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Convicted coke dealer arrested for 15th Burlington ‘gun incident’ of 2022

By Guy Page

The alleged perpetrator of Burlington’s 15th gunfire incident of 2022 has a lengthy drug dealing and drug violence crime record, alleged connections with New York City-based violent crime, and was apparently the recipient of an April, 2021 $17,833 payment from the pandemic-era federal Paycheck Protection Program. 

Leon Delima is being held on $5000 bail at Northwest State Corrections Facility in St. Albans, according to press reports citing the Burlington police who arrested him after he allegedly fired shots after 10 PM July 2 near a North Avenue, Burlington bus stop. 

He was found by police near the bus stop and was arrested at gunpoint for reckless endangerment and possession of cocaine. 

Cocaine and guns are a theme in Delima’s lengthy police record:

  • Arrested in June, 2021, in Los Angeles, California for receiving stolen property [source: localcrimenews.com]. 
  • In August 2017, arrested for distribution of cocaine in Burlington. He was driving a car in which Scott Hunter, 19, of Brooklyn NY, was a passenger. Hunter was arrested on suspicion of selling heroin, and on a murder warrant from New York. At the time of Delima’s arrest, he had been a witness of “the last three drug-related shooting incidents in Burlington,” a press release said. 
  • Also at the time of his August 2017 arrest, Delima already had Vermont convictions for  possession of cocaine, obstruction of justice, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and violation of conditions of release, according to police/press reports. 
  • In May 2014, arrested with three other people (including a NYC resident) on felony cocaine charges following a federal/local drug raid on an Old North End home.
Leon Delima listed as a federal PPP recipient on federalpay.org. All PPP recipient information is public record. No connection between Delima and any other recipient, listed in order of amount received, is suggested.

Paycheck protection recipient? A Leon Delima of Burlington, Vermont also pops up on several Paycheck Protection Program databases as the April, 2021 recipient of a $17,833 check of the federal government’s pandemic-era paycheck protection program. 

It is impossible to determine, with existing information, if this PPP recipient is the same Leon Delima as the alleged Saturday night shooter. However, online searches reveal no other Leon Delima in Vermont. The name ‘Leon Delima’ does not appear in online searching of the Vermont Secretary of State’s business registration database. Still, the following information appears on a Small Business Administration-related website (the SBA administered the federal paycheck protection program): 

Entity: Sole Proprietorship

Industry: Marketing Consulting Services

Location: Burlington, VT

Leon Delima is a sole proprietorship located in Burlington, Vermont that received a Coronavirus-related PPP loan from the SBA of $17,833.00 in April, 2021.

Loan Amount: $17,833

Jobs Retained: 1

Loan Approved: 2021-04-24

Loan Status: Ongoing Loan

Lender: Benworth Capital

Leon Delima in Burlington, VT received a Paycheck Protection Loan of $17,833 through Benworth Capital, which was approved in April, 2021. This loan has been disbursed by the lender and has not yet been fully repaid or forgiven. The exact status of ongoing loans is not released by the SBA. Similar information on Delima’s loan appears on the federalpay.org website

It’s possible that someone with Delima’s criminal record legally qualified for a PPP. According to the SBA, “felons are eligible for a PPP loan under certain standards…..Ineligibility is based on if an owner of 20% or more in the equity of the business is:

  • Currently incarcerated
  • Currently on probation
  • Currently on parole
  • Currently subject to an indictment, criminal information, arraignment or other means by which formal criminal charges are brought in any jurisdiction, or
  • Within the last five years for any felony has been convicted, pleaded guilty, pleaded nolo contendere, been placed on pretrial diversion or been placed on any form of parole or probation including probation before judgement.”

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  1. Hey Burlington Police Commission, here is an answer to your 21% Black arrest data,
    no new commission is needed just follow the current Federal Laws, for a felon with drugs
    and a gun I believe the minimum sentence is 10 years…… One down

    See it’s easy follow what’s on the books

  2. Let’s think on this one a minute…..if this individual got $17k for his sole employee in a non repayable federally guaranteed loan it begs the question that there may be more than one of him out there, Now how many of these entrepreneurs are going to face the long arm of the law in the coming period. Right, none.
    Perhaps this is going down the path of those poor students with student debt. It does make one wonder how you get a committed voting base with the buy in of their loyalty.
    Round up the usual suspects, we may get a chance to collect any unused tax dollars.

  3. C’mon, folks. Let’s just get with it and get this poor fella’s loan forgiven! He’s one of our “most vulnerable,” you know. Besides this “paycheck protection” program never intended that these “loans” should be repaid, ‘cause it’s just paper money, and it’s FREE!

  4. Another perfect example of gun laws only being obeyed by the honest, law abiding citizens . They don’t mean squat to a dirtbag like this, never have, never will .

  5. I’ve been cheated out of an inheritance. A court proceeding might likely straighten it out and ease the years I have left. I can’t afford a lawyer.
    Maybe if I created a phony business declaration I could receive some of this money.

  6. So in addition BPD arrested 3 on drug and stolen gun possession on Sunday. Where are those politicians who are demanding gun control now?? Where is pete welch, balaint, molly gray or phil baruth and why are they NOT demanding these criminals be placed in corrective custody because these are the threats these liberals are screaming about prosecuting these criminals not us law abiding gun owners. All of these dem/progressives are phonys or worse.

    • The aforementioned clowns prefer to instead study the root causes of the behavior instead of holding the actual violent offenders responsible. We voted for this.

      • I did not vote for this, and I know that you did not either Rich, (sarcasm) but that something like a majority apparently did is very disturbing. I can only hope that these predators prey overwhelmingly more on those that seeming have an acceptance of their behavior.

  7. Er, uh…. how come he was out on the streets? Who was the prosecutor??

    • Personally I’m beginning to wonder if there are any “prosecuting” attorneys, or if they have been replaced defense attorney #1, and #2, a sentencing advisor, (formerly known as a Judge) who can prescribe anything from a stern “Don’t do it again,” to a ruler across the knuckles (ouch!) followed by a high five from the revolving door monitor as the poor, misunderstood victim of societal circumstances returns to the street, to procure a new firearm, and resume his rudely interrupted life style. I wish I could say that this is an example of my idea of sarcasm, but……

  8. Is the reality of how corrupt and broken our system truly is taking hold yet? Mr. Delima is only one example of thousands who are compensated for their dirty deeds via the policies of our government – Federal, State and local. Who is responsible for this nonsense? Who is accountable for this nonsense? Every taxpayer needs to comprehend this guy is gaming a system set up to be gamed at will. Most people get angry because it is unfair and unjust. Yet, the same people will do absolutely nothing to demand it change or take action to remove the “officials” responsible for it. Enjoy the Marxist overthrow as life continues behind the iron curtain.

  9. 15 gun incidents. Inevitable after electing such a ridiculous City Council, and setting up a police commission.

    • Dont forget to give credit where credit is due, to our Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George who is legendary as a criminal coddler.

      • She is a cancer on what Vermont once was. BLM let every Out of State Drug Criminal know that Vermont was Free Pass Heaven. Plenty of Opiod addicted young, Liberal Politics, Police afraid to arrest a Black. Head on up. You don t even have to bring a gun, one of the young addicts will steal one for you once there. You will be hugged for Americas injustice while you distribute and let walk if finally arrested. You can just flee!

    • Since I have seen nothing to the contrary, I assume that the Council Woman who thought that it was a good idea to take guns away from cops, is still on the council, and still thinks that ? You just can’t make this crap up ! Come on Burlington, pull your heads out of your…. the sand !

      • Burlington is a lost cause. Decent people should avoid it if possible. There are plenty of other places to immerse yourself in the arts, access the lake or shop where you are far less likely to be accosted by a mentally disturbed person or have your car messed with.