Campaign ’22: Bean bags guv endorsements / Redic bashes Balint spending record / Balint lauds role in GWSA

Paul Bean, the Northfield resident running for Vermont Senate as a Republican, has been endorsed by a sitting governor, a former governor, and a former lieutenant governor, he announced Friday.

“I recently received some endorsements from some pretty amazing people: Lt Governor Brian Dubie, Governor Jim Douglas, and Governor Phil Scott,” Bean said in a campaign statement. “I’ve got to say, if someone told me a year ago that I would be running a campaign like this, I would not have believed them. I am so grateful for the support I have received from not only these guys, but from people all across the county.”

The recent UVM graduate has built a team of volunteers, which he hopes will grow as November 8 approaches.

“The people behind the scenes that help me write, show up to events, and guide me are some of the finest people I’ve ever known. I can’t express enough gratitude to all those who have helped.”

State spending poorly managed under Balint’s leadership, Redic says – Following her Congressional candidate debate between Democrat Becca Balint, Republican Liam Madden, Libertarian Ericka Redic said Balint’s statements and voting record show her weak understanding about how the American economy works.

“Senator Balint touts her experience as a legislator, yet under her leadership the Vermont legislature has continued to underfund our state pension system – to the tune of billions of dollars,” Redic said. “The Transportation budget is underfunded $40 million next year, $60 million the year after that and $80 million the year after that! Where did all that Federal relief money go, Becca? If roads and bridges are so important, why aren’t you funding it? If you care so much about “labor” and the working class, why aren’t you funding their pensions?”

Balint says Global Warming Solutions Act ‘some of the most important work I’ve done’ – Yesterday, Balint received the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters. In her public ‘thank you,’ she promised to make climate a priority if elected.

The GWSA commits Vermont to stringent carbon reduction requirements and allows the State to be sued if goals are not met.

“Helping pass Vermont’s Global Warming Solutions Act is some of the most important work I’ve done as a Vermont Senator,” said Balint in a public statement. “The climate crisis is here now and every moment counts if we are going to preserve our environment and ensure a livable world for our children.

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  1. Well, there you have it neighbors… Senator Becca Balint is pursuing Global Warming Solutions and Candidate/Accountant Ericka Redic aims at our fiscal chaos. Where do your priorities lie? Who gets your vote?

  2. Becca Balant and Liam Madden were floundering last night on answers and their platform. I don’t know how anyone could support Balant after lying that she knows nothing of the dark money she is receiving. How else could she have paid for all the ads, even in between games online?? She will owe favors to Planned parenthood and others if she is elected! Liam is just a mess, a plant I think to divide the vote. A proven lier and manipulator, and into sex industries. Really??? Is that who we want representing us?? Thoroughly disgusted !!

  3. Hey Becca! What about these things?

    1) PENSIONS. This article is correct in pointing out that the pension fix concocted this past year, is a short-term triage, at best. Vooddoo pensionomics. Why are you touting this?

    2) CLIMATE. The Global Warming Solutions Act seems like a big financial boost for the lifestyles and bank accounts of our state’s green capitalists, including some of their employees who are legislators. I wonder how all of us will be able to afford the thousands of dollars needed for heat pumps, EVs, etc.? And what do you think about a conflict of interest in legislating money for “green” stuff?

    3) ROADS. The ONLY attention that the major secondary highway out our back door has received in the last ten years is fixing a couple of potholes and repainting the lines. Did you make sure that Transportation Infrastructure Upkeep is adequately funded (see above article)? My car that needed $1,000 of repairs to its chassis this summer wonders if you have done what you could, to help with our roads?

    4) DEMOCRACY. Becca, you’re using a lot of what sounds like scare talk in your campaign……”Our democracy is threatened. Our reproductive freedom is at risk.” The reality: Vermont is not going to become a chapter in The Handmaiden’s Tale, Becca. Vermont is likely one of the absolutely LAST places that abortion will face any restrictions at all. And, Vermont continues as a national leader in genuine citizen involvement in local government and civic activities. Could you consider toning the fascism and extremism scare talk down, Becca?

    5) So here are some questions about a few other things that matter…..

    DRUGS AND CRIME – We have a crime wave. Right now. Rampant is not too strong a word for the drug and property crime and gun violence we are enduring in Vermont. Lots of murders. How do you think that ending qualified immunity will help with these problems? And, what have you done to make sure that public safety is adequately funded and resourced?

    HIGHWAY SAFETY – Vermonters are contending with dramatically escalating risk of harm or death while innocently driving on errands or to pick up their kids from school or the bus stop, or heading to a Dr’s appointment. Read the papers. What have you done about this? What do you think could or should be done?

    THE ECONOMY? No need to elaborate here. What about it? Be real please.

    CAMPAIGN? About your campaign.

    Funding. The pundits say that the voters pretty much don’t care that you have been majorly juiced with big PAC money. Mainly from ONE 20 something person who likely has never set foot in Vermont and whose claim to fame is speculating in crypto currency. Don’t care? What about this Becca? Will you support federal legislation for crypto regulation that this guy likes?

    Experience. Your stock opening line in every debate or campaign is that she’s a “Mom”. Fine, we love Moms and Dads. But what will you do to REALLY support parents and parenting? No answers please that include support for labor unions, better wages, support for child care (we have plenty of that now), or to give us a few bucks off our health insurance premiums. We’ve heard all that stuff. What can or will you do in Washington to help enact policies that truly support parents who work their butts off and are doing everything they can to do right for their kids? To support families?

    Finally, let’s take a look at the recent debate and note some of your stated strong priorities. DC and Puerto Rican statehood, so they can elect senators. Abolishing the Electoral College. Legislating reparations as a supposed real solution to the need for greater racial and social justice and equity. Becca, how will these help everyday Vermonters live their everyday lives in everyday Vermont?

    Just asking. Thanks.

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