Bill creating racial statistics bureaucracy goes to House floor

By Guy Page

A bill creating a Division of Racial Statistics has been approved by House Judiciary and now goes to the full House of Representatives. 

According to the bill’s explanation of purpose, H546 would “collect and analyze data relating to racial disparities with the intent to center racial equity throughout these efforts. The purpose of the Division is to create, promote, and advance a system and structure that provides access to appropriate data and information, ensuring that privacy interests are protected and principles of transparency and accountability are clearly expressed. The data are to be used to inform policy decisions that work toward the amelioration of racial disparities across various systems of State government.”

The bill allocates $363,000 from the General Fund to the Office of Racial Equity for the Division of Racial Justice Statistics. $3,360 from the General Fund to the Office of Racial Equity for per diem compensation and reimbursement of expenses for members of the Racial Justice Statistics Advisory Council, and $520,300 from the General Fund to the Agency of Digital Services to assist and support the Division of Racial Justice Statistics in the Office of Racial Equity.

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  1. The old time Democrats were firm believers in the “science” of Phrenology. Nothing changes with the Democrats. Same divisiveness as 150 years ago. Martin Luther King is rolling in his grave.

  2. Great! Another well-paid level of bureaucracy in VT. Way to use our tax dollars. Again. Another of many reasons I’m becoming a Florida resident soon.

  3. always thought the idea was to not care what race someone is. government now wants to break citizens into groups and take away rights from individuals and make it policy to discriminate. government at every level always gets bigger and more onerous to taxpayer and ever more expensive for no return

  4. Here’s a statistic:
    VPR/NPR/VPBS radio has about 74 employees ( you can go count)

    Three are black
    Zero are Asian
    Zero are Latino/hispanic

    71 are white.

    Where is the EQUITY and DIVERSITY , Vietmont Progressive Radio??

  5. We thought race was just a “Social construct” IF it is then , why divide people into racial groups and skintones??

  6. Well AlrightAlrightAlright more folks out of the marketplace and indentured to a government paycheck. Any discussion of their voting involving conflict of interest is just…well insulting and off the agenda. If there is actually a RESET coming from the awakening citizens can we put this boondoggle on the REPEAL-CANCEL-DEVEST-PRIVATIZE list?..

  7. Please do not support H.546, but it’s about time that a bill has a fund site attached to fund it if it passes. Usually, the bills that make it to the chamber floor have no funding, no responsibility for anyone to enforce it and they are just feel-good bills that make the majority party able to say that they got another bill passed.
    Every bill (and I believe I heard that there were 1284 bills considered in legislature during the last biennium) should have a fund site and dollar amount and an agency mandated to enforce said bill identified in the state budget before it is considered for coming off the wall.

  8. Yet another “Office” to fund and staff. Looks like year one is just shy of a $1,000,000.00. That’d be a million dollars, increasing yearly to instruct the populace how racist we are. Vermont has the population of a medium sized city, yet some expect the services provided by government to rival all of the major cities in the US. Trying to emulate San Fransisco, New York City or LA is folly- because of population and these cities are becoming urban wastelands. The current spending rate of this legislature is ruinous to Vermont, but this group of socialist elites spends on….

  9. I totally agree with the above comment.just a make work bill.while Vermonters are struggling to pay to heat their homes this very frigid winter.DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AT ALL

  10. Just you wait for Kiah Morris to start twisting these kinds of statistics now that she’s in charge of RAD. Kiah stole $150,000 from Bennington with her salacious claims of racism. Kiah and Jane Lazorchak defrauded the state of Vermont for $25,000 to get work with the GWSA. Kiah voted to ban large magazines even though she and her husband bought several of them just before her vote. Her husband threatened several people in Bennington. Just you wait.

    • Hi Kiah!!! Hi James!!! Almost everything out of both your mouths is lies, deceit, spin and misrepresentation of the facts. You made up or distorted 99% of the story with that loser racist Max Misch but he had nothing to do with you quitting elected politics.

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