Climate Council: Zero carbon emissions in VT won’t stop ‘extreme’ weather

by Rob Roper

At the September 7 meeting of the Vermont Climate Council Steering Committee, member Chris Campany committed a bit of candor regarding the Global Warming Solutions Act.

 Discussing the goal of greenhouse gas emission reduction – which is the primary focus of the law – versus strengthening and modernizing infrastructure, Campany admitted, “We can go negative emissions tomorrow, and for everybody in Vermont we’re still going to be dealing with the same issues.”


Rob Roper

In other words, reducing Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions, even if we did so all the way to zero, solves absolutely nothing. It doesn’t solve the problems of extreme weather. It won’t have any impact on temperature trends. From a climate standpoint, regardless of how much time, treasure and sacrifice we put into this effort, it won’t actually solve ANY problems our state currently faces, environmental or otherwise. However, it may create a bunch of problems along the way.

Campany’s comments were focused strictly on environmental issues. He’s still in favor of some greenhouse gas reduction, but recognizes it won’t stop flooding, won’t stop algae blooms in our waterways, etc. His point is if we actually want to solve the problem of, for example, future floods, it’s investing in culverts, roads, and infrastructure construction that will do it, not putting a taxpayer subsidized EV in every garage. But this is not how the Global Warming Solutions Act works.  

There is a bigger picture that needs to be considered as well. The money and resources required for GHG reduction will be diverted away not just from environmental infrastructure, but from other real problems, too, such as our public pension crisis, affordable housing crisis, workforce development crisis, economic development, not to mention the crushing tax burden most Vermonters would like some relief from. All of which begs the question: why are we doing this again? Why are we preparing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars of scarce resources per year – billions of dollars over decades – on a project that even if successful beyond expectations will solve no problems in a state that, let’s face it, has many problems that need to be solved?

This is a question every Vermonter should demand a detailed answer to.

– Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute

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  1. Uh-oh…..Good thing that Vermont is kind of land-locked, otherwise, a guy like this being honest about climate change would otherwise be wearing cement shoes at high tide….

  2. Until China, India, etc quit building new coal fired plants, and start replacing them with clean or at least cleaner alternatives, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot just for the sake of a little virtue signaling, and never mind that it hurts, we’re running out of feet !

  3. It’s interesting that the left is ALWAYS touting follow the SCIENCE, follow the SCIENCE.

    You hear the words: Global Warming and Climate Change constantly as the supposed reason for so many happenings on the liberal news and weather channels yet, there’s no scientific facts or reasoning ever given for these labels/conclusions.

    I have asked many, many times for the scientific information that proves there is Global Warming and/or Climate Change really happening. I have not received anything. I have also asked for proof that humans can affect and/or change weather. I have never received anything.

    I’m asking once again, show us the scientific evidence that Global Warming and/or Climate Change exist and show us the evidence that humans can affect or change weather.

  4. Yes global warming is happening , it is a small warming. Yes, humans using fossil fuels contribute to this temperature rise, but it is a small rise and very amenable to adaptation. The positive attributes of increasing fossil fuel use far outweigh the negative effects. A very good corrective to the highly ideological and just plain false narrative that most media endorse is the new book by Prof. Steven Koonin titled “Unsettled”.

    • Dear Common Sense Vermonter,

      You said, “Yes global warming is happening, it is a small warming. Yes, humans using fossil fuels contribute to this temperature rise.”

      You have made statements giving NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE. Where is the evidence?

      • Dear vtbeliever: that is why I recommended Prof. Koonan’s book titled “Unsettled”. Very extensive evidence documented in the footnotes referencing the primary sources in the scientific literature. You can easily go to those primary sources yourself . Don’t believe me, read them for yourself. And my main point remains: this is not a scary story, but the scare that has been foisted on the general public has been fostered by corrupt scientists misrepresenting the actual known facts for ideological reasons.

      • Dear Common Sense Vermonter,

        I appreciate your time in writing back with a response. I have viewed and read some on this subject and I haven’t found anything yet that makes sense or gives scientific evidence. I will look up Prof. Koonan to see what his information shows.

        For me, the biggest problem ALL of the Climate Change/ Global Warming believers have is time. Everything I have found says we have only been documenting weather since about 1900. Some believe the earth is billions of years old and some believe the Bible which ages the earth at about 6000 years old. Either way, how can we make any credible determination about change/warming with weather/temperature records for such a short amount of time?

        These same Climate Change/ Global Warming believers seem to lack critical thinking, basic common sense and reason. It’s much like the indoctrination mindset we now have in our schools colleges and culture. Add to that the new FEELINGS culture where many people FEEL we have Global Warming/Climate Change, so for them it’s true.

        Most in this group believe that putting huge restrictions on the United States, ALL BY ITSELF, can somehow make a big difference or correction. The US is only about 6.5% of the earth’s land and the earth’s surface is about 70% water.

        To me, it’s mostly about money, power and control for those with grandiose egos at the top of our Government. Much like ALL of Al Gore’s repeated lectures where he didn’t live out anything he said he believed and Barack Obama’s repeated words on the dangerous rising seas and then he buys a mansion on an island in the ocean. If they can indoctrinate the majority of people to believe in climate/temperature/weather change, the power, control and money will be endless for them.

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