Balint wants ‘climate emergency’ mental health, addiction treatment $$

Rep. Becca Balint (D-VT) and a representative from Hawaii have co-sponsored a bill allowing FEMA to spend emergency money on mental health and drug addiction treatment. “Following a summer of climate emergencies across the country, including in Vermont and Hawaii, Americans are suffering the cost. While the physical damage is clear, disaster-stricken communities need resources to cope with the mental and emotional damage they endure,” Balint said in a release yesterday. 

Current Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grants are authorized to provide professional counseling services to victims of major disasters.The proposed Addressing Addiction After Disasters (AAAD) Act also allows FEMA to provide services for substance use disorder and alcohol use disorder.

“States like Vermont and Hawaii are on the frontlines of the climate crisis. In the aftermath of disasters when stress and emotions run high, it’s important we show up to support our communities with the resources they need,” said Balint.

At last! Montpelier City Hall can accept your payments in person, again – Montpelier residents anxious to pay their tax, etc. bills in person can breathe a sigh of relief – the City of Montpelier Finance Department has reopened.

After two post-flood months in their temporary location at the Montpelier Senior Activity Center, the City of Montpelier Finance Department will be relocating back to City Hall. 

Beginning Friday, September 22, all payments can be made at the Clerk’s Office in City Hall located at 39 Main Street. 

“We’ve got a long way to go to rebuild, but we’re happy to be back in our City Hall space again,” said Finance Director Sarah LaCroix. “We’re so thankful for our community’s ability to adapt and be flexible while we move workspaces,” She said. 

Access to the building is limited to the front doors only.

Blanchard Block businesses re-open in Montpelier – In happier re-opening news, most of the first-floor businesses in the Blanchard Block on State Street, including Bear Pond Books and Zutano, have reopened for business. The Blanchard Block is located on the east side of the Main Street, between the State/Main intersection and the fire department. 

Most of the businesses on the other side of Main Street, and most on both sides of State Street, remain closed. The Kellogg-Hubbard Library is anticipating reopening by mid-to-late October, after the installation of a new sprinkler system. 

State increases business flood damage $$ from 20% to 30% – State of Vermont Business Emergency Gas Assistance Program (BEGAP) awards are increasing effective Thursday, Sept. 21 to get more money to flood damaged organizations, and the change is retroactive.

Until now, organizations that suffered less than $1,000,000 in physical damage were eligible for BEGAP grants equaling 20% of net uncovered damages (damages less insurance proceeds, donations, or other grants), with a maximum payout of $20,000. The new formula gets rid of that $20,000 cap and increases payouts to 30% of net uncovered damages, and the change applies to all BEGAP grantees – past, present, and future. 

Clean Heat Standard advisory group members sought – The Vermont Public Utility Commission is seeking applications for membership on advisory groups to inform the design of Vermont’s potential Clean Heat Standard program, created by  Act 18 (the Affordable Heat Act), the Commission will appoint these members of the public and representatives of various organizations to serve on either the Technical Advisory Group or the Equity Advisory Group. Letters of interest should be sent via email to

Big Wind developer backs off East Coast projects – As published on Stephen Heins’ Substack page: “Danish renewables company Ørsted is known as an offshore wind pioneer, and it has more installed generating capacity in the segment than any other company in the world. It has an ambitious project pipeline in the United States, where it hopes to install gigawatts of capacity off New Jersey and New York. But as inflation and interest rate hikes bite into its projected margins, it has warned that it may have to delay or walk away from some of these multibillion-dollar projects – and judging by its recent announcements, some of its capital will be going into onshore solar instead.”

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  1. Climate crisis? How about closing the southern border where tons of illegal drugs are pouring into the United States and killing Americans by the thousands. Step up Joe Biden and do your job

  2. Balint, as usual, is more than willing to take and use our tax dollars to take control of everyone by offering “help” in the name of “climate change”. Thanks but no thanks, Balint.

    Boycott the Clean Heat Standard advisory group. Its just another “control the people” mechanism.

  3. What climate emergency?? The climate has been changing for Hundreds of thousands years and amount of money can change that. The sun is slowly growing in size drawing the earth closer over time and there is no amount of that fix that!

  4. Ms. Balint has no concern for the citizens of Vermont and thus has violated both her oath to represent all of us and the uphold the constitution.

  5. Again, out of touch with the real issues and reality. Throwing money at “ choices” not disaster! Big mistake VT. voting her into Congress!

  6. Who ( WEF ) Globalists create Climate Alarmism.
    Evidence has been Gathered for 50 years .

    Becca Blaint is a liar .
    Learn the Truth for yourself.
    Video Below of Real Science

    This is Very good .

    Documentary from some time ago .

    May be worth your Time ,

    Thanks Pastor Ed .

    Video was inside his link

  7. Everyday citizens need to apply to be on the board, to represent all citizens. A chance to have your voice heard.

  8. What did we expect? We’ve elected someone who is committed to the vision that the government needs to administer the lives of the citizenry. Perusing happiness can’t be left to the unenlightened. It’s the responsibility of the elect to take care of us. Hold still…this won’t hurt…it’s good for you. When will this warm, cared for, fuzzy, secure feeling they are trying to create finally creep us out enough to ignite revolt? When will we elect folks us with restraint and repeal as their approach to representation?

    • As long as we are a nation that takes its marching orders from TV and the internet, it will continue.

  9. Becca Balint, just another black eye for Vermont, but what did
    anyone expect…………………………..she’s just a puppet.

    I can’t wait for reelection to come around, by then Vermont will see
    what she’s all about !!

    Wake up people.

  10. The Maui fires were human caused all right, but not by carbon
    Deluded Balint is shameless.

  11. “States like Vermont and Hawaii are on the frontlines of the climate crisis. In the aftermath of disasters when stress and emotions run high, it’s important we show up to support our communities with the resources they need,” said Balint.

    Was Vermont flooding done by DEWs too?

  12. Balint is a useless peice of skin period!!
    Wake up Vermonters wake up! Are you awake yet people 👀👀??

  13. Human caused fires and human caused disaster handling.
    Building in a flood zone.

    How is this a climate crisis?

    Representatives shouldn’t be allowed to spew these lies without question.

    Oh, and how quickly we forget that she was bought by one person to the tune of a million dollars from corrupt sources no less. Vermont representatives can be bought for a million dollars, why isn’t this the lead description of her on every news article?

    Nothing to see here, move along, just believe everything they tell you.

  14. The emergency is they have to funnel as much money as possible to their partners in the non-profiteer sectors – the non-profits shave off 65% of federal money for “operations” and “administrative” costs. Playbook known and Maui is exposing the nefarious evil going on in the disaster sectors. Keep eyes on where the Vermont flood money is going and to whom. Many disasters in the United States alone – that’s a lot of “emergency money” going into many pockets who pretend to be helping the victims.

  15. The juxtaposition of headlines is interesting.

    Balint wants ‘climate emergency’ mental health, addiction treatment $$
    … for the resulting Trump Derangement Syndrome??

    At last! Montpelier City Hall can accept your payments in person, again
    …so, they can continue to steal your money.

    In happier re-opening news ,… Blanchard Block businesses re-open in Montpelier
    … forget about most of the other businesses on both sides of State Street that remain closed.

    State increases business flood damage $$ from 20% to 30%
    … and the change applies to all State of Vermont Business Emergency Gas Assistance Program (BEGAP) awards – “past, present, and future”… for ever and ever.

    Clean Heat Standard advisory group members sought…
    … speaking of ‘Big Wind’.

    If these issues weren’t so pathetic, they might actually make me laugh.

  16. Scammer snakeoils salewoman in the pay of the globalists.
    I wonder what she had to do to be a made/maid woman… just askin’…compromising one’s soul and making deals with the devil are so…eerrrrmmm passe these days. Politics is the playground of the he who rules the earth…

  17. As long as liberal-idiot Vermont voters continue to pick elected officials based on their advertized victimhoods, this is the kind of out-of-state garbage that will be representing us. A majority of us voters thought that a homosexual woman whose grandfather died in the Holocaust was imminently qualified and the best person to represent us…

    • Rich Lachapelle – she’s eminently qualified because of her years of service in the VT legislature – including a successful stint as president of the state senate – and she never plays the victim card, but you do

  18. Government is doing all the wrong things. Fema is a joke. We need tò shut down Government and keep it shut. She is not the solution she is the problem.

    John Lyddy