Canaan high school threatened; no state $$ for SROs, guv says

State police are investigating a threat made against Canaan Memorial High School in Canaan, a small town at the New Hampshire – Canada border with Vermont.

On June 13, the Vermont State Police investigated a report of a threat made by a parent of a student who attends the Canaan Public School system. It was learned the actual threat was made while the parent was physically in the State of New Hampshire. New Hampshire State Police was also notified and are actively investigating as well.

Vermont State Police say they take all reports of school threats seriously and initiated a response that involved coordinating with school officials and community resources and identifying and speaking to the individual involved.

The investigation into this incident remains ongoing. No one has been arrested, and there are currently no criminal charges. The state police is unable to provide additional details at this time, and questions may be directed to school officials. An increased police presence may be seen in the area of the school.

At a press conference today, Gov. Phil Scott and Vermont Agency on Education Secretary Dan French both said local school districts must decide for themselves if they want a school resource officer. The State of Vermont has neither funding nor authority to require school resource officers, they said. Federal funding for SROs has dried up, moving some school districts to decide to not cover the expense themselves, French said.

French said the state’s response will include an emphasis on school mental health, including mental health funding for staff members.

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  1. No funding for school resource officers? Even after the State receives a $10 Billion windfall in Covid funds?

    So, they can build a new cafeteria at the Statehouse, and continue to pay exorbitant guaranteed-benefit pensions to government workers, but no money to protect the kids.

    Says it all – doesn’t it.

  2. Phil Scott is a far left marxist’s that attacks law abiding Vermonters with his illegal and unconstitutional mandates, and his constant cry for more Gun Laws, ( despite Vermont being consistently # 1, 2 or 3 as one of the safest States in America. )
    He has a 100% rating from planned parenthood, he supports and will vote for Prop 5/Article 22.
    Scott is a two faced liar that has betrayed Real Vermont Republicans. But State GOP Chair Dame and State Rules Committee Chair Koch protect him and the other 6 transrepublicans that voted for Prop 5.
    Scott immediately cried to Congress to write more Gun Laws after the Uvalde shooting. But once again refuses to protect our students and schools.
    On April 11th, 2018 Scott signed three illegal unconstitutional Gun Laws as a result from his fear there would be a school shooting in VT.
    To this date he has done nothing to protect any student or school in VT, and with his latest decree he still refuses to protect any Vt Student or school.
    Scott continues to attack law abiding Vermonters while refusing to do anything to protect our children and grand children.
    The destruction of the VT State GOP, brought to you by Scott, Benning, Beck, Walker, Leffler, Martin, Sheuermann, Dame and Koch.
    And all those in the VT State GOP that continue to support them.
    I am supporting Real Pro Life Constitutional Candidates that will fight to protect the unborn, our children and our Constitution.

  3. It’s interesting to me that Scott can send the equivalent of $1.00 per resident of Vt to Ukraine but he can’t seem to protect our children . I wonder what the “threat” was that caused this. Maybe the parent is fed up with what the school is teaching her/his children and is just voicing concern like many others have been. Before we jump to conclusions maybe we should hear the whole story. Could be just another attempt at getting our guns from us.

  4. The choice to refer to the participating law enforcement organizations in the singular tense, then not differentiate between them from paragraph to paragraph in this article is both interesting and confusing to me… as a reader. But if you are just a young person cutting your teeth in journalism, good on you kid.