Brock: It Isn’t About You

Randy Brock (R) represents Franklin County in the Vermont State Senate.  He is the Senate Minority Leader.

By Sen. Randy Brock

If you’re one of the thousands of unvaccinated Americans, I’ve heard all of your reasons:  freedom of choice, skepticism, feeling of invincibility, denial, political belief, laziness, distrust of government, safety concerns, procrastination, fear, assorted conspiracy theories, etc.

But, there are other perspectives.   Whether or not you get the shot has implications that go beyond just you.

While you can exercise a negative choice, others do not have that luxury:  the child too young to receive the shot, the vaccinated senior citizen at risk of break-through infection, the immunocompromised, who cannot be vaccinated, to name a few.  Your refusal makes you the darling of the virus mutation, the enabler who allows the virus to continue its evolution unchecked.

Your decision decides for others.  When you ignore facts, when you discard science.  When you rely on quackery, when you act upon social media disinformation, when you allow politics to influence public health policy, you make more than a personal decision.

Vaccination as a means to protect others is not new.  In 1777-78, during the most challenging years of the Revolutionary War, General George Washington mandated – I’ll repeat that – mandated that his troops receive an early vaccine against Smallpox.  He did it, and it worked.  Perhaps, we can speculate that without that mandate there would be no United States of America today. 

Legal vaccination mandates have existed in America since 1809, when the first such law was enacted against smallpox.  Almost a century later, in 1905 the US Supreme Court upheld a Massachusetts city’s mandatory vaccine law. In that case, the court held that we don’t have a right to place other people at risk. School vaccine mandates were upheld as settled law by a unanimous Supreme Court in 1922.

In the last great epidemic the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-19 – millions died around the world.  In the US, the toll was about 675,000, less than the over 745,000 Americans, who have died of COVID-19 already.  Then there was no vaccine.  I wish that there had been, and that it could have protected my mother’s father, a young soldier, who died of the disease when my mother was only five months old.  My mom grew up without a father.  Today, young fathers have a choice.

Our world today is so different than just a few decades ago.  Then there was neither a debate nor a resistance movement when the new polio vaccine was introduced.  I remember, as a child, gladly going to get it.  Interestingly, even today, there seems to be little resistance to required school vaccinations for polio, diphtheria, measles, mumps, chicken pox, tetanus and other diseases.  Many of these vaccinations have been mandatory for school children for years.

The unvaccinated allow the virus to spread.  They continue to lead in the number of those infected.  They jeopardize their own lives and the lives of others.  They disproportionately occupy hospital beds and ICU’s, blocking out others whose needs they selfishly ignore.

Some argue that this is about personal freedom.   

But, what if there is a conflict between freedom of choice and personal responsibility, between exercising a selfish choice and performing a selfless duty?  

For over two centuries, millions of Americans have volunteered for military service, accepting the risk of death in combat against the duty to protect our nation.  That’s the kind of selfless choice before us.  It’s less about government mandates than about calling upon Americans to do what they know is right, moral and responsible.

At some point we must ask ourselves:  Don’t we owe a duty to the larger community around us?  Don’t we have an obligation to protect our family, our loved ones, our neighbors, our community, our country?  Few of us would turn away from reaching out to help a family member facing peril, but when we refuse vaccination, that’s just what we are doing.  Instinctively, we know that as long as the virus remains unchecked, more and more of our world is in jeopardy. 

This is where personal responsibility comes in.  As a family member, as a neighbor, as a citizen, as a human being – do you have a responsibility to help end COVID-19?  And if so, what are you doing about it? 

I know that I did at least one thing:  I got vaccinated.

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  1. The shots are not effective over a period of time – looks like within 6 months immunity wanes to well under 50%. I know people that got covid after 2 months of the vax and spread it to their other vaxxed family member. Studies are now showing that the newer variants are infecting the vaxxed while statistically less in the unvaxxed. Therefore, the vaxxed are spreading the more infectious variants.
    Natural immunity is only going to end this – at least make it endemic. Studies are also showing that that shots can reduce the bodies natural immunity, making one more vulnerable to reinfection of a latent virus or have a harder time fighting of an infection of covid. The VT statistic show as have other countries – once hospitalized, the vaxxed have a 30% chance of dying and the unvaxxed it is about 10%. There is so much we don’t know about these injections. So much to think about.

  2. Wow another screed of disinformation, false equivalency and outright emotional manipulation. The smallpox vaccine does NOT “help others” it helps the vaccinated. It requires one shot only and that provides protection to the recipient regardless of whether that recipient’s neighbor decides to forego the shot.
    This COVID shot doesn’t work. People take vaccines for mumps, polio, tuberculosis etc because when they do the need not worry if somebody else is protected. That’s because those vaccines actually do work. This is not the case with COVID shots. The offer very limited protection and only for a short time. This is NOT a vaccine.
    Pharmaceutical companies do not offer legal protection for the COVID shots. They do offer legal recourse for the other vaccines mentioned. If Pharmaceutical companies won’t stand behind their product, why should anyone trust it?

    Your moralistic tone suggests an authoritarian streak. Please don’t assume that your elected office gives you the right to force ineffective and potentially dangerous drugs on others.

  3. I suggest that Senator Brock take a look at the following article: US COVID-19 Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good Based on
    Pivotal Clinical Trial Data Analyzed Using the Proper Scientific Endpoint,
    “All Cause Severe Morbidity; every Vermonter has a right to do their own due diligence and make their own decisions regarding the so called vaccine which apparently does not work (can you say “break through”?). Thanks for your advice Senator but no thanks. You ignore natural immunity.

  4. Brock’s perspective here is disappointing. It’s as if he capitulated to the Covid fear that has infected Vermont. I certainly understand the degree of risk to seniors and the benefit of “Vaccination” for that demographic. Senator Brock misses the point on risk factors to younger populations and those that have gained natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2. By whatever name you choose to call it- and however SARS-CoV-2 came to be, this virus is here to stay. Humans have to learn to adapt and deal with it, not retreat from life as we know by lockdowns, masking and complete obedience to government. Politics have steered the course of this virus from the day Donald Trump announced a travel ban from China, in January 2020, and politics seems to be what guides policy, not good medical information.
    Senator Brock, The “vaccine” effectiveness is waning over time. Fact. “Vaccinated” individuals are becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2. Fact. There are hospitalizations and deaths in Vermont of the “vaccinated”. Fact. Cases are slightly higher in countries with higher vaccination rates, and slightly lower in countries with lower vaccination rates. Fact. Natural Immunity is disregarded. Fact. Long term effects of these “vaccines” is unknown, especially to human immune and reproductive systems. Fact. Youth have significantly less infection rates, lesser symptoms, recover quicker and ZERO deaths in Vermont, from SARS-CoV-2. Fact. Why would we as a presumably intelligent society subject our youth to an experimental gene therapy, billed as a “vaccine”? For our safety? Apparently so, as the “vaccine” you promote clearly has more risk to this age group than the disease. Isn’t that analogous to throwing the women and children out of the lifeboat so we survive?
    Senator, Our personal responsibility is to make informed decisions, for ourselves and for our children. Your choice to receive the “Vaccine” is yours and yours alone. The decision by a parent to not “vaccinate” a 10 year old whom has recovered from SARS-CoV-2 is every bit as responsible as your decision, based on the current information disseminated and not disseminated by local, state and federal government.
    Senator, there are a great number of Vermont residents that for a myriad of reasons no longer trust the information thrown at us by the State and Federal government. We are not demanding mandates, government dollars and “equity”. We are the people that have been working, as usual to keep Vermont running- in spite of government- for the last 20 months. We are the people now demanded to comply with edicts that we may disagree with- and want better answers from government. We want to know why natural immunity has been invalidated. Why “off label” (Ivermectin, HCQ) treatments are acceptable in other countries- not here. Why there isn’t research conducted here to investigate these treatments. Why this entire fiasco seems to center around government officials and elites attempts to retain and grow their “power”and wealth. We’d like to know why current elected officials continue to turn a blind eye to their majority of constituents- and instead attempt to placate the cacophony of liberal demands for special treatment of certain groups. To those questions, sir- we’d like to hear your answers.

  5. Mr. Brock,

    Your opinion is so full of misinformation, contradictions, conflations Where does a critcal thinking person beginWhen you ignore facts, when you discard science. and con

  6. Kudos to Randy Brock for his straightforward and rational response to those resisting vaccinations for Covid-19. A minor correction is in order as recorded on Health.mil, the official website of the Military Health System:

    “According to the U.S. Library of Congress’s Science, Technology, and Business Division, the smallpox inoculations began Jan. 6, 1777, for all of Washington’s forces who came through the then-capital of Philadelphia, and through Morristown, New Jersey, following the Battle of Princeton.”

    The fight against smallpox consisted of inoculations, not vaccinations. An inoculation consisted of live smallpox germs being inserted into an incision in the hope that a healthy person would get a mild form of the disease and then be immune. This was an effective but risky procedure. A believer of science, Ethan Allen had himself inoculated for smallpox, contrary to the extreme conservative elements of the leaders of Salisbury, Connecticut, where he resided at that time.

    The vaccination for Covid, on the other hand, does not include any live virus or germs. I respect the concerns of those who question the effectiveness of the Covid vaccine. I would suggest these folks keep an open mind and familiarize themselves with what has happened in Finland and Norway vs. Sweden in regard to the deathrates resulting from contrasting approaches to fighting Covid-19.

    • I suggest you familiarize yourself with THE CONSTITUTION OF OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , Mr. John D.


      Each person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient
      knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

  7. I’ll try again …….

    Mr. Brock,

    Your opinion is so full of misinformation, contradictions, conflations and confusions, Where does a critical thinking person start?

    First, the Covid Shots are NOT vaccinations for more than one reason. If you don’t have enough care for the lives of human beings to look at the foundational research to know this, you shouldn’t speak out on the subject. The question is: Why is the government pushing them as vaccines?
    Why is the government ignoring informed consent, natural immunity and ALL other treatments?

    You can have an opinion Mr. Brock, but you can’t have your own truth/facts. The Truth is: Covid Shots are Experimental, New Technology, Gene Therapy Shots. They ARE NOT anything like the vaccines of the past. It is you Mr. Brock and many others who are, “ignoring facts and discarding science.”

    If you choose to offer your body and health and take chances with the possible consequences of the Covid Shot Experimental Therapy, that’s your personal choice. Why are you condemning and demonizing others for having a different personal choice? This is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

    Many who chose NOT to receive the Experimental Covid Shots, have a view that Covid Shot recipients are the ones spreading more Covid Virus. They believe the Covid Shots allow and encourage mutations of the Original Virus in Shot recipients. The immune systems of Shot recipients can’t deal with mutated version(s). Therefore, they become infected and/or carry and spread the mutated version(s). Many censored and de-platformed scientists and doctors have this view.

    If you are supposed to be a good example of a GOP Leader in Vermont, we need to reexamine what we call Republican in Vermont. Do you believe in our Constitutional Republic, Our Founding Principles and Our Individual Freedoms?

    This Opinion Article says YOU DON”T!

  8. A breathtaking display of copy-and-paste virtue signalling, immuno-mythology, and expert TV watching. These poor arguments are proverbial fish in a barrel.

    “the child too young to receive the shot”
    Children are not a high-risk group. They are more at risk from the seasonal flu, among many other causes of death (including homicide) according to government data.

    “the vaccinated senior citizen at risk of breakthrough infection”
    So why are you not placing the blame for re-infection on a shoddy vaccine?

    “the immunocompromised, who cannot be vaccinated”
    Which is why they should seek treatments, which are widely available and backed by an avalanche of data that you don’t hear about on TV. See https://covid19criticalcare.com/.

    “Your refusal makes you the darling of the virus mutation”
    Wrong again. The vaccine, which is not lethal to the virus, encourages mutation IN THE VACCINATED because it puts selective pressure on a single spike protein instead of the whole virus. Please look up mRNA developer Dr. Robert Malone (among a chorus of other vaccine experts not paid by Big Pharma).

    Smallpox, measles, etc aren’t Covid. We have NEVER had a successful vaccine against any coronavirus despite two decades of attempts, and the current vaccine does not kill the virus but only minimizes symptoms (at best). Prior to 2020, the definition of a vaccine was well defined and unquestioned by the scientific community—it was designed to prevent a disease from occurring. Vaccines for polio and smallpox didn’t lessen the symptoms of those diseases. They protected you from ever getting them. And if the current vaccines don’t stop transmission, the entire “protect your neighbor” argument falls apart.

    Then there are the shocking VAERS numbers. If you haven’t heard of VAERS, then you are uninformed–and so is your opinion piece.

  9. I suggest John D and Senator Brock take another look at early treatment and natural immunity. A province in India with 240 million people was recently declared COVID-Free because of widespread use of Ivermectin and only 5% vaccination rate (Vermont at 87% vaccination rate; how is that going? can you say and spell “booster?”). See https://www.transcend.org/tms/2021/09/india-state-of-241-million-people-declared-covid-free-after-government-promotes-ivermectin/

  10. Mr. Brock, I very disappointed by the comments shared in your article further pursecuting individuals that question the main stream COVID narrative. The current COVID-19 expirimental gene therapy is still only approved through a Emergency Use Authorization. The FDA policy specific to EUA drugs clearly states that individuals cannot be cooerced into taking such a EUA approved drug. Although, the media, administration, public health officials and legislators have resorted to intimidating and shaming individuals and now firing those who are not buying into propaganda and politically driven U.S. science. As you know, there have been no long term studies, as they are occuring in real-time. I applaud your unwaveringly willingness to participate in the long-term clinical trial.

    For awareness, I am sharing additional science.


  11. The article begins with, “If you’re one of the thousands of unvaccinated Americans.”

    Sen. Brock, the correct number is closer to 70 million.

  12. 90 serious reports of Vermonters harmed by such LIES, including 11 deaths on the books in VT. These persons were vaccinated between Dec 1 2020 and Oct 11 2021 (10 months of data). The first report was of bilateral pulmonary embolism but was the public warned? Nope.
    All those supporting gene therapy / viral vector mandates should be held responsible.
    VAERS is the official US government safety surveillance system for “vaccine” products – and with such a shoddy safety record
    these novel gene therapy / viral vector products should be immediately and hastily withdrawn. Pronto!

  13. Randy I’ve head all of your guys reasons also. But what I see coming into the hospital where I am a nurse, tells me not to get the vaccine. Thanks for your input from a far.

  14. have to agree with those opposed to Mr. Brock’s opinion. i could say the vaccine is what leads to mutation as virus searches for a host. maybe fewer died from Spanish flu because no vaccine was used to prolong the virus. there is no idea what the long term effects might be especially as more and more boosters are required. no doubt there are risks with vaccine

  15. Not even one medical or scientific fact in this entire paragraph. Not one piece a data collected over the last two years supports these ridiculous theories.

  16. Senator Brock, would you care to hold a Q/A session that is open to the public so we can all share regarding the topic of covid-19? 100% of Vermont youth ages birth to 19 have fully recovered from covid-19. Nationally, 99+% of youth across the USA have also recovered. Did you know that over 20% of the youth reports for adverse reactions were children who got the shot were too young or minors without consent? Did you realize that over 70% of the clinical trial recipients were white and less than 6% were black in the 5-11 year-old group? Also consider that 48 who enrolled in the trial for 5-11 year olds were not reported on or followed-up on. What happened to them? There is so much to share with each other that the mainstream media is not transparent about. Let us stop the segregation and name-calling and pointing the finger at people who do not have the same faith that you have. Let’s work together. Be well informed, Senator.

  17. Mr Brock I thought you were for the people and a smart man.. Your article shows me you are against. unvaccinated people, that we are prolonging the virus.. SERIOUSLY SIR!!!! Are you for real??.. I will never again put a X next to your name on a ballot. You aren’t for the people with your comment.
    I thought you were a Republican.. but you’re a RINO.. WOW. I know you watch CNN MSNBC the liberal news. Why don’t you get out into the real world and talk to Vermonters and I mean real Vermonters. You might learn something.

  18. The “unvaccinated” didn’t take your freedom the government did
    if the “unvaccinated” are a danger to you then your vaccine doesn’t work…

  19. Senator Brock is not a doctor nor is he a microbiologist or a scientist. He spent his early years running Brock Security and has no medical background but he is now a politician. Modern politicians are right up there with used car salesmen.

    Mr. Brock apparently, like others in Vermont government can’t find the time to actually research and learn about the poison they are pushing. Now they want to go after the children. These people have all acquired the God Syndrome. They have all been in government so long that they believe they can force thinking people to bow down to their elite imagined status. These people have forfeited there right to be in government. They work for us, they don’t own us and they have no right making medical decisions for us or our children.

    The governor all the way down to the legislature has destroyed any confidence a thinking person has in this Vermont government. Perhaps Mr. Brock should leave government and find a job as a brain surgeon for which he will be just as qualified as he is for giving information about the current nightmare the government has created and they apparently refuse to learn. Have you ever heard a politician say I’m sorry, I was wrong?

    This commentary is another exercise in fake news parroted by officials who call themselves leaders when all they do is follow the junk science for political reasons. If these people actually cared about this illness, why aren’t they doing anything else with all of the other available treatments as mentioned in the comments from readers? Instead, they want to force us to take an unproven gene therapy drug and hope for the best. There is no shame in politics and there are no apologies. The first death of a child that dies from this fiasco of the absurd won’t be followed by corrective action. More will die and be injured and these politicians will be around next parade season trying to convince us of their worthiness to be reelected. We should all think long and hard about who will take the responsibility for these failures happening now and those yet to come. We can not allow these politicians to slither back under their protective excuse for being wrong with whatever lame statement they come up with. Mr. Brock will receive no more support from this voter. These people have failed Vermont and their oaths taken to protect our constitutions are worthless. We are free people and will remain so!

  20. Mr. Brock,

    With all due respect at this point it would take a book for me to explain to you the number of reasons why I will not be partaking in this experimental drug test. I’d write it for you but it’s obvious that you wouldn’t read it, much like the rest of the government employees.

    Your article above makes it so obvious that you read the headlines off of VT digger never research anything from them probably listen to WCAX while you eat dinner and think that you’ve done your research for the day.

    Get educated, do some math off the actual numbers and see for yourself how all bought and paid for media is lying to you.

  21. Wow! I’ve met Randy & always thought he was pro-Liberty, NOW I see he’s a Vax-Nazi..The vaccinated CAN still get it AND can STILL spread it and NOW 43% of fatalities ARE vaccinated also, does he not SEE this? So what’s the point? The smallpox analogy is WRONG, THAT is a DEADLY virus..I have a “duty” and an “obligation” to MY OWN body, fool! When the vaccinated comprise 1/2 or MORE of hospitalizations will he THEN change his tune? Thanks but no thanks Mr. Brock, maybe you should read some of Alex Berenson’s work OR read the PATENT APP.’s for these rushed, barely tested drugs, try it & get back to us THEN..

  22. Senator Brock- I beg to differ. It actually is about each of us as individuals making a private personal, informed healthcare decision for our own unique situation. It is completely about you and me and every individual out there who has a right, a human right, to make medical decisions for themselves free of coercion and discrimination. These literally are experimental, gene therapy injections- a completely brand new vaccine technology being deployed on a massive scale globally. These are not 100% safe and effective, we are in an actual clinical trial thus the utmost importance of body autonomy and informed consent and health choice must be applied, there is no alternative. We absolutely do not know the repercussions or impacts of these vaccines, especially from a long-term standpoint. Those who are vaccinated can still get and transmit Covid, what is the real benefit of these experimental injections. We are told they reduce severity but how would that actually be assessed properly when the majority of cases are asymptomatic or mild? There is a lot to this conversation and so much more to go through with regards to polio, measles and smallpox. A really great book to consider would be Torsten Engelbrect’s Virusmania, if you enjoy medical history as it appears, I think it would be worthy. Thank you for sharing your opinion, please respect other’s difference of opinion. It is important to note that it is not just the community that holds different opinions on the best path forward, it is also the scientific community who is divided and there are differing concerns, arguments and research on both sides of the story. Respecting an individual’s world views, belief systems and medical decisions are critical through these times. Upholding an individual’s constitutional rights and civil liberties is the only way through this as the world sorts itself out and the truth surfaces. This is in my opinion is the highest priority for humanity and democracy.

  23. History is replete with instances of tyrants justifying their oppressive edicts while citing the responsibilities their victims must assume on their behalf. Mr. Brock’s support for mandated vaccinations is based on false dichotomies and misleading assertions, as has been referenced many times over by those commenting here. That he discounts or ignores the contradictory evidence is his choice. Suffice it to say, others remain skeptical.

    But for anyone to advocate, along with Mr. Brock, the taking away of one’s ability to make a reasonable decision is totalitarian – a cure worse than the disease. And as Mr. Brock and others persist in that despotism, I suspect they will experience the various in-kind reciprocity that occurs whenever ‘mortal’ adversaries confront one another. Therefore, I suggest Mr. Brock and his minions limit their attention in this matter to an advisory capacity… for all of our sakes. At the same time, of course, I hope everyone will agree that Mr. Brock is free to choose his own poison, … a Constitutional Right, if not a sensible courtesy, still afforded to all U.S. citizens.

  24. Sen. Brock, I am very disappointed to see this article written by you. There are many reasons why a person would not, or can not, take the shots, and our health “experts” in our state and country are not even mentioning preventative treatments for flu, such as taking zinc, vitamin D and vitamin C. There are other natural ways to build our own immune systems instead of taking a shot that is experimental and does not even tell us what the ingredients are. There may be serious long term health problems associated with these shots, and there are already many injuries and even deaths documented from the shots.
    To say that the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated is ludicrous and unfounded, and doesn’t even make sense. I am believer in bodily autonomy and that we each have a right to our own choices when it comes to our medical decisions and treatments.

    • Totally agree with Vicki. I cannot get the shots for medical reasons and do not like being discriminated and banned from life here in VT because I do not get the “vaccine “which it is not! Then I do not like the current practice of denying citizens alternative treatments in a timely manner. I was injured from a previous vaccine leaving my immune system in a mess so I have bad allergies, including to medications, including antibiotics.

      I have religious reasons as well and choose not to subject my body to the purely experimental vaccine trials currently being mandated on people to the point they lose their jobs for noncompliance. That is not even constitutional and even goes against the Nuremberg Code. What most people do not realize is that they have been misled by the government and media who keep saying the vaccines are “fully approved” by our Federal government agencies. All the vaccines currently available in the US are still approved for EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION ONLY. The only one approved is NOT even available and is NOT the same as the current vaccine. THEY ARE ALL STILL EXPERIMENTAL. The Constitution does not legally allow the government to force anyone to take part in a research experimental trial yet that is what they are trying to do.

      I prefer to listen to experienced virologists and well respected doctors who are urging people not to get the shots. Maybe we should listen to the people who actually worked on researching these viruses and the doctors who have used effective treatments to successfully help citizens recover. and not the politicians who are pushing their own narrative and condemning and destroying those who disagree with them.

      Please understand the government cannot allow the vaccines under emergency use authorization if there are safe effective treatments available. So they have to condemn effective treatments to push the vaccines. The Feds have been bought by Big Pharma and many are becoming very rich as they push the vaccines. Follow the US patents back decades to see who in the US is behind the research weaponizing the viruses and also who already had the vaccines (only SOLUTION) ready to go. You can follow Dr. Fauci’s involvement from the beginning.

      Does it seem strange to you that the government purchases huge amounts of vaccines way in advance of them being approved for emergency use only? If you want a vaccine, use your freedom to get one. But stop trying to force those of us who cannot or choose not to get the shots. If the shots work, why would you be so afraid of those who are not vaccinated?