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Citizens, activists speak out at Vermont Liberty Network

by Guy Page

As both the weather and Vermonters’ concern about encroaching, big government grow warmer, so grows the number of new, grassroots advocates speaking out at monthly Vermont citizen assemblies on the State House steps.

Last Saturday, Steve Merrill, a Northeast Kingdom journalist banned from Gov. Scott’s press conferences earlier this year, told the assembled crowd about that experience and his research into Covid-19 vaccines. The longtime host of a NEKTV program recalled how the governor’s aides first accused him of being called a racist by others, then referred to his show as a ‘hobby entertainment’ not worthy of participating in a press conference before banning him. His appeals for reinstatement have been denied.

A recent column by Merrill quotes mention of HIV/Hepatitis “parts” in the Moderna vaccine patent. He states, “the question I would pose to Vt. DOH head Dr. Levine or anyone else who knows molecular biology and can read this application (approved for “Emergency Use” Authorization) and explain to me is this, “Are there HIV (AIDs, incurable) and HCV (Hep—C, curable) “parts” in this vaccine?” When asked by Vermont Daily Tuesday about whether the Moderna vaccine contains HIV or Hep-C materials, Levine said he didn’t know.

Merrill and some (but not all) other speakers and attendees appear below.

“Young people are being distracted by divisive narratives. They don’t realize they are being disenfranchised.” – Linden Politi, Burlington

Steve Merrill, host of NEKTV public access television program, told listeners he was excluded from the governor’s press conferences for being an “accused racist” (an accusation he denies) and then for engaging in ‘hobby entertainment’ and not real journalism – despite asking challenging, detailed questions about the pandemic policies and vaccines week after week.

This young man came to show his support for liberty and the heritage of the Green Mountain Boys.

Genna Barnaby of Colchester shows a posterboard about legislation supporting freedom to choose vaccination – a policy she strongly supports.

The event was organized by lawyer/pastor/farmer John Klar of Brookfield. The founder of Vermont Liberty Network and a critic of Critical Race Theory. ““They tell us white silence is violence, but if we say anything that disagrees with their ideology we are silenced.”

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  1. Wow ! I love the quote of Ethan Allen that the young man has written on his little blackboard. “It is bad policy to fear the resentment of an enemy”. Apply this to the Socialist agenda, cancel culture, etc. Socialism and attacks on our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms are the enemy !

  2. I think it is a good idea to gather monthly to express our concerns in what our government is doing. Since much of the liberal youth is in the northern part of the State, perhaps they might eventually come to realize that common sense and legitimate questions, as proposed by these speakers, is worth listening to. I applaud the efforts of Vermont Liberty network!!

  3. Really, you didn’t expect anything different from the RINO and his bosses oh they are called aides… lol that’s a joke
    not real journalism … give me a break.. The left wants people to obey, ask stupid questions, don’t question their answers.. obey them, do as they say they are the bosses.
    They have forgotten who really are the bosses.. We are the ones who give them a paycheck, even when they cheat us. Scott, Levine, Condos all of them do not want to be questioned. Just shut up and do as they say. They have NO RIGHT to ban anyone from asking questions . This is not China or Russia this is America where we have FREEDOM well we did have. I am sick and tired of Scotty boy and his puppet masters telling us how we need to obey and live the way they tell us. and I will NOT COMPLY..
    # Show them who their BOSS is.

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