Burlington GOP backs detransitioners, free speech

By Guy Page

Correction from earlier edition: this resolution was passed April 25, and subsequently referred to Mayor Miro Weinberger and the Burlington City Council.

Citing a 4,000% increase over 10 years in teenage female gender dysphoria, the Burlington Republican Committee in April passed a resolution that affirms the natural distinction between the sexes and opposes promotion of gender identity ideology to minors. 

The resolution says the Burlington Republican Party:

  • Opposes any city or state efforts to target and criminalize free speech on areas of public concern;
  • Affirms the natural distinction between the male and female sex and honors its immutability;
  • Opposes city and state funding of organizations that promote gender identity ideology to minors. At present, pro-trans Outright Vermont receives Dept. of Health funding for school education program. 
  • Extends support to the ever-growing detransitioner community;
  • Defends the rights of human beings to occupy spaces set aside for their biological sex; and
  • Will work in collaboration with disaffected Burlingtonians to stop the exploitation, sterilization, and mutilation of vulnerable children.

The resolution also singles out Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger for failing to condemn violence perpetrated by transgender activists in the city. At last year’s Pride parade, gay rights activist and trans critic Fred Sargeant was assaulted for carrying a sign. 

Resolution approved by Burlington GOP Committee

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  1. In a sane, normal and well-reasoned society, a common-sense and thoughtful resolution would win out over flamboyant, irrational screeching and baseless accusations of hate and intolerance by individuals and groups who feel the need to publicly promote their unhealthy lifestyles. Unfortunately, the leadership and majority of the populace of Burlington are beyond all decency and semblance of a moral base and feel no shame in promoting unhealthy behaviors, even to children. As another example, needles are given away by “exchanges” in the interest of “public health” to supposedly reduce the spread of disease. The concept was sold to the public with the understanding that you would bring in your dirty needles for proper disposal and “exchange” them for new ones. Now they function simply as needle giveaway programs with no such demand to bring in contaminated ones. The blood contaminated needles are wantonly discarded in the bushes and gutters, in public spaces where they are easily contacted by children and pets. The junkies voluntarily engage in their risky lifestyle, but by careless disposal of needles, they now increase the likelihood of disease exposure to unsuspecting and innocent bystanders, who have not made the decision to expose themselves to that risk. That’s a great “public health” policy, eh?

  2. Finally….Republicans I can look up to. So tired of the “don’t want to offend anyone” variety.