Condos to voters: have a plan tomorrow

Secretary of State Jim Condos encouraged Vermont voters to have a voting plan for the Tuesday, August 9 Statewide Primary Election.

“The primaries are an important opportunity for voters to have their voices heard at the ballot box, where they decide what major party candidates will appear on the November General Election ballot,” said Condos. “This is a ‘once in a generation’ primary, and I want to encourage every single eligible Vermont voter to have a voting plan for how they will get to the polls to vote tomorrow, if they have not already cast a ballot early.”

Studies have shown that making a specific plan, including determining how and when a voter will get to the polls, makes it much more likely that a person will follow through.

All Vermont polls must open by 10am, and must close at 7pm. Voters should check or directly with their Town or City Clerk to verify their polling place location and opening time.

Anyone who has requested a ballot and who has not returned it to the Clerk before election day should bring their voted and unvoted ballots directly to the polls before 7pm on Tuesday. If they have lost their ballot, they can still vote at the polls but must sign an affidavit that they have not already returned a voted ballot.

Vermont’s same day registration law enables voters to register and cast a ballot on election day. 17 year-olds are eligible to register and vote in the Primary if they meet the other voter eligibility criteria and will be 18 by the November General Election.

Each polling place is equipped with an accessible voting system available to all voters, which enables voters with a disability or visual impairment to vote privately and independently with an array of assistive devices.

“Your vote is your voice; exercise it,” said Condos. “I hope to see you at the polls tomorrow, if you have not already voted. Our democracy grows stronger when we all vote.”

Statement from the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office. Artwork by editor’s choice.

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  1. 17 year olds ! When did that change take place? Are the school teachers going to make their students vote, before they are finished high school? We know which political party most teachers vote. You guys are trying every dirty trick in the book! I hope your Karma swings around and bites you, in all your future endeavors. I’ll never forget you burying Donald Trump, down at the bottom of the list, in small print, on the Vermont overseas ballot, while he was President. It reminded me of the way politics are run in some 3rd world countries. Write your PR letter…you can not pull the wool over all of our eyes. Shame on you.

    • William Olenick; I agree when did that happen??? 17yr old??? Trump was at the bottom on the reg election as well……..I always remember the incumbent at the top of the list
      and …while we are at it, this total waste of paper (all you carbon people…paper comes from trees..SAVE ONE)…….put it all on one ballot……
      Me thinks the way it is planned to be most difficult to vote across party lines………

  2. 2000 Mules to elect one jackass and stables full of corrupt criminals across the nation. Boomerang incoming and God is moving his hand. Judgement Day is right around the bend.

  3. Mr. Condos,

    Your article confirms once again, that you really don’t have a conscience. After your numerous tyrannical actions to greatly weaken our state election system including the mandate of flawed tabulating machines for counting votes, your words pretending all is well are a joke. You mistakenly treat people like they are stupid and can’t see through you.

    Your actions and words clearly show you don’t respect or seek to follow our State or Federal Constitutions. This is not the first time you have called us a democracy instead of the Constitutional Republic we are. Doesn’t that make you an insurrectionist?

    You have taken your taxpayer funded salary and benefits for years along with your future pension, while you have betrayed us all, “The People” you took an Oath to serve. It’s clear that you serve yourself and those you are beholden to. Looking ahead for justice, our consolation is your day of accounting to your CREATOR. I hope you figure out what it means to repent before then.

  4. Condos – God Has a Plan from the creation of the World & He has already Won!

  5. We all know Condos” plan: cheat every way possible because that’s the only way democrats can win.

  6. My plan is to elect people that will hold you accountable for unconstitutionally changing our state’s voting laws!

  7. Vermont Voting Age Amendment, Proposal 5 was on the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment where it was approved.

    The measure allowed for 17-year-olds to vote in the primary election provided they turn 18 before the general election.[1][2]

    The measure was sponsored by Senator Jeannette White.

    Election results:
    Vermont Proposal 5 (2010) (Voting Age)
    Votes Percentage
    Yes 134,803 80.81%
    No 32,018 19.19%

    • Isn’t it time to start paying attention to the future when making decisions today?

      We have only ourselves to blame.

    • Thanks for the info on that H.Jay. I was not aware as I was busy overseas and missed that.