‘Big tent’ philosophy rules in GOP platform vote Saturday

GOP U.S. Senate candidates Gerald Malloy (left) of Perkinsville and Christina Nolan (right) of Westford chat at the Vermont State GOP meeting Saturday in South Burlington. Page photos

by Guy Page

Vermont GOP State Committee won’t require tighter adherence to the party platform, voters decided 48-24 Saturday at the quarter meeting held Saturday in South Burlington. 

The vote was prompted by a proposed rule change by Jim Sexton of Essex Junction. Concerned that statewide candidates (including Gov. Phil Scott) have not always voted or implemented policies conforming to the party platform on free speech, gun rights, property rights, and the sanctity of life, Sexton requested a rule change allowing discipline of candidates who veer from the platform. 

Jim Sexton of Essex Junction urges GOP state committee voters to adopt a rule requiring candidates to follow the state committee issues platform. Behind him are supporters of the rule change. After lively discussion, the measure failed by a 48-24 vote.

Speaking to the crowd with about 20 supporters behind him, Sexton declared that “we’re not compromising anymore.” He’s heard from many Vermonters who say they can no longer support the party because of these defections from the party platform, he said. 

Former GOP Chair Deb Billado thanks present chair Paul Dame for the gift of an engraved gavel.

In response, Rules Committee Chair Tom Koch and other committee members argued that threatening to discipline candidates will only discourage people from coming to run for office. The party needs a big tent approach, not more restrictions, Koch said. Also speaking in favor of Koch’s position were Sen. Joe Benning (Caledonia), Rep. Casey Toof (St. Albans), and former Rep Janssen Wilhoit (St. Johnsbury). 

Attendees also learned there will be a Republican primary for the U.S. Congress seat. Two-time candidate Anya Tynio of Island Pond announced she will seek election again, joining Ericka Redic as the two candidates (so far) to announce the intent to replace Rep. Peter Welch, who is running for the U.S. Senate. 

Independent Senate candidate Mark Coester

Attendees also had the opportunity to meet Senate candidates Christina Nolan of Westford and Gerald Malloy of Perkinsville. Malloy is a retired U.S. Army officer and federal worker. Nolan is the former U.S. Attorney appointed by President Donald Trump. They also heard from independent Senate candidate Mark Coester, who is a member of the Westminster GOP committee. 

“We need a party full of leaders who want to do the work,” Dame told the crowd of an estimated 100 people present at a Williston Road restaurant. “There is no cavalry coming. We are our own cavalry.” In agreement with his sentiment, town and county committees are busy recruiting candidates and updating phone and mailing lists.

For example, the Washington County GOP will hold a work session Thursday, March 31 in Berlin from 6-8 pm. For more information contact Maggie Kerrin at washingtoncountyvtgop@gmail.com.

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  1. Wow, how cool is it to have more than one (or none) Republican candidate to choose from ? Good luck to all ! I think I’m going to need to do my homework this time !

  2. Why bother having a platform if your candidate doesn’t have to follow it? Appears to be a party endorsed bait and switch. The Uniparty lives! They really are as stupid and corrupted as they sound. Worst of all, they think we are all stupid and inept. This State is doomed.

    • And they even announce to the world that they are voting for the other party’s leader and their platform!

      When you are scoring goals and wins for the other team, like what???

      And that’s all cool with the VTGOP. Because the VTGOP is UNIPARTY….that’s why!

      Crazy times when ever leader is shilliing for the corporations and the NWO/Build Back Better, sell our country to the globalists. And they wonder why NOBODY supports them to any degree.

  3. Vermont is run by the Uni-Party, the Marxist Cabal. What will happen to Vermont in the near future?

    Do the research, connect the dots.

    The Truth is coming out.

    Liberty is from God not man.

  4. Anyone but welch, mollie gray or any of the fringe alt left marxist identity candidates PLEASE!! We pay enough for gas and heating now.

  5. Well, if the party won’t enforce the party platform, my dollars for the party can stay in my pocket. Guess I’ll need it for the hike in gas anyway. When things change, I’ll open my wallet, but not until. Sick of the fence riders.

  6. rino’s are no longer an endangered species in Vermont. They are overpopulating our state house.

    From those within the VTGOP

    “All hands-on deck to save our Democracy they shout!”

    “15 days to stop the spread”

    “I’m voting for Biden”

    “I’m going to shut your business down if you don’t where a mask”

    “I’m not going to challenge the eligibility of my competition (Molly Gray)”

    “Let’s go Brandon” = Shopping and Dining in Brandon Vermont

    “We don’t need ethics reform”

    “We don’t need better control of elections and fraud control”

    “We aren’t saying anything about rampant censorship across our state on pretty much all the platforms……”

    When the Church of England, The Church of Rome were totally corrupt, people left and did their own thing.

    When England totally took money from the people without representation,,,,,(sound familiar) the people did their own thing.

    The Uniparty is completely corrupted. The VTDEMs are completely owned by the NWO pimps.

    And apparently 2/3 of the VT GOP is Uniparty too!

    Can you see why they want a democracy? They can rule by mob rule instead of the rule of law.

    If there is ever, ever going to be any change, somebody has to leave the tent.

  7. There is absolutely no basis for labeling Ms. Nolan a RINO and I wish her the flexibility to run her campaign as she sees fit. We have to embrace the sad reality that we in Vermont are 60 years into the post-Phil Hoff, hippie migration transformation. It’s not pretty what has become of this once-great, conservative State of Vermont but we venture further into la-la land if we embrace the fantasy that we can somehow elect a Ron DeSantis-type Senator now. The VTGOP must take full advantage of the growing number of “moderate” voters being outraged by additional gun restrictions, fringe sexuality and anti-white hatred promoted in public schools, police defunding, out-of-control education spending and public-sector unions driving the high cost of living in Vermont. These are bread and butter issues with broad appeal but due to the propaganda of pop culture and the liberal media, many of these folks are driven off by MAGA hats and Let’s Go Brandon. Appealing to the centrist voter is the last hope for the VTGOP to have any relevance and appeal into the future, and the time is ripe to cultivate that interest. The truth is not always easy to accept, but if we dont, freedom-minded Vermonters will be permanently relegated to the proverbial woodshed. If the choice is between a possible RINO and the old, white, male, virtue-signaling, liberal ambulance chaser from Springfield Massachusetts, who got his formative legal education at the hotbed of American marxism, UC Berkeley, it’s an easy decision. I have already made a contribution to her campaign and foresee additional checks being written.

  8. Why should voters vote for for a party where the candidates can choose to follow the party platform or not. I was super disappointed when my Republican House Rep voted for Prop 5… Won’t put that sign in my yard any longer.

  9. The only person who always agrees with you is yourself. Get over it- there will never be a candidate that adheres to a platform 100% of the time. As long as we insist that GOP candidates are 100% “certified” we will continue to be led by progressives. Evaluate the candidates, do you agree with them more than 50% of the time? Then look at who they are running against and see if you agree with them more than 10% of the time. How often do you agree with Welch?, or Sanders?, or Balint? or Zuckerman? or Mollie? The Dems/Progs love it when the GOP puts restrictions around their candidates so only 15% of the “diehard” voters even attempt to vote.
    I applaud to VTGOP for voting for a “bigger” tent.

  10. The comment from Melissa is one I have heard many times from people all over the State. Many of them have said they won’t support the VT GOP because it doesn’t represent them any more.
    The comment from dragon lady is another I have heard many times.
    The comment from richlachapelle is one that I almost never hear. Actually I have only heard talk about the Republican Party becoming ” moderate ” from some of the GOP committee members.

    The Republican Party of VT is going to have make some decisions. One of them is at what point do the Platform Rules apply ?
    Some of the greatest differences in the Republican and Democrat parties are Pro Choice – Pro Life
    and the Constitution.
    All I want is for Elected Republicans and candidates are to follow the Platform Rules as written, specifically when the language is clear.
    IE : The Republican platform recognizes the Sanctity of life from the moment of conception to natural death.
    Also, The Right to keep and bear arms as articulated in the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution.
    The Party must find a way to remove those who have betrayed the Republican and Conservative Vermonters.
    That way is to follow the party rules, or run as a Democrat.

  11. Amen Jim – all I want is a representative who “complies” with the law of the land (the Constitution) and upholds the oath they swear to uphold. What we have now is no represenation, two-tiered justice, and runaway corruption at the lowest and highest levels. At this juncture, I lay it in God’s hands and from what I see unfolding here and every where….He is going to take them out and protect His children. Our role is to keep our eyes on Him and shine the light of Truth directly on them.

  12. I like Anyo Tynio, US CONGRESS & GOING TO VOTE FOR HER as her ancestry’s come from UKRAINE DISLIKED Russia, COMMUNIST COUNTRY OF STRENGTH, too.

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