Condos decries ‘insurrection,’ says 2020 was most secure election ever

Sec. State Jim Condos

Secretary of State Jim Condos

Yesterday Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos issued the following statement on the one-year anniversary of the insurrection attacks on the U.S. Capitol.

One year ago today, insurrectionists attacked our capitol, in support of the attempts by former President Trump and his allies to supersede the will of the people and overturn the 2020 election results.

Despite the 2020 election being the most secure, and most scrutinized, election in recent U.S. history, if not ever, and despite the results of that election having been verified in numerous audits, recounts, and nonpartisan certification processes around the country, to this day there are still partisan politicians attempting to bend democracy to fit their narrative.

First, they attempted to suppress the rights of eligible voters to cast their ballots securely. Then, they attempted to force the legal counting of ballots legitimately cast by eligible voters to stop. They even tried to use state legislatures to overturn the dutifully arrived at results, and disregard the will of the voters, in favor of their own political preferences, culminating in open, violent insurrection on our nation’s capitol.

Last year, our democracy was bent to the point of nearly breaking. Fortunately, it did not. However, the strength of our democracy cannot stand alone. Every day, partisan hacks are using baseless claims of voter fraud to chip away at the resolve of American voters, without presenting a single shred of evidence to their claims.

In 12 states, 15 politicians who have cast doubt or denial on the 2020 election results are running to become the next chief election official for those states.

If we don’t act now to rebuild our strongholds of democracy, this great American experiment will fail.

Let today’s anniversary be a wakeup call to Congress: in Vermont we have worked to expand access to the ballot box and protect the rights of voters. In other states, access to the ballot box is under continual assault. It is essential that Congress act to create minimum standards for states.

It’s time for the destructive lies to end. Election denial and voter fraud ‘cry-wolf’ tactics have done nothing but tear our country apart. It’s time that we come together to heal, in the interest of ensuring our democracy stands strong for generations to come. The test ahead of us is one of our biggest yet.

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  1. Please quit using the term insurrection. No one has been charged with insurrection. It’s a leftist dog whistle they want used to control the narrative. How many politicians died that day? Zero? How many held hostage? Zero. How many went home safely? all of them. Hoe many shots fired by “insurrectionists” in the most heavily armed nation in the world? Zero.

    How many federal agent provocateurs were involved? At least two. How
    Many Antifa? Dozens. How many police opened gates and escorted “insurrectionists” peacefully around the grounds? Dozens.

    Comparing it to Pearl Harbor and 9/11?

    The mass formation psychosis is metastasizing.

    • If it was Antifa and BLM at the Capitol, posing as Trump Supporters, then couldn’t you say that the looting and riots in the summer of 2020 was Trump Supporters posing as Antifa and BLM?

      • Yea, and by that logic, were the capitol police who let them in antifa as well? I mean, how can we tell that this Aaron Warner isn’t some antifa prvocoteur? Do you have any proff that you are not?

      • Aaron Warner is an occasional reporter for Vermont Daily Chronicle. If he’s Antifa, I’m the star of the East German gymnastics team.

      • You can say anything. Defending what you say as Truth is another matter. I suppose in a post truth era, defending truth is passé. What matters to most now-a-days, it seems, is the emotions that are generated around an issue and how one feels rather than the actual facts of the matter. I, for one, am not of that crowd. I try to guard myself against emotional appeals and manipulation. I suspect that Mr. Condos words were well chosen for the emotional effect on the reader, rather than an accurate representation of what actually happened on Jan. 6. Whatever his motivation was, Truth was not well served.

      • Mr. Madison, Antifa admitted to being at the rally and posing as Trump supporters. It was leaked prior to and confessed afterward. One of their BLM cronies John Sullivan has been charged after admitting his role in provoking it:


        Your non-sequitor is a false equivalent because no Trump supporters claimed nor were found guilty of participating in the summer 2020 riots.

        You may want to review basic logic and logical fallacies for next time.

    • How many Trump supporters arrested and charged for various crimes including assaulting police? Hundreds. But keep up the deflections because your political ideology and identity have become so intertwined you are experiencing brain rot.

      End the revisionist history attempt by the keyboard commandos and Karens of Trumplandia.

      • Really, I watched cities burn, police brutalized, communities terrorized, politicians threatened by BLM and Antifa for over 6 months. These individuals attacked police buildings and tried to burn down a court house. In the past, progressive activist groups have breached the Capital and disrupted proceedings on multiple occasions. One of these individuals being a BLM leader. She actually exploded a bomb in the Capital. In Vermont, I know one senior who was attacked by a progressive for having an American flag on his car. I have seen groups of teenagers in this state harras and spit on people for their political views. Your failure to condemn or recognize these events labels you for what you are, a hypocrite.

      • The problem with these numbers is two-fold.

        1 – The DOJ, largely due to Obama appointees, has already shown themselves to be heavily corrupt and targeting conservatives.
        2 – There were cameras everywhere that day with almost no evidence of 700 assaults on officers or other crimes. Where is the evidence? What can be seen is a few windows being broken, some people rushing the capitol and…wait for it…federal officers WAVING THEM IN while negotiating peaceful terms. There is plenty of evidence of peaceful engagement with officers, I’ve yet to see any assaults in over a year of looking at video.

        This is not a memorable event because it was an insurrection, but because the level of gaslighting the American public has reached despicable new heights combined with the COVID gaslighting.

        If you can’t see it, you’re not looking.

  2. This man with a large “D” tattooed on his chest is just part of the democrat narrative machine so he uses the official nomenclature and therefore plays the “insurrection” card. What happened in DC on Jan. 6 was a “mostly peaceful protest”, just like the violent attack on police officers, arson, property destruction, and siege of the Federal Courthouse in Portland OR….just like the 2011 takeover, riot and destruction that took place at the Wisconsin Statehouse….

  3. Since his party was the beneficiary of a fraudulent election nation wide, what would you expect him to say…These types of people (Politicians), have an ability to say one thing on one side of the street and cross over to the other and say exactly the opposite…With conviction…It helps to be either schizoid and/or a sociopath when seeking a political job…i.e. the ability to lie directly to ones face and feel nothing… like a poker player revealing no “Tell”…I think it’s repugnant, but hey, who am I.

  4. Mr. Condos,

    IF you truly believe the words you have spoken, SHOW US ALL THE RECEIPTS!! Do a legitimate and full audit of ALL THE ACTUAL PAPER BALLOTS that were counted in Vermont for the November 2020 Election.

    Are you in denial or purposefully ignoring ALL the fraud, lawbreaking and manipulation that has been revealed in several states relative to the November 2020 Election? Seeing the evidence, a large percentage of Democrats and Independents now agree there was fraud.

    Do you care that the majority of Vermont Citizens you are supposed to be serving DON”T TRUST YOU, YOUR OFFICE OR ANYTHING YOU SAY?

    • Jim Condos made Vermont’s elections easy to rig and impossible to verify. He then uses DNC provided phrases such as “most secure” and “most scrutinized election ever” to hide this. Fortunately, few people buy his baloney

      The Dems have brought huge destruction to our election system and now they want to impose this sham election system onto all states through the “Voting rights (to commit fraud) act”. They are even prepared to throw out senate rules which have been in place since the early 19th century to get that done.

      Our democracy is indeed in peril. Democrats and their RINO allies are destroying it.
      Look up Brenda Snipes of Broward county, Florida if you want to understand how the Dems brazenly steal elections.

  5. This man’s delusional network is astounding. It’s as if any opposition to such thinking has already been delegitimized and they should shut-up and go away.. I would rather our government officials display some moderation in their discussion of issues in contention. Such zealotry for agendas is not leadership. It destroys any attempt at consensus building…of convincing others. Is this representation of constituents or an attempt to rule them?. .

  6. Millions saw on TV when at a one polling place, poll watchers were told vote counting was over for the night. They were then told counting would begin again in the morning, They were then escorted out of the polling place, and the lights were turned off, A short time later the light came back on, the ballot counters then pulled out suitcases full of ballots from under the desks and, the ballot counters started counting again, minus the poll watchers. At another polling place, poll watchers were move so far away, and placed behind a glass partition that they could not observe the count as is their purpose. I suspect that there is in fact a “Big Lie” involving the 2020 election, but maybe to those that refuse to believe the video evidence the Eagles said it best, “You Can’t Hide You’re Lying Eyes” !

  7. Golly, Condos…….Was it kinda like when Marxist democrats BOMBED the Capital (you know…Obama’s weather underground pals) or was it more like the Marxist who shot up all the republican congress members at their ball game just a few years ago on behalf of Bernie Sanders?


    • Since when is it worng for govt leaders to meet with other leaders? All of these links being posted are opinion pieces, or have no actual journalistic practice. these could all be written by antifa to confuse you!

      • Except: https://www.c-span.org/video/?469104-1/national-governors-association-2020-winter-meeting

        Watch the first 6 minutes….

        I would also like to add that I believe it is wrong for the leader of a state inside the United States to meet with a nation state. They have no business working directly together without the federal government, and I don’t want to include the federal government in much but dealing with other nations, that should be obvious.

      • Hello Marshall,

        Perhaps your questions should be directed to Mr. Condos?

        Why would ANY State Government Leaders meet with Communist Party Leaders from China?

        Specifically, what business do they have and what did they discuss ?

        Why would ANY US State Government Leaders meet with leaders from China and even see them as legitimate leaders when they practice horrid human abuses like: child and other human slave labor, the slaughter and encampment of humans they hate for various reasons, religious oppression, speech oppression, dictate how many females are allowed to live and how many children can be born, overall system of control, oppression and tyranny of the Chinese people.

    • Those pictures make me sick. This is our Vermont government meeting with communists. These people would have a tank run over each and everyone one of these fools once they gain control of the USA. This is what the progressive voters have done to Vermont. It’s a shame and this former tic tac salesman is nothing more than a party tool. He will say whatever he’s told to say and Phil Scot, who I used to support (big mistake) says Vermont is strong. Will this nightmare ever end?

  8. You know besides everything in here being a blatant lie what bothers me the most is the head of our elections keeps calling this country a democracy.

    The United States is a constitutional republic.

  9. One question for Jim Condos:

    Why is it that on our voter rolls you always keep 5% “extra”?

    Last time I looked at the files there were 22,000 people on the voter rolls that have not voted since 2006. I suspect all of those people were sent ballots. Is this what you call secure using data with a 5% discrepancy? If so I want to take care of all of your banking needs.

  10. And here is the truth.

    The georgia ballot trafficking whistleblower reportedly admitted to making $45,000 for stuffing georgia ballot boxes from 2 to 5 am in the morning. He was just one of 242 alleged ballot traffickers identified by the true the vote investigation.


  11. Could this Condos be any more partisan? Why would anyone trust this scoundrel with the integrity of elections in VT? He’s there to spew the the daily hatred of non-progressives and distract the citizenry from election integrity. In the end, Condos’ remarks are not about January 6, 2021 but Election Day 2022. It’s a diversion that Progressive’s tried in Virginia last year but failed. You can almost smell the fear and desperation. What people like Condos and his minions are concerned about is what happened between Biden’s inauguration and now. Sorry but this stunt isn’t going to work in November.

  12. During the election of 2022 after all these fraudulent ballots are mailed out, every honest person out there should gather up extra ballots and hold them safely away from election officials until all good ballots are counted. There has to be a way that good Vermonters from all parties can enlist themselves to make sure everything is done above board. We need eyes everywhere. People like Condos can not be trusted. This should be the Vermont Great Election Wake Up Call of 2022. Now is the time to prepare. No law breaking, just honest people keeping other people honest!!!

    • I sent this article to Contos and the individual in charge of Vermont’s elections. I reviewed the number of individuals who voted against the number of residents, minus the number of minors and noncitizens. Even with this crude computation, 100 percent of eligible voters appear to have voted in the 2021 election. My calculation confirmed Judicial Watch’s claim. Needless to say Vermont’s SOS, nor the individual in charge of elections responded to my inquiry.

  13. You must really think we are stupid! Soon there will be a platform, where people will start waking up in droves. You are a liar, I’m not even sure how you sleep at night.

  14. Condos, you and your CCP lovin’ cronies are an absolute disgrace to the men and women that have given their lives in service to our country. Keep spouting the lies. The truth will eventually catch up to you.

  15. Oh Look – Secretary of State Condos is in this article – “Exhibit A provides a visual illustration of those relationships and the technology infrastructure they created to censor speech.”


    Dr.SHIVA’s Historic First Amendment Lawsuit to Win Back Freedom: First Case in U.S. To Show Government MADE Twitter Silence Political Speech

  16. One person no Democrat, Progressive, or RINO will discuss – Ray Epps. Who is Ray Epps? The problem is the corrupt traitors running this State will never, ever tell the Truth. They have one goal to destroy the State and destroy us – they are being well paid to carry it out.

    • Hi Melissa, you bring up a good point about Ray Epps. His involvement is discussed in a press conference that highlights the failure of the January 6 Committee. He is shown in the video insighting people. Antifa’s involvement is also discussed.


  17. Due to a human error while voting in the 2020 election, I have serious reason to believe that my vote may not have counted. After months of dealing with my town and a person in the secretary of state’s office, I’ve worked with a few people who were caring and tried to be helpful but to no avail could they show me where my vote counted. I have to accept that I’ll never know if it counted. Jim Condos thinks it’s funny and he could care less that one vote means so much to one person. He is a poster boy of those in MontP who are above having to care.

    • Do you have any proof that your vote counted in any other election in your lifetime? Are they supposed to give you a receipt?

      • Actually, there is a confirmation of voting available to Vermont Citizens on the Vermont Secretary of State Website. If you go on the Website and follow the prompts for “elections,” you can set up a personal “Voter Page.”

        Once you set up your individual Voter Page, all of the following elections you vote in will show as “voted” on your Voter Page. This includes, local, state and federal elections. I have participated in this for a few years now.

        Over the years, the only election that didn’t show my voting on my Voter Page was the November 2020 Election. Isn’t that interesting? I wonder what happened? Do you know Mr. Condos?

  18. Jim Condos facilitated the CTCL funding for our elections here in VT with money for every town. This is the Zuckerberg money from Facebook that has been implicated in ballot harvesting and other managed election tactics in swing states. Since when is it OK to have private money come into our state and community to fund elections? https://www.techandciviclife.org/
    If Condos really wanted safe and secure elections he would be advocating for Voter ID. The majority of Vermonters support that.
    Jim Condos has no qualifications for this position he has long held, other than that he is a partisan apparatchik. Will someone with qualifications, such as a retired town clerk,
    please stand up and run against him?

    • Condo you are a moron Hypocrite period!! Thats my two cents
      The Vermonter from the Right side period!!

  19. Mr. Condos,

    You casually throw around the word insurrectionist and use it for your gas-lighting, political rhetoric yet, you refuse to point to the most obvious insurrectionist that presently occupies the White House. His insurrection against our Constitutional Republic is ongoing.

    Please dust off your United States and Vermont Constitutions, read them, and honestly weigh the ongoing actions of the occupier of the White House against the Supreme Law of our Country and State. If you do, you’ll acknowledge there is a LONG LIST of LAWBREAKING by the very person who is charged with “Executing the Laws of our Country.”

    Adding to his ongoing insurrection of our Constitutional Republic through LAWLESSNESS, the White House occupier is guilty of Treason as defined in our US Constitution.

    US Citizens and many others are ALL witnesses to his actions in dealing with Afghanistan. He recklessly caused many unnecessary deaths, left Americans behind and gave away over 80 billion dollars in taxpayer funded equipment as he “Gave Aid and Comfort to US Enemies.” IMPEACHMENT ANYONE!

  20. Jim Condos:

    Just wanted to make you aware that capital hill staff were handing out baseball bats inside the building… If it were an insurrection it wasn’t done by Trump supporters.

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