Vandalism linked to ‘hate,’ Feather murder, Fox coverage of school webinar

by Dylan Streb, Community News Service

Vermont’s LGBTQ+ community is reeling in the aftermath of an apparent act of vandalism against The Pride Center of Vermont in Burlington April 25.

Tweet from Rep. Taylor Small (D/P Winooski)

Video footage provided by the center to VTDigger shows someone walking up to the South Champlain St. building after midnight, throwing two objects, and then leaving. The Executive Director of The Pride Center of Vermont, Mike Bensel, stated that nothing seemed to be stolen from the premises and that the individual was not seen entering the building.

The damage was noticed by other tenants of the building that houses the center early on the morning of the 26th. Burlington police are continuing an investigation into the incident.

The incident comes after Laura Ingraham of Fox News attacked a Burlington School District webinar on sexuality, and after the killing of Fern Feather, a Hinesburg trans woman, two weeks prior.

Winooski Rep. Taylor Small, the center’s education program director, said in a Tweet “love will always be more powerful than hate.”

Lawmakers from Vermont’s Rainbow Caucus condemned these incidents in a recent press release.

More coverage can be found from Seven Days and

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  1. I love how nobody can comment any longer on VT Digger or Seven Days.

    “moderation is very heavy in the Green Mountains”

    • Or WCAX. They all did it at the same time with the same excuse that they didn’t have time to moderate it anymore.

  2. It’s sad to say but I wouldn’t doubt that this was either one of their own or antifa just trying to stoke a fire. That’s what seeming to happen for the last 2 years everywhere in the country, why not Burlington.

  3. I have anti Biden stickers on my car.Nothing to crazy or offensive actually some are pretty funny. I’ve been flipped off and had someone put a dent in my car with a shopping cart while I was in the vehicle.When I exited my car they took off running. So, I find the people that preach love to be the most intolerant.

  4. Bingo. They preach love so long as it something they agree with. Other wise they are some of the most vile individuals you can encounter. What ever happened to ” Agree to Disagree ” or ” to each their own”. The lefts vile display of hatred for President Trump enlightened me as to how to treat a PotatoHead President that I don’t recognize as my President!! Touche’

  5. The funny/sad thing is that many of these ‘Hate’ crimes are usually perpetuated by the lefties looking for attention.

    Maybe Jesse Smollett knows who did it. Or the leaders of Burn Loot Murder.

  6. Interesting how an act of vandalism is immediately a “hate crime”. Maybe it is just vandalism. All comments on our alternative newpapers have been shut off since COVID! No time to moderate. I call bull on this one since everyone was working from home. It is blatant censorship for everyone but the left. It is ALL about them, they are the ones still running around in masks. The least tolerant group of all. Beginning to look a lot like Nazi Germany. The lack of real leadership in Burlington has fanned this fire. Sometimes you get what you pay for and the residents of a city be damned!!

  7. There’s a we site called “” or .org…Is THIS fake? A cheap & easily installed camera would have caught “them” in the act, no? NO one should tolerate vandalism of ANY private property, period, no matter who, what, or when..Simple stuff, MOUNT a CAMERA & prosecute them, IF you can GET Sarah to actually PROSECUTE them, most likely they’d get “restorative justice” or “community service” from her office anyways..

  8. Why is this vandalism being connected to the death, other than Opportunists every attempt to push their agenda? As someone who knows Seth, it was NOT a hate crime. He has used a knife as defense in a fight before, back in 2004, in Waterbury. The man lived.

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