Burlington GOP candidate blocked on local Facebook page

The Republican candidate in the Burlington Ward 3 City Council race has been booted off local social media because he is reportedly “transphobic,” a campaign spokesperson said.

Two weeks ago, the campaign to elect Christopher-Aaron Felker to the Burlington City Council noticed it had been blocked by the Old North End Facebook group, spokesperson Brad Broyles said.

“This page has 1500 plus members, most of which live in Ward 3 and an audience we’d obviously like access,” he wrote in a letter to WVMT radio personality and former elected official Kurt Wright. Broyles noted that the two other candidates are on the page.

Broyles said he reached out to both moderators last week wishing to be unblocked, in order to post community events and positive messages. “Yesterday I sent a message to moderator Holly Beckert as a follow-up from my previous and she came back with ‘he’s transphobic, people don’t want him here’. Without going down the rabbit hole of gender politics, Christopher’s view is shaped by his religious faith and in line with the Catholic church,” Broyles said.

Broyles said Beckert promptly blocked him and then posted a statement (published here) that she blocked Felker – who is gay – and his “hate speech” and she wants the page to be “inclusive”. She immediately shut off comments on her post as she didn’t like the responses.

Beckert also blocked Christopher’s husband for posting “get out and vote” with a copy of his palm card last week. – Editor

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    • Sue? Maybe, but to what end? Any litigation would be most likely after the special election.
      His letter to Kurt Wright will be of more help to his campaign than any lawsuit. Unfortunately for Felker, this is the way “progressives” are. What Burlington has become is directly due to the politics and beliefs of the left- whatever they choose to call themselves- socialists, progressives- it matters not. It is the reason Burlington is now in a steep decline, similar to the end of a Bell Curve. The City of Burlington as a whole deserves better than these petulant “progressive” children. They had a vibrant city with a few issues to fix- and have managed to put the city on a downward spiral seemingly overnight.

      • Do you REALLY believe that private internet groups should have the right to censor conservative views.

        That’s not free speech ! Everyone should listen respectfully or be penalized in some way !

  1. I thought opposing viewpoints have always been part of campaigning and debate! Im certain that Beckett has her own agenda and doesn’t want her ideology challenged!

  2. We got rid of two left wing loonies last election, we need to get rid of more the next go around. they are dangerous.

  3. If Farcebook is going to be allowed to essentially engage in legal censorship of candidates for public office, then it’s high time to go after them with our antitrust laws. When they do their censorship at the behest of some element of the government then it IS GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP and it violates the First Amendment. And it’s not just religion that has a problem with recognizing the validity of “transgenderism”, it is the broad science of Biology that also has an issue with the argument that 56 gender identities exist. Any progressive who hypocritically points their long, bony finger of indigantion at someone for being “anti-science” regarding climate change or vaccines needs to admit that real science only recognizes TWO GENDERS, determined genetically at conception.
    If the majority of the world’s major religions and their followers fail to recognize the existence of transgenderism as a matter of religious doctrine, then why is promoting the transgender agenda not considered “hate speech” in itself?

    • I try to be objective. Women’s Sports were created for a reason. Respect it. Don’t give puberty blockers, or other Behavioral Health drugs to children. Etc.
      Trans peo[ple have rights. That doesn’t include the right to shut down discussion.

  4. His public comments weren’t even “hate speech”. Merely an observtion. That is why “hate speech” and “hate crimes” should be disalowed. They are subjective assessments. There are already provisions of Law to deal with the heinousness of crimes.

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