Canada lets vaxxed Canadians cross border

Lake Memphremagog, Newport

Governor Phil Scott Thursday issued the following statement regarding the Canadian government removing COVID-19 testing requirements for fully vaccinated Canadians and visitors to cross the border starting April 1, 2022:

“The move from the Canadian government is a welcomed step forward. In addition to reuniting our border communities, this change will also bring Canadian businesses and travelers back to Vermont to enjoy our downtowns, outdoor recreation opportunities, and expand our economic ties.

“I have been in communication with the Canadian government throughout the pandemic, and the testing policy has been at the top of the list recently. We know that our border communities are culturally and economically inseparable, and we’re thrilled these communities will be able to more easily go about their daily lives as they did prior to the pandemic.”

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  1. That was mighty nice of little Justin. I wonder why the change of heart ? Was he seeing a little of Putin in himself ?

  2. Fully vaxxed only. Those who want no part of the poison jab get punished over and over.

    • If you’re not Canadian you don’t have a right to enter their country for travel/vacation. Americans who think they are being punished for not followig a sovereign country’s borders and rules need to grow up and get over the false victim mindset.

      • Not a false victim mindset. I’m referring to a large part of my church members who don’t want the jab and are just over the border in Canada.

      • Well it’s true that it is a sovereign country’s border, we used to be able to cross freely. Many have depended upon it for work, others for vacation, and yet others have family across the border.

        So it’s not a false victim mindset it really affects people, especially since all of this plandemic was made up anyways to steal our social, economic, and physical freedoms.

        So before you go “blaming Americans” you should think outside of your own little box and understand how something might affect others.

    • Punishing those who know through research how bad the shots are, how each one erodes comes immune system.
      Containment, control like the German jews.

      The shot doesnt have any efficacy with mutations.
      The vaxxed are getting sicker because their immunity is depleted.
      Will America wake up to this fraud soon…???

      Genocide in slow motion..
      Gates & Fauci.

  3. The Canadians need to stay on their own side of the border. We have enough fascist fools here already.

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