Biden ships “strategic reserve” oil overseas

Reserve lowest since 1986 as oil flows to Europe, Asia

Breaking: British PM Boris Johnson steps down after scandals prompt a wave of resignations | 7 July 2022 | Scandal-ridden British Prime Minister Boris Johnson capitulated to mounting pressure to step down Thursday, announcing his decision after days of high-profile government resignations and calls from fellow Conservative Party members to quit. “In the past few weeks, I have been trying to convince my colleagues it would be eccentric to change governments when we have achieved so much,” he said in his speech outside No. 10 Downing St. amid loud booing from the crowd nearby. “I regret not to be successful in those arguments and, of course, it’s painful not to be able to see through those projects myself.” Johnson also said he planned to remain as prime minister until a successor is chosen — a move that may face opposition from others in an increasingly hostile Parliament.

Pfizer Ordered By Uruguayan Judge to Report Composition of Covid-19 Vaccines, Including Any Presence of ‘Graphene Oxide’ or ‘Nanotechnological Elements’ | 4 July 2022 | According to a recent ruling by an Uruguayan judge, the government and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer must provide all the information they have on the COVID vaccine’s biochemical composition, including any evidence of “graphene oxide” or “nanotechnological elements” as well as proof of the vaccine’s efficacy and safety. Administrative Litigation Court (TCA) Judge Alejandro Recarey made the order in response to a request to suspend the immunization of children from five years of age in Uruguay. According to the court order released on Saturday, Judge Alejandro Recarey ordered the Presidency, the Ministry of Public Health, the State Health Services Administration (ASSE), and Pfizer to present all the information on Covid-19 vaccines within 48 hours, El Observador reported.

More Than 82 Million Doses of COVID-19 Shots Discarded in U.S. Due to Low Demand –The two states that discarded the most doses of COVID shots were Oklahoma and Alaska. | 4 July 2022 | The U.S. Centers for Control and Disease Prevention (CDC) said that pharmacies, state health authorities and federal agencies in the United States discarded 82.1 million doses of COVID-19 shots between December 2020 and May 2022. The discarded doses equate to over 11 percent of the COVID vaccine doses the U.S. government distributed across the country… The demand for COVID shots in the U.S. has decreased, which is another reason contributing to wastage of so many doses.

Joe Biden has allowed FIVE MILLION barrels of oil from US national supply to be shipped abroad after claiming they’d be released to help lower soaring gas prices –Joe Biden on April 21 announced the largest-ever release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves, in a bid to reduce soaring energy costs –In June, more than five million barrels were exported to Europe and Asia, despite the record price highs in the United States —Cargos of oil were also sent to the Netherlands, India and China and more will leave Louisiana in July | 5 July 2022 | Joe Biden has shipped five million barrels from the United States’ Strategic Oil Reserve abroad, after claiming that releasing them would help ease Americans’ pain at the pumps. The president faces accusations of a sneaky sleight of hand as it was revealed that between a fifth and a sixth of the reserve oil he bragged about releasing to boost supply made its way offshore to Europe and Asia in June. Biden authorized the release of a million barrels a day from April onwards. But his action has done little to combat soaring gas prices, with the national average sitting at 4.74 as of Tuesday – still far above the 2.28-a-gallon average from just before he took office… While the flow is draining the SPR, which last month fell to the lowest level since 1986, a significant percentage is flowing abroad.Your Great Reset preview: 

German Housing Group Begins to Throttle Tenants’ Heating at Night to Save Gas | 7 July 2022 | Just as former President Trump warned, Germany has placed too much reliance on Russian gas, and now its residents will pay the prices as hundreds of thousands of Germans will be unable to adequately heat their homes this winter. On Thursday, in response to Gazprom’s supply cutbacks, Germany’s housing and real estate association called for the minimum temperature for homes to be considerably reduced to a maximum of 64 degrees in case there is another drop in Russian gas supplies. The proposal was backed by Klaus Müller, the president of the Federal Network Agency in charge of the country’s gas supply. Landlords in Germany had been required to guarantee a minimum temperature of 72 degrees in apartments they rent out during the winter.

EU parliament backs labelling gas and nuclear investments as green | 6 July 2022 | The European Parliament on Wednesday backed EU rules labelling investments in gas and nuclear power plants as climate-friendly, throwing out an attempt to block the law that has exposed deep rifts between countries over how to fight climate change. The vote paves the way for the European Union proposal to pass into law, unless 20 of the bloc’s 27 member states decide to oppose the move, which is seen as very unlikely. The new rules will add gas and nuclear power plants to the EU “taxonomy” rulebook from 2023, enabling investors to label and market investments in them as green.

Zelensky’s court bans another Ukrainian opposition party –A court has banned two more parties, including the communists, bringing the total number of outlawed political groups to 15 | 5 July 2022 | A Ukrainian court on Tuesday banned the country’s Communist Party (CPU), marking the end of an eight-year saga, and adding the communists to the blacklist of 15 allegedly ‘pro-Russian’ political movements that are outlawed in Ukraine. The Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal in the western city of Lviv announced “the activities of the Communist Party of Ukraine are prohibited.” “Funds and other assets” of the party will be nationalized.

Ukrainian shelling kills ten-year-old girl –The child was torn apart by a shell that hit a residential district in Donetsk, the devastated family told journalists | 5 July 202 | A 10-year-old girl was sitting by a bank in front of her house in Donetsk when a shell fired by Ukrainian forces landed in the middle of the street, killing her. The child was torn apart by shrapnel, the grieving family told RT’s Ruptly video news agency. “My granddaughter has been blown into three pieces,” the girl’s grandfather told journalists. “Look there, there is blood everywhere,” he said, pointing to the metallic gates leading to the yard of his house… Ukrainian forces were shelling different parts of the capital of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) on Tuesday, the city’s mayor, Aleksey Kuzmin, said in a Telegram post. Several people received shrapnel wounds, Kuzmin said, as he confirmed the girl’s death as well.

Boris Johnson’s resignation: Nigel Farage says PM ‘elected as a conservative but governed as a liberal’ –Johnson reportedly met with the Queen before the announcement on Thursday | 7 July 2022 | Former Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage argued Boris Johnson’s resignation as British prime minister will spur a “battle for the soul of conservatism” in the United Kingdom. Johnson joined Fox & Friends First to discuss the announcement and what his resignation means for U.K. politics moving forward. NIGEL FARAGE: I think what’s going to happen now is there’s going to be a battle for the soul of conservatism in this country, and I’ll tell you why. Johnson was elected as a conservative but governed as a liberal. Massive commitments to net zero, raising taxes, increasing the size of the state… To many traditional conservatives, he was unrecognizable as a conservative, and so now he will have that wing of the conservative party who were effectively,… middle of the road Social Democrats against more traditional conservatives, and that’s what the battle is going to be. I just don’t know. All I do know is if I look across the Western world, whether it’s America, Britain, Australia, wherever we go, when conservative parties stop being conservative, guess what? They lose elections. So I think this is a big moment for British conservatism. There’s going to be a furious battle of ideas over the next few months.

Texas border county officials declare ‘invasion’ –“The federal government is not going to do it,” Uvalde’s mayor said. | 5 July 2022 | Officials from Texas border counties on Tuesday declared an “invasion” at the Southern Border in an effort to bring attention to the issue and urge Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to make a similar declaration. Judges, mayors, and county leaders from four counties – Goliad, Uvalde, Kinney, and Terrell – three of which border Mexico, held a press conference featuring national figures in Brackettville, Texas. “This is the first time in American history, today, that…a judge has found as a matter of law that the United States is being invaded,” former Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli said. Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy asserted that the governor and the state attorney general need to declare an invasion. Roy listed problems at the border and said, “You’re d-mn right that’s an invasion. What else do you call it?”

Potential Richmond July 4 mass shooters charged as noncitizens in possession of firearm, police say–One of the suspects in thwarted Richmond mass shooting had previously been deported | 6 July 2022 | Two illegal immigrants were arrested in a mass shooting plot at the Richmond, Virginia, July Fourth celebration. “A hero citizen picked up the phone and overheard a conversation there was a mass shooting being planned here in the city of Richmond, Virginia,” Richmond Chief of Police Gerald Smith said Wednesday. Two illegal immigrants, 52-year-old Julio Alvarado-Dubon and 38-year-old Rolman Balacarcel, were arrested and charged with being a non-U.S. citizens in possession of a gun after police uncovered a plot that the duo planned a mass shooting at Richmond’s July 4 celebration Monday.

Independence Day shooter escaped in drag – police –The man who shot up a Fourth of July parade disguised himself in women’s clothing as he escaped, police say | 5 July 2022 | The 21-year-old man who opened fire on a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, killing seven and injuring 30 more, managed to escape by disguising himself in women’s clothing, police have revealed. “[Suspect Robert ‘Bobby’] Crimo was dressed in women’s clothing and investigators do believe he did this to conceal his facial tattoos and his identity,” Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesman Christopher Covelli told reporters on Tuesday. Crimo allegedly used a ladder to climb onto a roof along the parade route and squeezed off 70 rounds into the crowd marching down the street before discarding the gun atop the building in order to avoid suspicion, according to authorities. His disguise, captured on video camera, may have included a wig, according to Covelli.

Eric Adams aide mugged at gunpoint told crooks: ‘You don’t want to do this. I work for the mayor’ | 5 July 2022 | Amid rising crime in the Big Apple, one of Mayor Eric Adams’s aides was mugged in broad daylight Tuesday while scouting a location in Brooklyn for a planned visit by Hizzoner, law-enforcement sources told The Post. The brazen caper took place even though the victim, a civilian member of Adams’s advance team, cautioned that he was a well-connected City Hall employee, a high-ranking police source said. “You don’t want to do this. I work for the mayor,” he told the two crooks. But in a show of utter contempt, they ignored the warning, with one man lifting his shirt to display the butt of a pistol tucked into his pants, the source said.

Two officers shot after ‘security incident’ in Philadelphia | 4 July 2022 | Two Philadelphia police officers were shot near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway as thousands of people celebrated a Fourth of July concert and fireworks show, local officials and media said. “There is a security incident on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway,” emergency authorities said, referring to the shooting. Both officers were in stable condition, CBS3 Philadelphia said, citing the police department. Police were searching for the shooter.

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  1. If the “law” of supply and demand is operating and the price of fuel is exorbitant, why aren’t we seeing shortages?

  2. Each of these news items is directly attributable to the “Liberal World Order”
    One might accuse the Publisher of cherry picking these news items, but these are literally
    “ripped from the headlines”
    Excellent Job, Mr. Publisher! You’ve highlighted exactly what we can expect from this liberal world order-
    Disorder and Chaos, but no mean tweets.

  3. This is our oil that Biden is shipping to China to enrich them not to help us with cheaper heating fuel and gas!!!! A National Security Threat to our way of life. This is the Biden administration gaslighting America…….an impeachable offense!!!!! Mary

  4. It goes to demonstrate that one Political Party with a mission is to destroy the country can do so until the voters are called back at election every two years. The southern border invasion and depleting our petroleum reserves to send fuel to our adversary China, while Americans suffer, are two impeachable offenses. President Trump was impeached twice for a phone call and some other nonsense, but this is real harm to our country. This proves that the democratic party protects itself while allowing its leaders to destroy America. The democratically controlled congress has violated the constitution’s first obligation to protect the nation.