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Concerned about public schools, Moms for Liberty, VTGrassroots meet August 17 

As the debate on education content heightens, Vermont Grassroots and Moms for Liberry invite parents, guardians, and community members to an event centered on understanding and advocating for children’s educational needs 1-9 pm August 17 at the Elks Club in Barre. 

“We recognize that Progressive Lt. Governor Zuckerman’s Banned Book is touring Vermont this summer hosting a Banned Book tour, promoting unbridled access to pornography and critical race theory material in our schools and building support to keep ‘radical’ parents desiring age-appropriate restrictions on educational material away from Vermont school boards, since government knows best for our children, not parents,” VTGrassroots co-organizer Ellie Martin said in a press release.  “We need an organized response to ensure our schools are safe for our children. We don’t need our five-year-old coming home telling you that day at school, she learned her pronouns can change from day to day,” Christie said.  Event Registration: $45 includes dinner served from 5 pm to 6 pm.

With the Liberty Bell as a reminder, this event echoes the shared commitment to freedom, aligning with Leviticus 25:10, “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”  Speakers include:

Keynote speaker William Federer. He is a nationally known best-selling author, and president of Amerisearch, Inc., a publishing company dedicated to researching America’s noble heritage.  

Chau Kelly, an American patriot and native Vietnamese. Chau works tirelessly to save America from becoming a communist country. Americans who have seen their former countries taken over by communists warn Americans of what happens in Communist regimes. 

Ed Wheeler, who speaks to concerned Vermonters about how Marxist ideology has infiltrated various levels within America. As a pastor, he will present to an interfaith group the role of faith leaders in America.  

Ben Olsen, businessman and home schooling parent. Ben and his wife are in business for themselves. They have a heart to foster healthy family life with little influence from government mandates. Their faith in God plays a major role in becoming homeschool parents to their 4 children.  

Sharon Stearns, with over 30 years experience working with individuals, small and large organizations, non-profits and municipals in accounting and management positions. Sharon attended a Vtgrassroots event with Dr. James Lindsey and now is serving as chair of the Brandon Republican town committee. She will discuss how government impacted our pocketbooks, health choices. and medical services.   

Eric Salat. This Manchester resident has ventured into attending school board meetings. He will share his experiences and may have some pointers to share with us.  

Stacey Malloy, Esq.. A resident of Perkinsville, VT and mom of four. Their family is new to Vermont. They have experience with their children in Vermont public universities, Vermont Community College, private boarding school and academies, and elementary school and middle school.   

“We also have voices from New Hampshire who are dealing with the aftermath of making the trip to join President Trump and thousands of others in DC,” Martin said. “They have either served jail sentences or are about to. You will find yourself asking, could this be me, how can this be? This is so unAmerican. Or like RFK Jr. what about my first amendment rights to free speech? Is it lost?” 

VT Grassroots stands with individuals advocating for their Constitutional rights, resisting excessive government intervention in healthcare, faith, and education. Moms for Liberty works towards empowering parents to assert their rights. It illuminates and resists the gradual erosion of parental rights and liberties. County chapter leaders are needed.

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