Assault sends rescue worker to hospital

Alleged serial car vandal had been released on court deal two days earlier

Sunday night, a man described in news reports as having “been charged throughout Vermont with countless acts of vandalism to motor vehicles” and assaults on police was charged with punching a female emergency worker, just two days after being released from custody after a deal was struck between a prosecutor and defense attorney.

Micael Bizuneh – police photo

State police say that Shelburne Rescue and Police were called to Harbor Place on Rte. 7 in Shelburne at 11 PM for a male in need of medical or mental health assistance. It was reported that the male had damaged property and may be injured.

Within seconds of being contacted by rescue workers, Micael Bizuneh, 34, he attacked a Shelburne Rescue member, punching her repeatedly, state police say. The rescue member was transported to UVM Medical Center by South Burlington Rescue. A Shelburne Police Officer sustained minor injury while taking the individual into custody. Both were treated and released.

Bizuneh denied any injury. Harbor Place – described in media reports as a homeless shelter – sustained a significant amount of damage to one of the rooms, state police say. Bizuneh also kicked a cruiser, causing an indentation in the door.

Bizuneh was taken into custody by Shelburne Police and transported to the North West State Correctional Facility in St. Albans and held on $500 bail on charges of Aggravated Assault on Protected Professional, Assault of a Protected Professional with Bodily Fluids, and Felony Unlawful Mischief.

Bizuneh reportedly is due for arraignment in Chittenden County criminal court today.

According to a news story by reporter Mike Donoghue in today’s Caledonian-Record, Bizuneh last week had been found not competent to stand trial in Washington County and was released on an order on non-hospitalization. He has been charged for vehicular vandalism in many communities, including 50 damaged cars in Middlebury and 42 in St. Johnsbury. Bizuneh, formerly of Hartford CT, reportedly tells authorities he hears voices, although police dispute his claim.

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  1. One voice this nutcase does NOT hear in his head is the voice of Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George warning him that he will be held accountable for his innumerable past actions involving assaults and property damage. The Champlain Housing Trust has spent a boatload of taxpayer money renovating these Shelburne properties but then uses no common sense and discretion on who will occupy them, and subsequently destroy them. The town of Shelburne just keeps putting up with this criminal nonsense and has allowed this troublesome facility to spread to both sides of Shelburne Road now, by purchasing another former motel. Most of the the citizens of Shelburne who have virtue-signaled by promoting the existence of this facility live a comfortable distance away from it and unlike the nearby businesses, residential neighbors, other Harbor Place tenants and public safety professionals have NOT had to deal with the constant plague of burglaries, car breaks and shoplifting. The failure to use better discretion on who gets to live in it’s facilities makes the Champlain Housing Trust BAD NEIGHBORS.

    • Remembering the old days of Shelburne. Mom and pop motels and great restaurants! So sad!

  2. And this is the Vermont the Democrat Party WANTS for Vermont. A FORCED “diversity” – of drug addictions & abuse, violence and hate against America. The dissolution of American culture & the celebration of extraordinarily different cultures that refuse to assimilate. And of course, the ever-popular criminals that are never prosecuted or incarcerated.

    THIS is the America Obama dreamed of when he first stated he would “fundamentally transform” the USA! THIS is the America he and all his radicalized sociopathic socialists in the Vermont legislature envisioned for this state & this nation………but of course, NOT for themselves! Martha’s Vineyard awaits……for the wealthy elitists who can afford to hide away there.

    Physicians and nurses and police are bidding adieu to Vermont. Next up will be the emergency medical responders. They don’t need this, yet we need them. Desperately. Next time you or yours require emergency care, who you gonna call – Ghost Busters??

    • And the politicians who allow this nonsense to perpetuate also are engaged in removing the options for the law-abiding citizen to protect themselves from this onslaught…

  3. Watch, by the way, as VT Digger potentially ignores or “omits” this incident from its presses. It just doesn’t FIT the NARRATIVE.

    Besides, this was likely Trump’s fault.

  4. Harbor Place used to be a motel. It was taken over by the Champlain Housing Trust (the same non-profit that runs the Burlington homeless pods.) The fatal attack recently reported in Brattleboro occured at a “year-round” homeless shelter run by a non-profit. The criminal incidents reported from the Hilltop Inn, in Berlin, VT is another “temporary shelter” the State is housing people in. The Vermont Judiciary will not and cannot do their job to protect the public. The Vermont Legislature and Scott Administration will not and cannot do their job to protect the public. The dangerous situations police and first responders find themselves in all stems from the top levels of our government. The ones who could do something about it give empty platitudes and raise our taxes. They won’t stop it because it is out of control. They rather call us racists, protect alphabet acronym sterilization and sexplotation, protect human sacrificing, and mandate carbon taxes. The non-profits are run by overpaid political hack grifters. They hire well-meaning, but unqualified, unsuspecting wokesters, who cannot manage mentally ill, drug addicted criminals and trafficked illegals. My respect and prayers for the police and first responders who have to deal with this chaos every day. Many have no clue what is really going on in our streets. Talk to a cop and they’ll tell you if they dare. All of them know they’ll be fired because the Equity (jackboot) Task Force is breathing down their necks. Our elected officials don’t care and that is more apparant each passing day.

      • That is ONLY because of TWO reasons:

        1.) The VT “GOP” does NOTHING in terms of money, outreach, publicity, etc. to educate the average citizenry – N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

        2.) The “free press” is GONE in Vermont. The Burlington Unfree Press, The Bennington Banner, The Brattleboro Reformer, VT Digger, etc. – are all political propaganda mechanisms through which the DNC operates. Just as in Communist China.

        Therefore? An ignorant & apathetic (and drugged up) embodiment of a: Body Politic.

      • I truly believe we are no longer the majority any longer,at least in the key cities in this state. Even Here in Newport Liberalism is getting a toe hold. As us old folks die and get out of the way the next generations,fresh from the public indoctrination centers will be taking our place.

  5. The problem with the Justice system and our Legislators is their over protection of the poor criminal, what can we do for them. They can’t fantom that not everyone can be helped no matter what you do! People who are habitual offenders need to be locked away from society to protect the majority, in prisons or mental institutions, unfortunately these two options have been neglected when it comes to funding in this state for many years.

  6. Of the 100 cars he’s vandalized fair chance at least 1 is owned by a very hard working, native Vermonter with a violent temper, who never attended a Black Lives Matter rally.

  7. Insurance companies will jack their premiums. Has anyone considered that insurance companies and rising costs of homes which generate a city’s tax base are the things that support these politicians? That’s besides the non-profits kicking money back to politicians. Hmmm?

  8. Quoting from the Times/Argus article:
    “Officials have said the state of Vermont doesn’t currently have the ability to meet Bizuneh’s needs, which is leading to outcomes like this.”
    After mr. bizuneh seriously injures or kills someone because of his mental illness, will the legislature find the “ability” to “meet his needs”? Or that of the many sociopaths and mentally ill that call Vermont home?
    Or, as many suspect- the legislature in it’s current “woke” form approves of the dystopian future it is legislating?

    • We have professionals that say he is faking/malingering as far as his excuse for erratic behavior and Vermont has a habitual offender statute. The only factor preventing this maggot from being justifiably locked up permanently is woke prosecutors and voters with common sense. He is just another pathetic export from the bleephole of Hartford CT.