizens. The state has these numbers on their website. In theory college students, unless they are instate students, would not be counted in the population, so I did not consider that population. Ultimately, once I subtracted out the total population from the non-eligible population, the total reflected a 100 percent or a little more voter turn out. I went through this exercise because Judicial Watch had sent a letter to Vermont residents, prior to the election, saying that Vermont’s voter roles had not been cleaned for a very long time and that Vermont and a number of other states data/voter roles showed 100 percent turnout, which is an indication of voter fraud. I did not even know anything about the organization at that time. I went through the mathematical exercise because I had just completed a class on statistics. I will try to find the email I sent to the SOS, as I believe I included the math and the link to an article from Juditial Watch about Vermonts inflated voter roles.

  2. We got a D- in ethics previously. Are we shooting for an F?

    It all works toward the “popular vote” where they skim in every state, even those they know they’ll win at…..and oh, aren’t they pushing to get rid of the delegates? Coincidence? I think not.

  3. cannot support universal mailed ballots because you know there are names on the rolls that no longer are eligible to vote in Vermont. not much for earlier and earlier voting. another thing about mailed in ballots is how to determine who actually filled them out. same with vote harvesting.

  4. There is absolutely no justification for ballot drop boxes in Vermont. Mail-in ballots should be mailed to the voter’s town clerk’s office. (Hello?!) How can Vermont rid ourselves of these election fraud potential boxes?? (Are there even any video surveillance on Vermont drop boxes?!)

  5. If there wasn’t election fraud in Vermont then there wouldn’t be any democrats in office.

  6. I’m sure some of our college towns and cities still have past graduates who were registered to vote here in Vermont, still mysteriously are voting even though they graduated and moved home to another State. Good record keeping. We need nationwide voter comparisons.

  7. Collecting the mail for a 501c3 ministry that has employed 100s of workers that came here to spend a year or two and then move on, I received TWENTY-THREE ballots for people that have returned to their home states, two to other countries. I could have EASILY filled out all 23 ballots, dropped them in the mail, and there would essentially be zero way the fraud would be revealed. Since Vermont does not require signatures to register to vote, there is no way to compare signatures. The ONLY way the fraud could possibly be realized was if the same person that received and had the vote counted ALSO realized that the mail-in person happened to cast their vote at a polling place AND was recognized as havign already mailed a ballot in. Plus all those people whose ballot could have been fraudulently mailed live out-of-state and would have had to return to Vermont to cast their vote. I contacted the Secretary of State and have an email reply from Jim Condos confirming that to be true. He also directed me to return the ballots to my town clerk, which I did. She in turn informed me that she had received over 100 erroneous ballots delivered to the local state college campus. Bottom line; the reason there was no voter fraud in Vermont is because THERE IS NO MEANS BY WHICH TO DETECT IT.

    • Exactly. Vote fraud is a crime which is capable of repetition but without detection. That is their secret.
      Here is the way elections should be run in any state.


      1) all voter rolls dumped and all legitimate voters re-registered with appropriate means of confirmation to eliminate illegal or double registering of voters.

      2) ban on all electronic elections equipment. Poll books, voting machines, tabulators.

      3) paper and pen/pencil balloting, granted only with valid ID.

      4) mail balloting illegal with exception of overseas military, legitimately disabled with appropriate approval and supervision, or professionals unable to vote on Election Day (doctors, pilots, etc).

      5) no early voting. Counter with more and smaller precincts.

      6) precincts under 1,000 voters.

      7) ballot harvesting illegal and punishable by a decade in prison.

      8 – Election Day as a state or national holiday. A populist compromise that will eliminate fraud through the means of having weeks or over a month to execute.

      9) winners announced by midnight. Somehow FL and TX can tally 10mm+ votes 90 minutes after polls close but PA needs 4 days and CA 4 weeks.

      10) ten year Prison terms for anyone caught restricting access for members of any party to observe election procedure (TCF center, etc.), ballot harvesting, repeat scanning ballots, or any other means of distorting an election.”

      Seth Keshel

      • They have had vote by mail in Oregon for years, works just fine. You freaks are tiresome.

      • > They have had vote by mail in Oregon for years, works just fine.
        And how many nights of riots did Oregon have in 2020? “Just Fine” is debatable.

        More importantly, if you had to choose between a completely accurate vote tally, and complete confidence in the tallying process, the latter is much, much better. Without confidence in the process, the results are meaningless.

    • You just said they detected 100 erroneous ballots to a college campus…

  8. Vermont is a cesspool of corruption – they don’t even try to hide their stink anymore. All being exposed and God willing, the day of judgment will be swift and justice will done on those who are guilty and complicit.

  9. I’ve tried several means to access the video online. If you were successful, would you please post the link? Thank you.

  10. Lest we rush to judgement The accusation of ballot harvesting implies forged ballots. Is that fact or were legally sent and legally completed by their owner mail in ballots, transported to the boxes by the mules? I understood some states allowed this practice.

  11. …..apparently we are headed down this dark path once again . Just saw this today!! “Can someone tell me why the Atty General for Vermont is putting out voting boxes again? Our town was just notified that we will be receiving a drop box soon. Also does that mean that the company from MA will be sending them out again in multiples?” No doubt in my mind this occurred in 2020. When Pelosi announces, “a plan is in place”, people better be paying attention!!

  12. Did the legislature Constitutionally change the voting laws or did Jim Condos break the law under the blanket of covid? Pretty sure its the latter.

    • S.348, passed in May of 2020 makes this angle on election fraud legal in VT. It remains as repugnant now as it was then, with james condos at the forefront of this legislation. He is retiring this year, to rest on his laurels of legalizing election fraud…err.. majority liberal rule in VT for decades to come. Yes, the elites made very sure all of this chicanery was done to the letter of the law, while the VT voter was distracted by Covid.
      Yes, there were copious articles and comments- here at VTD and at True North Reports at the time- to no avail. We were subsequently treated to the most honest elections in history, according to the man that engineered this abject fraud.

  13. Apparently many people missed the memo which said that Vermont received $650,000 from Mark Zuckerberg for the explicit purpose of putting drop boxes in towns. Especially very small towns in Vermont. They used covid as an excuse to do this. It is DARK money coming to this state. There were several town clerks who had said there were some election irregularities in the 2020 election and all of a sudden nothing more was said. Our ballots are being sent out of state for printing, whose to say there was no fraud ? Who was actually monitoring those ballots when they were returned? Were they counted? were they kept in a secure environment? Why was Ballot harvesting passed by state legislature. If you want to throw an election, now you can and legally!!! IF a candidate cannot win on their own merits, then they should not be allowed to win with ballot harvesting. Who are these non profit agencies that are allowed to do this? Condos is conveniently stepping down this year. Is it because he has screwed this state over? Will their be an audit of his department before and after he leaves? Forensic audits should be commonplace and a requirement when there is a change of hands. I am finding it incredibly entertaining that we are having so many people jumping ship. What is coming down the pike? Or is it just that the state is ready to implode? Interestingly it is the democrat/progressive/socialist faction.

  14. I’m still getting two extra ballots for former housemates- both moved out of state, one of them six years ago and the other a decade ago. Now imagine Burlington’s transient, leftist-indoctrinated college population, living in fantasy fear of Orange Hitler or whatever and getting umpteen mail in ballots delivered to their revolving door apartment. Yeah, we’ve got a voting problem.

  15. Lyin, cheatin, horse-thievin, no good, dirty rotten, no good-nics! We need to take our country back!

  16. I’ve always stated that VT is FAR less Democrat-leaning than we’ve been led to believe. It’s a microcosm of the country in a way. Vast rural sections are strongly Conservative, while the smaller (land-wise) cities are population-dense and would seem to overpower the rest by sheer numbers. I’m not so sure that’s really true. Question everything.

    Wake up people! I submit that we are in fact already in the Second American Revolution, and have been for several years now. And you don’t win by playing nice. I agree, ballot harvesting is unconstitutional. Therefore, if you believe in the Constitution, it needs to be remedied, one way or another. Here’s what you do if you really care about the future of our children and the state of VT, and if our legislators refuse to do the bidding of the majority of us.

    Dress up like antifa. All black, hoodie, black face covering, black shoes, the whole nine yards. Leave all identification, your cell phone, and any other electronics at home. Get a small group of people, three would be ideal, and remove or destroy all ballot harvesting, er, drop boxes in your town. Think of it as no different from the Boston Tea Party back in the day, because it’s not. We need to start forcing these crazy liberals to react to us, not the other way around.

    A radical idea? Maybe. Give me an alternative. The American Convoy? Okay, good idea, but the MSM has marginalized and ignored them like they do everyone who doesn’t get in line with their agenda. No… the time has come for action, not just words.

  17. If they cleaned up the voter rolls there will be less ballots to send out ….
    The more times you register the more ballots you get!
    The Democrats ensure there will be no voter integrity.

  18. What we have here in this comments section is a FUD (that’s Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt) campaign against the inclusive and accessible voting system we normies value in Vermont. It shows what the Trumpist Republicans, or White Nationalist/Christian Fascist wing fear the most: more people voting, and them voting their interests. And voting your interests in this country is hard to do, but in Vermont it’s a little easier to do; we have a third leftish party. Voter fraud, as it is described here, has never determined the outcome of any major election. Insisting that it has, is propagating a myth. Voter suppression how ever has; one major example, the 2016 presidential election, which was determined in Wisconsin, where 250,000+/_ voters were kept from voting by the partisanly structured voter ID law in WI. Trump won by 26+/_ thousand votes.
    Election theft is done by the powerful, not itinerant college students, “Illegals” or 503c lefty orgs, etc. Show me real proof other wise, other than the usual hot air. I’ll be all ears.

    • The facts are that there has never been such a massive number of mail-in votes. Lumping people together and generalizing about who constitute the “left” is evasion. Calling Christians “fascist” is blatant evasion, especially since the left is now more fascist than the right in the U.S.
      It is impossible to monitor mail-in balloting.
      Answer this: What is wrong with guaranteeing voting integrity. I had to do it all my adult life.

      • Not calling all Christians fascists, but Republican party is now as far as its leadership writ large is a Christianized white nationalist party. There is no real viable left in this country, that has the influence that it had in the 30s. The Democratic party is a right wing party; it is controlled by the much of the same interests as the Christian fascist party (GOP). Voting by mail in the states that only do that are no less secure than conventional voting. Christian fascists aren’t interested in election integrity, it’s greater inclusion and opportunities for more, or in their eyes, of the wrong people types of people voting, that they have a problem with.

  19. Your stereotyping, labeling and flamboyant insults show your political bias, lack of character, and identifies you as an ideological leftist. You are an excellent example of what is wrong with America. I am sick and tired of being disrespected and gaslit by people like you. I would welcome meaningful debate, sharing of ideas and knowledge and so on, but obviously this is beyond your ability. The leftist playbook taken from communism: reads something like attack the character of all who do not agree with you, repeat, repeat and gaslight, distort and missrepresent. You must be so proud of the lack of your intellectual prowess.