Burlington waterfront gunfire continues / shot Brookfield man, alleged shooter ID’d

By Guy Page

Details are sketchy about reported gunfire on Perkins Pier last night in Burlington.

According to WCAX reports, at about 10:15 shots were heard coming from the parking lot of the marina located at the foot of Maple Street, near the ferry landing. Two cars were then seeing leaving the area.

The gunfire is the 23rd incident in Burlington this year. Burlington’s 22nd gun incident took place at about 10 PM Friday at the popular skate park that (like Perkins Pier) is located along the city’s waterfront and bike path, but about a half-mile further north. One person was shot and another fled gunfire by jumping into the nearby lake. Police rescued that person from drowning, WCAX reports.

On August 22 of last year, 11 gunfire incidents had been reported in the Queen City. 

In other Vermont gunfire crime news, Vermont State Police have reported the identities of both the victim and the alleged shooter of a Brookfield shooting at 4 AM Sunday morning.

Joshua Demar, 37, of South Royalton is the man who was shot. He was hospitalized overnight at the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington and as of Monday afternoon was expected to be released later that day. The individual who fired his gun is Jarek Duggins, 24, of Northfield.

Police say there was a physical altercation between the two instigated by Demar prior to the shooting, which occurred at a home on Halfway Brook Road. Once the investigation is complete, the case will be reviewed by the Orange County State’s Attorney’s Office to determine whether any charges will be filed.

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  1. “Rights & Democracy VT” – a group that David Zuckerman helps operate – is responsible for much of this maiming & murder & drug violence & gangs now in VT. He and his “progressive” peers there and on the Burlington council believe this is: (wait for it) “DIVERSITY”…..

  2. I blame the Progressive/ Democratic Party for this lawlessness. No one wants to go into Burlington anymore. It’s going to die and the politicians won’t care and will move on! This happened to my hometown on LI and main st became a homeless crime ridden mess with no businesses left. It took almost a decade to rectify .

  3. Can anyone fill us in more about how Rights and Democracy is involved? They are BIG behind the Green Energy initiatives, but do they also promote the violence?

  4. I just read Yolo County CA did an analysis of their zero bail program the last 2 years and found that 70 PERCENT of the “benefactors” reoffended while on bail for the initial charge. 20 PERCENT of that 70 were rearrested for VIOLENT offenses.
    In response to this indisputable data, Yolo Co has rescinded their zero bail policies.
    Can only hope someone here conducts a similar analysis soon…

  5. Diversity is Never… a Violent armed criminal element, coming in to Vermont to distribute narcotics, right next door to homes with Well Intended BLM on their lawns. A police force intent on protecting the population, and willing to risk their lives to do so, needs the backing of the people it protects. Or Society Falls Apart. When you find a truly bad Cop, get rid of him, individually. It happens. Wholeheartedly, Back the rest of them. You will learn, either sooner or too much later. This ain t 1969, and Heroin ain t Mexican weed. Shootings are almost Daily Now. Think about that. Beggars and Homeless are everywhere. Maybe soon Prostitution too? Realize that this new World Built on Good Intentions went wrong somewhere. We have, Bad Government, Lack of Public Awareness, and Truthfully…Weakness as a Virtue?

    • The road to hell is built on good intentions! Progressive intentions will take you to the same place if not stopped by the voters.

  6. This mayhem will continue until the Citizens of Vermont vote for change. Given voter apathy, a partisan media and the overwhelming Progressive vote, that seems unlikely, Other options? Flee the State or get used to it.

  7. If VT Senator Baruth and Rep. Lalonde really wanted to reduce gun violence, they would officially petition Vermont’s US Attorney to prosecute all such cases to the fullest extent of the law. The fact that they continually seek to restrict the firearm rights of law- abiding citizens tells us their real motive.