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Concerned Essex school parents to gather Friday night

Graphic from Dec. 3 meeting flyer

A Town Hall meeting about EWSD Public Schools will be held 7-9 pm Friday, December 3 in the Holy Family/Saint Lawrence Parish Hall at 28 Lincoln Street, Essex Junction.

Parents and taxpayers are invited to address concerns, ask questions, and brainstorm solutions.

Juan Coleman will be present to discuss the importance of individual student achievement, including the dangers of teaching children to judge themselves and each other based upon physical characteristics. Elizabeth Cady will also be present to answer your questions and discuss how to effectively communicate to the school district, in order to impact a change for your children.

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  1. I will appreciate hearing Mr. Coleman’s platform positions, on all things that affect us as a community.

  2. Juan is a member of the BIPOC community. Many of the BIPOC community in Essex embrace the BLM flag – Juan DOES NOT. Take advantage of this opportunity to hear him out.

  3. BIPOC community? So what? Why the persistent emphasize on the color of one’s skin and origin as the primary reason for one’s legitimacy or ‘community’ standing? Apparently, the prevalence of this mass psychosis affects everyone. Fighting fire with fire, unless very carefully managed, only assures us that everything will burn.

    I hope Mr. Coleman’s and Ms. Cady’s remarks are documented here for those of us who can’t attend the meeting.