Bought gun, swapped it for drugs / tractor theft / police cruiser collision

Logan Foster, 30, of Arlington pleaded innocent April 19 in federal court to two firearms offenses involving the alleged unlawful purchase and possession of a 9mm pistol in January 2021. He is being held until trial.

The indictment contains two counts. The first count alleges that on January 22, 2021, Foster filled out an ATF Form 4473 to purchase a SCCY 9mm pistol from a firearms dealer and falsely stated both that he was the actual purchaser of the firearm and that he was not an illegal drug user. The second count alleges Foster then possessed this firearm while being an illegal drug user. 

According to court records, the government also alleges that Foster exchanged the firearm for drugs with a Springfield, Massachusetts area drug dealer. The firearm was recovered from a crime scene in Holyoke, Massachusetts about six months after Foster’s transfer of it. 

If convicted, Foster faces a maximum sentence of ten years imprisonment and three years of supervised release, which would follow any sentence of imprisonment. 

John Deere mower damaged during robbery – A Richford man was cited for grand larceny and unlawful mischief after he tried to load a stolen lawn tractor into a U-Haul truck in Swanton. 

Shortly after midnight this morning, state troopers responded to a call of a U-Haul truck parked at Harvest Equipment in Swanton. It was reported that an individual appeared to be loading a John Deere mower into the back of the U-Haul truck. 

Police say Wayne Daudelin damaged the $3399 mower while attempting to steal it.  Daudelin, 67, of Richford was cited and released to appear in Franklin County Court. The Vermont State Police were assisted by Swanton PD and U.S. Border Patrol. 

One vagrant, two car thefts, one collision with police cruiser – On 10:52 AM on April 20, Martha Cook of Hartland contacted VSP dispatch advising her vehicle was stolen from her place of work in Barnard. The vehicle was located at a home in Chelsea where police say Shawn Carpenter, 44, a vagrant, stole a separate vehicle belonging to Leyna Hoyt. Royalton Police Department assisted and attempted to stop Carpenter and he struck an occupied police cruiser and attempted to leave the scene. 

Carpenter caused significant damage to the yard while attempting to elude. Troopers on scene were able to take Carpenter into custody. Carpenter held on $5,000 and issued with conditions and issued a citation to appear in Orange County Superior Court.

DNA on brick IDs suspect who threw it through truck windshield – A Pownal man has been cited for unlawful mischief after police found DNA evidence on a brick he allegedly threw through a truck windshield.

On November 24, Troopers from the Vermont State Police – Shaftsbury Barracks received a vandalism report on Main Street in Pownal where a brick had been thrown through the windshield of a truck belonging to Stephen Martin, 33, of Pownal. 

The brick was seized as evidence. Troopers collected biological evidence found on the brick, which was sent to the Vermont Forensic Laboratory (VFL) for testing. On March 16, troopers received confirmation from the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) that the DNA found on the brick belonged to James M. Brown, 33, from Pownal. On April 14, Brown was cited to answer the charge of Unlawful Mischief at a later date and time.

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  1. The first news item is an indictment of the foolish notions regarding “gun control” by the elitist club in Montpelier. This individual is alleged to falsified the ATF 4473 form and sold the firearm for drugs. As to S.30, could one of the wizards that wrote S.30 explain how their bill, with it’s extended waiting period would have altered the alleged outcome of this news story?
    Mr. Baruth? Ms. Balint?

  2. Seems like I remember Massachussets blaming us for their gun problem.
    They said Vermont was feeding guns to Mass criminals.

    But now we learn that it starts with Mass drug dealers buying guns
    in Vermont, paying with illegal Mass. addictive drugs.
    This starts with the illegal Mass.drugs, not with the legal VT. guns.

    The Mass drugs start before the Vt guns – and that is our fault?
    Guns may have also been Stolen in Vt. by Drug addicts
    to support their buying of Mass. illegal drugs. Vt looses all ways!

  3. The prosecution for the “straw purchase” is proof that we have tough federal gun laws already on the books and IF enforced adequately, there is no need for ANY further firearm restrictions on the law-abiding.

  4. Anyone with half a brain should be able to realize that criminals do not obey laws. So, what does the brainless legislature do, they pass laws to restrict people who obey laws from legally buying firearms. That makes sense if you’re crazy. Criminals are the problem, not guns. The old saying is still true, “If guns are outlawed, only criminals will have guns”. Sure, that’s what we want, a state of defenseless law abiding citizens unable to defend themselves, their families and their property from from a horde of criminals armed to the teeth. Been to Burlington lately? It isn’t law abiding citizens causing shootouts on the streets now is it?

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