Cell phone thief leaves vulnerable adult with just 19 cents in bank

A St. Johnsbury man last month stole a cell phone from a vulnerable adult living on Concord Avenue in St. Johnsbury and robbed all but 19 cents from the person’s bank account, leaving him unable to pay rent, local police say.

Justin Maloney, 29, was incarcerated on an unrelated matter when police cited him on July 14 for the crimes of Financial Exploitation, Larceny from A Person, Identity Theft, Computer Crimes – Fraud, and Petit Larceny.

“The victim reported this after finding only 19 cents left in his bank account when he went to access his monthly social security/disability payment to pay his rent,” St. Johnsbury police said Wednesday, July 27.

Maloney is scheduled to appear in court September 26.

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  1. Poverty or addiction are NO EXCUSE for robbing a vulnerable person of his basic assets. A credible and effective criminal justice system is the very FOUNDATION of a civilized society.
    As we have seen since the onset of the “George Floyd era”, when the criminal justice system is deprived of resources and respect, the criminal element takes full advantage. Why do Vermonters keep electing clowns who make this scenario possible?