Burlington schools ‘grooming’ young children to change gender identity, columnist says

Video from Actively Unwoke column about Burlington School District

Editor’s note: Substack writer Karlyn Borysenko, author of the Actively Unwoke column, has published a series going “inside” the Burlington school district and its gender identity education program. Here’s a taste of what you can read on Actively Unwoke:

by Karlyn Borysenko

On February 8, 2022, the Burlington Vermont School District hosted a webinar called Let’s Talk About Gender Identity and Expression.

Live on the internet, in front of the whole community, a 7th grader discussed their experience coming out in the 5th grade with the help of the school guidance counselor:

“I’m in middle school and I have a younger sibling in 4th grade…and I’m not 100% sure what their pronouns are right now…but I went to the same elementary school and I felt pretty supported and I actually came out in 5th grade with the help of my guidance counselor.”

In the same webinar, teacher Billy Ray Poli introduces The Gender Unicorn as a tool they’ve used to teach about gender identity and expression in the school district. The Gender Unicorn is one of many resources listed on the School District’s Diversity and Equity Resources page, along with things like the Teaching While White podcast, Nice White Parents podcast, and all sorts of tools for examining white supremacy, privilege, and unconscious bias.

To read more of this article, posted today, click here.

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  1. The teachers, and guidance councilors preying on these, what, 8, 9, 10 year old children, ought to be real proud of themselves ! I’ve always known that Burlington is “different” from Vermont, and every time I hear more C.S. like this, to me it just reaffirms the old saying that the biggest advantage that Burlington has going for it is that it is so close to Vermont ! The last few years though the differences have gotten so bad (IMO) that I’d go further and say that the biggest problem with Vermont is that it is to close to Burlington !

  2. Some folks on the left are incessant about their attacks on the Catholic Church become some individual homosexual men deliberately used the priesthood as a conduit to the objects of their affection. Now we see people who wish to recruit children into their alternative fringe-sexuality lifestyle using their position as teachers to access and groom the objects of their affection. Where is the outrage? Will we as a society hold the school human resources officials, districts or even the State of Vermont legally responsible for the child abuse, just as we have blamed the whole Catholic hierarchy? I know, we are still having a “societal debate” as to whether grooming children for transgenderism is actually abuse or whether it is enhancement and “affirmation”. At least Florida has established that there should be an age cutoff for discussing such matters in school, just like we have age restrictions on tobacco, alcohol, guns, voting, signing contracts, driving and tattoos.

    • Asking a postmodernist for consistency is like asking a Catholic for birth control; it borders on insulting.

  3. The child was in the 4th grade and his woke guidance counselor guided him right into confusion, chaos and possible suicide.

  4. This is so sick. How come I don’t recall a single kid who was “gender confused” or needed multiple pronouns when I was a kid? Something is clearly wrong with our schools and our society; this just isn’t normal. The kids can’t read or do math but somehow the schools have ample time to teach gender confusion!

  5. Children should not be sexualized at any age. This IS CHILD ABUSE!

    If it’s not propaganda then is it something in the water?

    More children are now confused about who they are then they were at any time in America’s history, and not by a little, but by a lot and it happened fast. That can’t happen naturally.

    • You are correct this is being done on purpose, as they are preparing children to function and learn in the metaverse. In this environment, you can be anyone, any sex. Pick your own avatar to function in this space. The idea of sexual identity is in direct conflict to the vision they plan for children, based on artificial intelligence and transhumanism.

      • I bet you’re right but there does seem to something even more nefarious here.

      • I have read articles about international teacher organizations pushing the metaverse, as a learning environment. Below is another extremely interesting video. Thanks for providing the one you shared with me.

      • Nothing new here. Consider H. G. Wells’ book – The Time Machine – first published 130 years ago. Wells’ story has little to do with time travel and everything to do with today’s popular notion of Mass Formation Psychosis. Transhumanism becomes pervasive only if you don’t realize it exists.

        Consider the 1962 Twightlight Zone episode – How To Serve Man.

        Don’t believe anyone who pushes AI (Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Insanity) and says ‘Nothing can go wrong…. nothing can go wrong… can go wrong… go wrong… go wrong… wrong… wrong.’

        We know. We’ve always known. Pay attention to history to understand the future. Think for yourselves. Communicate. Pay attention to what your children are learning. Act accordingly.

      • Nothing new here. Consider H. G. Wells’ book – The Time Machine – first published 130 years ago. Wells’ story has little to do with time travel and everything to do with today’s popular notion of Mass Formation Psychosis. Transhumanism becomes pervasive only if you don’t realize it exists.

        Consider the 1962 Twilight Zone episode – To Serve Man. Watch the clip to the end.

        AI. Is it Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Insanity? It’s neither. It’s what you want to buy vs. what someone else tells you to buy. We all know this. We’ve always known. Pay attention to history to understand the future. Think for yourselves. Communicate. Pay attention to what your children are learning. Act accordingly.

      • CJ,
        That was an excellent video thank you for sharing. There were a number of things that that lady had put together that I had not.

  6. Since when did going to college for teaching gender change? Any so-called teacher or guidance counselor should be FIRED on the spot. Any sex talking should be done by the PARENTS not a teacher nor a guidance counselor !!! When they teach children to change their gender that only means 2 things to me…. There’s a reason for them to push kids to do this.. and you know what I mean..

  7. Into hell we shall descend.

    Our public schools have become the temples of the woke. Wokisms core tenet is indoctrinated self hatred from which the only salvation is through the American Corporation and not God.

    Our society is entering a stage of final collapse.

  8. Isn’t it time to recognize the righteousness of PARENTS raising and educating their own kids without these kinds of intrusions? Emancipate families and teachers from the public school/NEA plantation. Schooling, teachers, curriculum could be a la carte vended services. Simple legislative vote to have educational funding FOLLOW THE KID.

    • YES YES AND YES……vcurtishuntergmailcom……..$ follows child……creates competition which is sorely missing.

  9. I am just beside myself hearing that child ..yes child..saying a guidance counselor helped her to come out. OMG that is ABUSE adult to child. no ands ifs or buts…….those adults ..all need to be held accountable. what happens when that “child” later down the road decides this is NOT what she is……and its gonna happen to most………I have hunted for the interview done by vpr a few years ago with experienced and licensed psychiatrist who studied this and found most were terribly conflicted later after puberty……..many suicides. i believe vpr has removed the program as not findable………oh my gosh…..this is criminal

  10. When I was a kid I wanted to be a dinosaur, but they wouldn’t let me take dinosaur-serum, or cut off my arms and sew my hands to my chest. I got over it.

  11. CRT & gender crap is designed to confuse, then divide. It allows the indoctrinators to become the go to for the kids. You really think you can undo 8 hrs of indoctrination a day with 4-5 hours in the evening?????? Get unwoke fast!!!!!

  12. Anything sexually-related should NOT be a topic of discussion during school hours. In fact, it’s a distraction from a positive learning environment. I was working in a public school music department several years ago, and was really taken aback by all the ‘cleavage’ allowed. In the ‘big pic’, sex is everywhere re: media. For that reason, K-5 should NOT have a cell phone. It’s highly inappropriate…

  13. Defund education! Remove every license and terminate every contract. This not about education – it is a sick evil agenda and it must stop now. Taxpayer funded child abuse is what is going on in our education system. Wake up people and take action!

    • Good point…because there are a small percentage of rotten apples in the law enforcement profession and a few people got hurt or killed, the demand and the result was that police got defunded. Makes sense to do the same in public education to “mitigate the harm”.

    • Melissa; I’d suggest defunding the SCHOOLING we’ve been indentured too. If the families are given back the money that’s been collected they will EDUCATE/RAISE their kids. They’ll be re-empowered to determine what services, teachers, curriculum they want for their kids. Trying to wrestle the present bureaucratic monopoly into satisfying the diverse needs of our citizenry is the source all our present distress. Emancipate the parents from this failed institution.

  14. This is just awful to abuse children thus way. I understand why so many people where I live opt for parochial school education.

  15. BSD is doing a great job! More schools should be educating like this instead of staying stuck in the past. Gender has always been a social construct

    • So gender related to science is a thing of the past. Really. In Essex they allow middle schoolers, unbenounced to parents, to hand out brochures about young girls wrapping their breasts to be like boys. There was a time that science proved that women wrapping their torso via corsets caused serious harm to young girls skeletonal structures, much like the binding of young girls feet in Japan. As a mother, I would certainly want to know that my daughter could potentially be harming herself. It is a parents job to have these discussions with their children, not the school. Time for parents to leave these schools and take their money with them, period.

    • Ray; I think you speak for a large segment of the community and you should pursue your vision. All we’re asking is that you emancipate those of us with a different vision. We need to be able to opt out. Give us our money back so we can buy the schooling we’d like for our kids..

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