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Columbus Day flag wave in Barre 4-8 pm today

Brian Judd of Barre – seen here at yesterday’s Electoral Integrity gathering in Montpelier – is organizing a Columbus Day flag wave Monday, October 11 at Barre City Hall Park from 4-8 pm. During the speech above, Judd explained that the same brand of machines that were used in the electorally-challenged Windham, NH election were used in the 2021 Barre City Council elections. He’s contesting the election because at least one of the Barre machines appeared to miscount ballots. Chronicle video.

by Guy Page

Residents of a Vermont city with strong ethnic Italian and patriotic American roots will hold a Columbus Day American flag sign wave 4-8 pm Monday, October 11 at City Hall Park in Barre.

All are welcome, said Barre native and resident Brian Judd, who is planning the event. The focus is not on politics but on honoring the nation, our history, and our flag, he said.

“We are having this American Flag Wave because of all the support we received from the community in wanting to fly the 20×30 foot American Flag to commemorate the 20th Anniversary on 9/11/21,” Judd said.

“A super majority, not just a majority, of Barre City citizens do not find our American flag intimidating,” Judd said in apparent reference to a Progressive City Councilor’s comment four days before the 9/11 wave that she found the flag ‘intimidating.”

Barre has a strong ethnic Italian history. Large numbers of skilled Italian immigrant stone cutters and artisans helped Barre become “The Granite Capital of the World” in the earlier 20th century. In 2019, the Vermont Legislature formally changed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Although little-understood at the time, the decision was driven by historical revisionism based on Critical Race Theory.

Not all Italian-Americans were pleased with the Indigenous Peoples’ Day bill because it cast aspersions on Christopher Columbus, the Italian discoverer of the Western World by Europeans. After the bill passed, Rep. Peter Anthony (D-Barre) introduced H551, “to establish a State recognition day to honor the contributions of Italian Americans to the State of Vermont.” The bill was co-sponsored by the other Barre City lawmaker, Rep. Tommy Walz (D), and five other legislators, including four of Italian ancestry. It went nowhere and was not re-introduced this year.

Columbus made landfall in the western world on October 12, 1492. According to Wikipedia, “Christopher Columbus was a Genovese-born explorer who became a subject of the Hispanic Monarchy in order to lead a Spanish enterprise to cross the Atlantic Ocean in search of an alternative route to the Far East, only to land in the New World. Columbus’s first voyage to the New World on the Spanish ships Santa María, Niña, and La Pinta took approximately three months. Columbus and his crew’s arrival in the New World initiated the colonisation of the Americas by Spain, followed in the ensuing centuries by other European powers, as well as the transfer of plants, animals, culture, human populations, and technology between the New World and the Old World, an event referred to by some late 20th‐century historians as the Columbian Exchange.”

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  1. I am extremely upset about the decision to replace Columbus Day with Andiginous People’s Day. I am offended in three ways, the first being the fact that I am of French Canadian Indian ancestry. Therefore, I am insulted that you stole a holiday from another demographic, which overshadows and ruins the intent of the new holiday.

    Secondly, I am offended because I am an Italian American. Between 1880-1920, four million Italians immigrated to America. Italians have greatly contributed to the culture and prosperity of America.

    Thirdly, you are referring to me as an andiginous person. The difinition of andiginous means originating from. This is offensive as my French Canadian Indian ancestors did not originate from America. All native Americans, including French Canadian Indians, came to North America via a land bridge between Asia and America that existed 15,000 years ago, according to an extensive study published by UCL. This paper can be found at

    • Thanks, CJ. I appreciate the reference you referred. I will enjoy studying the research. I would hope at some point, Columbus Day will be reinstated.

  2. Thank you Barre! You are a good town that doesn’t take crap off your leftist politicians! Wish I could be there.

  3. Randolph had a small flag wave event today, too. Hopefully it will prime the pump for a more significant event sometime the week of Veteran’s Day. I’d love to see this happen in 50+ Vermont communities. They are easy to organize. It is encouraging to have waves, smiles, thumbs up and honking as folks drive by.

    America provides all with freedoms, liberties and rights that allow people of all races and creeds a place where their faiths and traditions can be expressed and appreciated. Let’s team together to be sure it stays – the home of the free and the brave!

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