Arrest made in connection with Leicester double shooting

One brother shot to death, another seriously injured

Zaquickon Roy, left, was arrested August 10 in connection with a Leicester fatal shooting. His associate, Kimberly Bouchard of St. Albans, was already under arrest.

by Guy Page

The man wanted in connection with the shooting that killed a Leicester man and seriously injured his brother was arrested August 10 in Lewiston, Maine.

Zaquikon Roy, 35, of Brooklyn, New York, was arrested Thursday, Aug. 10, in Lewiston, Maine, on a federal charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm, state police say. He made an initial appearance Friday in U.S. District Court in Portland, Maine, and was ordered detained pending his transfer to Vermont for further proceedings. Additional charges are possible as the investigation continues.

 Vermont State Police detectives investigating the Leicester shooting believe Roy initially fled to New York City following the June 4 shooting that killed 35-year-old Scott Lanpher and injured 31-year-old Larry Lanpher Jr. Following treatment, the surviving brother has been discharged from the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington.

Under arrest since June in connection with the shooting is Kimberly Bouchard, who police say was present during the shooting at the 1352 U.S. 7 property and his brother, court records say. Bouchard was arrested after stepping off a bus in Burlington from New York State.

Until last week, police had identified only Bouchard as a person at the scene but were looking for Roy, who court records say is a known associate of Bouchard’s. He previously was seen with Bouchard in connection with a fentanyl transaction in St. Albans, police say. Roy is also known as “Zay” and “Charlie.”

Roy’s criminal record, according to police media statements, includes:

  • An arrest after police found 27.4 grams of crack cocaine in his possession during a car search in Pittsford in June, 2017. 
  • An arrest on the New York Thruway for illegal gun possession and drug possession charges in June, 2018.
  • An arrest warrant for Roy’s arrest on cocaine distribution charges was issued in January, 2019 by the Vermont Drug Task Force. He was in prison in New York at the time. 
  • In April 2021, during the search of a vehicle in Fair Haven, the Vermont State Police found a firearm that was subsequently linked to Roy.

Both Lanphers also had several criminal arrests, police and media reports show.

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  1. Lewiston, ME & Brooklyn, NY: PERFECT TOGETHER. The fanatical push to “force” socio/economic/racial/international/cultural “diversity” in Me. has been HIGHLY successful —–

    Lewiston, ME is as much of a hole as is Brooklyn…..the only difference is that Brooklyn’s Real Estate values are much higher & Brooklyn has far superior pizza.

  2. Time to invoke our tough federal gun statutes and forget the rest of the charges. A felon in possession of a gun in front of the right judge will earn him 5 years in the federal slammer. NO MORE NEW GUN LAWS until the tough, comprehensive guns laws we already have on the books are pushed to the letter.

  3. So we have a shooting with two being shot one dead, along with drugs,
    illegal firearm possession sounds like a couple of stellar citizens ………..

    They’ll probably both walk within today’s two-tier justice system and Vermont’s
    liberal nonsense !!

    • Thank groups like “Rights & Democracy VT” run by leftist extremists and our very own LT. GOVERNOR!!!! Look them up online….they are actively seeding these losers throughout the state. Literally advertising Vermont & paying for them to come here. Add to that, the “migrants” & illegal aliens that VT drags in – without ever doing a damn thing for law-abiding native & long-term Vermonters who need a hand up. WHY? Because they’re white. And they likely aren’t DemoRATS.

  4. Another fine example of how well gun control works. The old saying, if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. We see this time and time again. The liberals continue to push so-called common sense gun control to disarm the general, law-abiding public. Those who have never committed a crime and probably never would no matter how many legally owned guns they have. And while the courts ignore state and federal gun laws, they allow these felons to roam free to prey on us. What we need is common sense judges and prosecutors who follow the sentencing laws for violent offenses and gun crimes.

    So far, every arrest for a homicide or shooting in Vermont, the perpetrator is a felon with numerous previous convictions but is not in prison and while not allowed to have firearms, they always do. Gun control does not work. People control does, put them in prison and the number of shootings and deaths by illegal guns ill drop. And why are they all here all of a sudden? The answer is, they are drug mules from the nearby cities that have been arrested, tried, convicted or plea bargained down these felons and then they have been released back to the streets. The revolving door of justice and lack of people control, the ones doing the crimes. Gun control does not work!

  5. You can possess illegal narcotics, have an unregistered firearm, sell cocaine and…..

    Wait for it……

    NOTHING HAPPENS. So then……

    Wait for it…..

    You can commit murder. And then, quite probably…….


  6. I called it.

    See comment in original article.

    Another Vermont homicide stat that should’ve been in jail on previous charges- where they would have been unable to commit homicides (at least the kind that matter).

    Thanks Prosecutors!