Condos’ deputy Chris Winters to run for Secretary of State

Chris Winters, a Williamstown High School graduate, lawyer, and Deputy Secretary of State since 2015, will seek election to Vermont Secretary of State. Longtime Secretary of State Jim Condos announced earlier this week he will not run for re-election.

Like Condos, he will run as a Democrat. According to Vermont Business Magazine, “Winters notes that the most important aspects of the Secretary of State’s broad role are voter access, safety and security in elections, and building transparency and trust in government.”

Condos has endorsed Winters.

According to VT Digger, former Franklin County senator and current Scott administration official Dustin Degree is considering a run for Secretary of State. Previous Republican challengers to Condos’ long run include H. Brooke Paige (2020 and 2018) and Jason Gibbs (2010). He was unchallenged by a Republican in 2012, 2014, and 2016.

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  1. Sec. of State is a very important position as I’m sure a lot of people are realizing for the first time since the 2020 election. We need a good, solid, known Republican candidate that can successfully oppose the status quo in this state.

  2. At this point Chris Winters is unknown to most people, but if he is a Condos Clone, Vermonters need to reject him. We need a Secretary of State that genuinely serves and Believes in the Citizen Freedoms and Rights in our Vermont and US Constitutions.

    Condos did a lot of damage. Through Condos Policy we now have been MANDATED to use Manipulable and Flawed Tabulators to count our votes rather than Citizens. What proof and/or trust do we have to truly know the correct vote totals?

    Through Condos Policy we now have government control of our Town Ballots through the mass mailing of ballots by the State. Condos Policy took away local control of Election Ballots and opened up our State to much higher numbers of cheating and the manipulation of Vermont Votes. Why did he open our State up to this dishonest practice? Why do our mass mailed ballots come from Massachusetts?

    Where was Condos when Vermont Legislators ignored and usurped our Constitutions? He was silent as Bills were proposed and passed to FLAGRANTLY and ILLEGALLY change both our US and State Voting Requirements of citizenship and 18 years of age. What happened to the Oath Condos took to uphold our Constitution as the Supreme Law of our State?

    What has Condos done to insure that non-citizens are not registered in our State and voting illegally? The system that is set up online on his website allows anyone with a driver’s license to register. We all know the State of Vermont is giving driver’s licenses to non-citizens. What assurances has he provided to us? He is legally accountable to, We The People of Vermont.

    If Chris Winters was mentored by Condos and served as his Deputy, it is more than likely he is a Clone of Condos. Let’s all work together to find a Candidate for Vermont Secretary of State who loves our Constitutions, our Personal Freedoms and will serve ALL of Vermont’s People with more than a lip service oath.

  3. Condos’s exit timing is highly suspicious and there are no coinky dinks.
    Ducking for cover should not be an endorsement of his mini-me, Chris Winters, who toes the party line, and is definitely a NWO guy, as, when queried about why Dominion voting tabulators were deemed okay, with their hackability through ethernet connections (confirmed with FOIA) in three counties (where the biggest concentration of dem votes are, along with population), he replied, that I was a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for even asking.
    This is not someone who really cares about corruption or being incorruptible, as an uncorrupted person would at least address the doubt concerning voting integrity with some accountability. Sloughing it off as a conspiracy says a lot about that office’s concern with integrity, truth, and corruption.
    Let alone the CCP’s connections to the Dominion voting machines.
    Elephants in the room galore with Winters in charge, count on it.

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