AG Donovan sues fossil fuel energy companies

Lawsuit Alleges Exxon, Shell, Sunoco, CITGO Misled Vermonters About Fossil Fuels and Climate

Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan announced today that his office has filed a major consumer protection lawsuit against fossil fuel companies for deceptive and unfair practices. The lawsuit alleges past and ongoing violations of Vermont’s Consumer Protection Act for concealing crucial information and disseminating misleading statements and advertising about fossil fuels and climate change. The lawsuit names as defendants Exxon Mobil Corporation, Shell Oil CompanySunoco LP, CITGO Petroleum Corporation, and related companies.

The lawsuit, filed in the Vermont Superior Court, Chittenden Civil Division, seeks to prevent the fossil fuel corporations from engaging in further unfair or deceptive acts and practices. The lawsuit also seeks to force these corporations to take appropriate steps to rectify their prior and ongoing actions, including future disclosures about the role of fossil fuels in climate change at every point of sale in Vermont. Further, the lawsuit seeks disgorgement by the corporations of all funds acquired as a result of unlawful acts or practices, and statutory civil penalties under the Vermont Consumer Protection Act.

The Attorney General’s complaint alleges a long history of deceptive and unfair acts and practices by the fossil fuel corporations. The lawsuit contends that the corporations knew about the potential warming effects of greenhouse gas emissions caused by fossil fuel since the 1960s and yet have continued to promote their products while obfuscating and downplaying climate dangers. Further, the lawsuit describes a more recent “greenwashing” campaign by defendants to portray themselves and their products as benefiting the environment and helping to solve climate change, when in fact they continue to remain major sources of the problem. Examples of advertising and other statements by the defendants spanning decades are included in the Attorney General’s complaint.

A copy of the complaint can be found here.

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  1. I suspect that AG Donovan is packing his resume before moving on politically. Can you say Governor, or Senator Donovan ? Sure you can, I knew you could !

  2. Consumer Protection? Really TJ?
    Good job you are doing dusting the mantle while the whole house is flooding!
    Very revealing!!

    • There might be some money there, that’s what this is all about. Remember the tobacco settlement ? The SOV still get money every year from that. This could be a legacy thing for him. On the other hand if it flops, and he blows taxpayer money on a wild goose chase…..

  3. Hey folks AG Donovan This masked and un- masked Bandit needs to go period!!

  4. What an idiot TJ Donovan is – Shell/Mobil et al. should countersue. They could use this video by MIT Professor Robert Lindzen who has studied climate change for 40 years specifically.
    It is Donovan who exerts deceptive acts and practices – he would do his donor George Soros proud. I agree VOTE HIM OUT!
    SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW – it is so detailed I had to watch it three times to understand everything Dr. Lindzen brings forth for information. Unlike Donovan – Lindzen is brilliant.

  5. Where and why would TJDonovan use our tax dollars to sue oil companies?People are murdering baby’s,use ing the GWSA to profit a few at taxpayers expense,propaganda in Vt of CRT that will only divide an continue to ruin society and public schools,and use Biden’s printed money to give a false front that we can afford to produce electric cars etc,to support the GWSA that is a fraud.TJ Donovan needs to work on protecting Vermonters and stop serving an agenda that ends up of and in socialism!!

  6. Dear TJ Donovan,

    How about suing the Biden Administration on behalf of WE THE PEOPLE who elected you to uphold the State and US Constitutions and serve the Lawful, BEST INTEREST OF VERMONTERS?

    How about spending our tax dollars and your time paid for by us to TAKE A STAND FOR FREEDOM AND EQUALITY FOR ALL?

    How about Biden’s blatant violation of the 14th Amendment, EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER LAW? Biden deems mandates for some and NOT FOR OTHERS?

    Are you agreeable to have FREEDOM FOR THOSE OF BIDEN’S CHOOSING?

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