MacDonald: Biden has been funding Putin’s war machine for over a year

by Steve MacDonald, Granite Grok

No matter what Joe Biden and Democrats say about Russia and Ukraine, you should reply with this. “What did you expect after Joe spent the last year funding Putin’s War Machine?”

Steve MacDonald

Trump didn’t do that.

One of Biden’s first acts was to pull the plug on America’s energy independence. Overnight we went from supplying fuels to ourselves and western Europe and putting the pinch on Russian cash flow to paying three times as much for fossil fuels we didn’t need from them when Trump was President.

The US was beginning to supply excess natural gas to parts of Europe at lower prices, but Europe is back on Putin’s Teat and likely to stay there. Biden pulled US support for another pipeline that might have helped free our NATO Allies from Russian energy influence.

The change in fiscal fortunes is significant. Millions, perhaps billions in gas and petrodollars appeared in Putin’s hands and will continue to flow reliably thanks to the stroke of Biden’s pen and with help from Russian propaganda on top of that.

The last time they got expansionist Barry Obama (with help from VP Joe) was doing much the same thing.

Absent that kind of money, can Russia mount and sustain a serious military engagement or occupation, especially if Western allies imposed sanctions?

And can Europe even use sanctions – Putin can turn off the heat or the lights (those wind and solar farms don’t work too well without gas generator backup.

And now, thanks to Joe, we don’t have the extra to sell them as the push has become an invasion.

And while Biden is likely compromised in other ways by both Ukraine and Russia, the irony of it all is this. Sleepy Joe claims he canceled pipelines and fracking in the US for the good of the planet. To save it, for Russia and China, I guess. Two regimes who are major polluters. Neither of which will stop production of the very thing Biden and Democrats claim is killing the planet.

They’ll do the opposite.

Using their Climate math, Biden and Democrats have endangered the West and the planet. Excellent work, dumbasses.

America would have done it cleaner, had more cash on hand and kept Putin from accumulating a significant war chest for actual war. Actions that, just guessing, are going to significantly increase the world’s carbon footprint.

All thanks in large part to Biden and Democrat climate policy.

Between the massive cash flow and repeated blunders on the world stage, Putin is taking advantage of Biden and the Democrats’ gifts. I expect Vlad have what he wants before US November Election with barely a peep out of Joe about peace, democracy, or the environment unless it’s to kneecap America and the west yet again.

Unless it is to distract us from his other failures.

But, sure, let’s talk about collusion…

The author is a long-time New Hampshire resident, blogger, and a member of the Board of directors of The 603 Alliance. He is the Managing Editor and co-owner of, a former board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and a past contributor to the Franklin Center for Public Policy.

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  1. His (their) main objective on Jan. 20 and beyond was to erase Trump’s legacy at all cost. Orange man must disappear! Well, Joe, the cost is high now. I hope you can sleep at night. Moron.

  2. Biden is senile & incompetent. His “administration” are Marxists & Communists and are intentionally destroying the U.S. with leftist traitors in Vermont cheering this all on & ready to vote everyone back into office in November & beyond.

    You bastards: YOU have blood on YOUR hands for killing innocents in the Ukraine in exchange for “feeling oh so good” about the “environment”. Go to Hades.

    Trump 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not only has he been funding it, but as well, has been setting the political stage for Putin to feel he had little to lose by his incursion into the Ukraine…By shutting down oil and shale extraction here and giving Putin & Germany the nod on Nord-Stream 2, he’s basically guaranteed the EU’s dependence on Russian oil and gas…Biden today, begging OPEC to pump more oil…Trump would have been removed from office for any one of the poor (Or intentional, you decide) decisions made since Biden was installed as President.

  4. As the United States and Vermont in particular cave to environmentalist’s cacophony of false claims and promises, We have allowed the US to become castrated by our own energy decisions.
    After the November elections, going into heating season the utter crap coming out of the “Climate Council” and the legislature will slam the door on reasonably priced energy. The elitists and socialists promoting this scam will be somewhat unaffected, but the rest of us will be scrambling to come up with dollars for energy to heat our homes and fuel our cars to get to work- regardless of the energy source- gasoline, electricity, oil or natural gas- Adding salt to the wound, the amounts of taxes and “fees” required to fund the GWSA and all it’s intricate parts will dig deep into wallets and paychecks throughout Vermont. Politicians have promised us nothing, except higher prices.
    biden, in his incompetent hubris has added doubly to the energy problems in the US. Of note, biden has ignored an injunction by US District Judge James Cain of the Western District of Louisiana and frozen new oil and gas drilling leases. This as oil tops $100/bbl. Clearly, biden’s handlers fully intend to cause as much chaos and pain over energy as possible. I’m sure that this news is heralded as a victory for the green crowd, whom are blissfully naive and unaware of how the world works. Such is the folly of socialism, democratic or not.
    We have little chance to change these events about to occur- It is our votes that may alter the sinking ship that Vermont has become. On March 1st, all of your ballot choices matter. From School Board to Selectboard and Mayor, it’s important. And again, during primary season and the November mid-terms, if we continue to accept the same representatives, we will get the same results. As events unfold, from Ukraine to Montpelier- all will have great impact on our daily lives here in Vermont. It’s well past time to effect change.

  5. The heaviest donation to the Clinton Foundation was Ukraine. Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, & Biden all have kids making thousands in Ukraine, 10% for the Big Guy. These are the same people who impeached Trump
    Putin is definitely draining the swamp in one of the biggest money laundering centers in the world, home base for Soros whom Putin hates. 👍🏻 The world might soon be a much better place.

  6. The invasion of Ukraine did Biden a big favor. With the current chaos going on in Ukraine, no one will ever be able to really determine the extent of Biden’s crooked transactions that also involved his cocaine soaked son, Hunter. Putin knows the extent of Biden’s connections within Ukraine and has all the dirt he needs to get what he wants. Biden knows better than to cross Putin.

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