Burlington racial equity director leaves

Tyeastia Green, departing Burlington racial equity director

Mayor Miro Weinberger announced this week that Tyeastia Green, Burlington’s first Director of Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (REIB) is moving on from her position to pursue other opportunities. In Green’s two years with the City, she led work on many significant achievements, including:

  • Building the REIB department which currently consists of 15 full-time employees;
  • Establishing the Reparations Task Force;
  • Deploying pandemic and recovery grant funding to BIPOC small businesses and non-profits;
  • Planning the City’s first Juneteenth celebration;
  • Developing and began Racial Equity Workshops for City employees; and
  • Leading the nationwide search for an artist to create a landmark sculpture about belonging in Dewey Park.

“I am grateful for Tyeastia’s service to Burlington and her dedication towards making Burlington a more inclusive and equitable city for Black and brown Burlingtonians,” said Mayor Weinberger. “Tyeastia has been a tireless, fearless leader throughout her time in Burlington and I will greatly miss having her perspective and candor on the City’s Leadership Team. Racial equity work is challenging and it will be even harder without Tyeastia here, but in her nearly two years with the City she built a strong foundation for the REIB Department and we will continue to push forward with racial justice and equity work on many fronts.”

“We are not going to outlive our efforts towards making society racially just,” said Tyeastia Green. “It took us 400+ years to get here, it’ll take just as long to get out. But what we are doing now, is planting seeds. One day those seeds will grow into magnificent trees, and generations of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color will be able to enjoy the shade of those trees. That is what makes this work not in vain. That is what makes this work, worth it. I think the world of the REIB team and am committed to doing all I can during this transition period to see them continue to succeed and make change here in Burlington.”

Green’s last day will be March 10, and her main focus during the transition period will be fundraising for Juneteenth 2022.

According to the Feb. 16 Seven Days, Sen. Kesha Ram Hinsdale (D-Chittenden) said Green (reportedly her friend) didn’t always feel welcome in Burlington. “There were conversations that made her feel truly unwelcome and that made it clear the systemic change she was trying to bring was unwelcome. I frankly don’t know how she stayed this long.”

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  1. Wow, 15 full time employees in the Burlington Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Department and that’s the list of accomplishments realized over a two year period?……And the first and apparently most important achievement cited is the creation of the 15 full time employee REIB Department.

    This is how Burlington tax payer money is being spent while the police department is so short staffed that calls are can’t be responded to promptly?……..Something is isn’t right with resource allocations in the Queen City.

    • Just check out the latest Ben Jerry’s defund the police billboards. The local media is salivating over it’s incredible wokeness.

      If one hasn’t figured out that this is intentional destruction of our culture and the onset of Marxism, you aren’t paying attention.

      Oh….Never buy those commies Ice Cream.

  2. “Building the REIB department which currently consists of 15 full-time employees”
    I’m glad I don’t live in that idiocrasy. Southern VT is insane enough.

  3. Quite the 2 year accomplishments. Did she do anything for taxpayers besides fill her pockets and spend money?

  4. Maybe they can reassign her to the new ‘Adult Entertainment’ Commission.

    Burlington has such a bright future.

  5. After such a high-paying stint in a diversity-related bureaucratic virtue-signaling political appointment in Vermont, it is customary to always give as a reason for your leaving that you “feel uncomfortable”. This was also the case when Burlington went way out of it’s way to hire a school superintendent who was also chosen with the same skin melanin “qualification”. That superintendent also left after a very short tenure, despite the huge cost the city taxpayers underwent for the search process to find a person that was “qualified”. As much as I empathize with the working homeowners and taxpayers of Burlington, their numbers are dwindling, being replaced by more and more subsidized renters, students and deadbeats. You get the government you vote for, BTV.

  6. Never felt comfortable? Given a job on a silver platter didn’t help ease the discomfort? Chittenden County lawns awash in BLM signs didn’t display acceptance and solidarity? The Wokeness of Chittenden County with it’s years of CRT training didn’t help either? Perhaps it was the systemic corruption and realizing the Woke White Prog/Dem Lefties were never going to give her a seat at the table afterall. Grifters are not always groomed for higher office.

  7. Well, she just listed and sold her BTV home in two days so it sure does look like she is getting out of town in a hurry. “Leaving quietly” doesn’t fit her MO, so something interesting is going on. If only there was a profession of people paid to ask questions and “report” the answers. We could call them something like “Askers”, no…that doesn’t work…we could call them “Reporters”! That would be great, if we had something like that imaginary creature.

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