Big Newport employer to close facility, hopes to employ most workers remotely

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By Guy Page

A large call-center employer in Newport will close its building soon. The company hopes to keep as many employees as possible working remotely, a development official said today.

The RDI Marketing facility will be closing August 13. Employees with the internet capacity to work from home will be encouraged to do so, Northeastern Vermont Development Association Executive Director told Vermont Daily Chronicle today.

Sen. Russ Ingalls, a businessman and first-term state senator representing Essex-Orleans County, said today RDI, a telemarketing company, told a spokesman for the landlord that “they are leaving because they can’t hire anyone, no-one wants to work, they can’t get anyone to come back to work….and [relatively few] employees have reliable enough internet to work from home.” Snedeker confirmed the building will close soon, but said the company and the State of Vermont hope to retain most of the employees with a remote-working plan. The company hopes to find workspace for the employees without adequate internet connections.

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The website lists RDI jobs as “low-paying.” Efforts to reach RDI, both at its Newport location and its corporate office in Ohio, were unsuccessful. The federal government’s $300/week unemployment pay for workers laid off during the pandemic expires September 4. The State of Vermont pays additional employment benefits to those who qualify.

Ingalls said he has been in contact with state officials over the weekend about the emerging closure of the facility. Based on comments from his source, he expressed concern about the viability of the jobs when the facility closes.

RDI was honored with a state award in 2017 for it record of hiring of people with disabilities, according to a Newport Dispatch news story.

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  1. Well, people are not stupid! How many of you would travel to work, perhaps need a sitter or be home when the kids get out of school, free to visit family and friends, take a holiday or day off whenever, take care of your home and garden, wear whatever clothes you want, perhaps sleep in? All that and end up with more money from the State and Federal Governments, with no expense going to a job? The Democrats don’t see any advantage to that: don’t work, but get as much or more by not working!

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