Bilger: Vermont abortions decline as more babies are being saved

by Micaiah Bilger, for

Vermont saw a drop in abortions in the past twelve months even though lawmakers passed several radical pro-abortion measures, according to new data from the state health department.

The VT Digger first reported about the preliminary data, which shows a decline in abortions among both in- and out-of-state women.

According to the Vermont Health Department, there were 925 abortions between June 24, 2022, the day Roe v. Wade was overturned, and early June 2023. In comparison, the department reported 1,033 abortions in 2021.

What’s more, nearly all of the abortions in that time period were on pregnant mothers from Vermont or neighboring pro-abortion states, the report found. In the 12 months post-Roe, there were 154 abortions on women from out-of-state, compared to 215 in 2021, the data shows.

The numbers do not match with abortion activists’ predictions. Many claimed pro-life state laws would lead to an increase in abortion traffic throughout New England.

Micaiah Bilger

According to the VT Digger, a few women did come to Vermont from pro-life states for abortions, but most were from neighboring New Hampshire where abortions also are legal.

The decline happened despite pro-abortion legislation passing in Vermont, too. In November, the state added a constitutional amendment that creates a “right” to abort unborn babies for basically any reason up to birth.

Despite abortion activists’ efforts, the data from Vermont other states indicates that pro-life laws are saving lives.

In Iowa, for example, a new report from the pro-abortion Society of Family Planning shows an average of 48 fewer abortions per month from April 2022 to December 2022, according to Axios.

Iowa is trying to protect unborn babies from abortion, but it has not been able to enforce an abortion ban thus far due to a legal challenge. Still, its abortion numbers are down.

Meanwhile, another new study by Johns Hopkins found that nearly 10,000 more babies were born in Texas after its heartbeat law went into effect in 2021.

In other states where elective abortions are banned or strictly limited, tens of thousands more babies have been saved in the past year. Estimates vary, but the Society of Family Planning reports abortions dropped by about 24,000 after the Supreme Court ruled on Dobbs.

Currently, 15 states protect unborn babies from abortion, and other states like Iowa, Florida and Ohio have been fighting in court to do the same.

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  1. A state that wanted an “increase in abortion traffic”. Remember the days when they wanted an increase in tourist traffic to aid in revenue? Nah…..let’s kill babies instead.

    And people think there is no such thing as Satan and his minions? Think again.

  2. I truly hope that this article is legitimate and this trend continues to grow. It gives me hope for the country at least in this topic. Being suspicious of news articles, looking it up, it seems to be. Humanity should not kill humanity just to rid themselves of resposibility!

  3. As in all things, there should be a healthy dose of skepticism regarding all claims.
    Neither the article above, nor the sources referenced, tell us what the abortions are that are being reported. Do the numbers include spontaneous abortions? Do the numbers reflect the growing percentage of at home medically induced abortions?

    • Spontaneous abortions are not covered, to my knowledge they have never been. The numbers provided are from the the VT DOH so they should be accurate.

  4. It still means that we lose 2.5-2.8 kids a day… yes a day. Feel proud people? Abortion is a sick way to not be pregnant. I have to wonder how many were from rape or insect, probably none. How many were repeat business. I don’t want that number.
    Another question I have is how many are born that are from the US, you know natural citizens and how much has it NOT contributed to an increase of our population over and above the illegals they have brought in that get more of the slim resources we have here in VT than it’s own citizens. Those are the numbers that mean something, that we are NOT all about abortion.
    How about how many are FROM that stacks of illegals that have shown up? Probably none, as most are not from places that worship Moloch and sacrifice children and drink adrenochrome, like here. Oops I said that out loud.

  5. I would approach using that figure from Texas in 2021 with caution without considering other factors- that state has never seen Biden administration’s version of “Border Control” until then.
    -And despite what some may think of Mexican and Central American dedication to family and religion, Border Patrol regularly finds unaccompanied children carrying morning after pills. I’ll let you figure out why yourselves.

    • Jean, It is real simple. It is called RAPE!. You see the Dems and their kind have no morals, no shame and if you did some homework you would find that they got the pills from the same place they got the maps and food and gift cards. The youths are also accompanied by what looks to be Army ready males who do not “own ” the children ( you know not the father). You need to do more looking into child trafficking’s and what some of the girls, usually the early teen and yes, definitely, pre pubescent have faced. If you don’t believe me or movies like Sound of Freedom, then shame on you because it is out there and waving its little hands all over the world now. Bet ya never heard of D.U.M.B.S. either. You have so much to learn. So Sad.

    • @Jean. The U.S. is known world wide as the human trafficking HUB on this globe. Try watching “Sound of Freedom”. Children are being sent through this country to be delivered to people who want them for sex, torture and food. That’s the truth that I know your mind will not accept. THAT denial is why this is happening. Denial does not make it go away. It feeds it. It truly hurts my heart when a fellow woman blames the victims. Or believes anything but the inconvenient truth. Shame on you.

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