Blissfully ignorant about antisemitic attacks on George Soros

By Guy Page

February 20, 2020 – Did you know marijuana legalization financier George Soros is Jewish? I didn’t.

And did you know he is the object of ongoing antisemitic invective and threats? I didn’t know that, either, until a social media critic yesterday said my column on George Soros funding marijuana legalization was “veiled anti-semitism.”

At first I thought it was just casually vicious name-calling, like being called racist if you oppose illegal immigration. But today I learned from a thoughtful senior legislator that some people in the State House were deeply hurt and angered by the column. Here’s the back story of which I was unaware: antisemitic Internet trolls love to foolishly point at Soros as living proof that Jewish globalist Illuminati do indeed exist.

And that’s why my writing about Soros the pot legalization financier is considered by some to perpetuate a truly vile, evil trope, the kind of Big Lie that enabled the Holocaust.

To which I say:

First: I apologize for unknowingly causing anyone any emotional pain. Religious hatred should be an oxymoron. My Eternal Life Coach is a Jewish carpenter. He is Love for all peoples, and especially so for His Chosen People. Antisemitism is demonic, incorrect and just plain wrong. I’m thankful this concern was brought to my attention.

Second: the next time I write about how George Soros, human being, recklessly supports commercial cannabis and its toxic impact on the people of Vermont, I will be sure to qualify it has nothing to do with his religion.

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  1. Mr. Page, I hope your apology was meant a bit wryly. Criticizing a person doesn’t mean that one is biased against their race.
    I just spoke to a woman who was called racist for asking an innocuous question of the BLM in Newport. I won’t mention names, but you might be acquainted with her.

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