Associate of woman at Leicester shooting has extensive drug bust record

By Guy Page

A Brooklyn, N.Y. man with a lengthy drug crime arrest record is a known associate of convicted drug dealer Kimberly Bouchard, who is now being held in connection with the June 4 slaying of a Leicester man. 

Bouchard was present when Scott Lanpher, 35, of Leicester was gunned down at his property at 1352 U.S. 7 and his brother, Larry Lanpher, 31, was seriously wounded, court records say. Bouchard was arrested last week after stepping off a bus in Burlington from New York State. 

Police are seeking to identify the shooter in the attack on the Lanpher brothers. Video footage showed a black Nissan apparently leaving the scene of the crime shortly thereafter. 

So far, police have identified only Bouchard as a person at the scene. Police are said to be looking for an associate: Zaquickon Roy, 35, of Brooklyn. He previously was seen with Bouchard in connection with a fentanyl transaction in St. Albans. Court records describe him as a “known associate” of Bouchard. Police say Roy is also known as “Zay” and “Charlie.”

Roy’s criminal record, according to police media statements, includes:

  • An arrest after police found 27.4 grams of crack cocaine in his possession during a car search in Pittsford in June, 2017. 
  • An arrest on the New York Thruway for illegal gun possession and drug possession charges in June, 2018.
  • An arrest warrant for Roy’s arrest on cocaine distribution charges was issued in January, 2019 by the Vermont Drug Task Force. He was in prison in New York at the time. 

Both Lanphers also had several criminal arrests, police and media reports show:

Following a 2 AM April 20, 2023 crash in Leicester, Lanpher was charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Lanpher’s car collided with a truck driven by Travis Hornbeck of Shoreham, who was chasing Lanpher. Earlier, Hornbeck had accused Lanpher of owing him money. After the crash resulting in injury to Hornbeck, Lanpher fled the scene before police arrived, police say. 

April 10, 2023, Lanpher was cited for DUI-drugs, court officials say. The court affidavit said Lanpher claimed he had smoked marijuana that was laced with another substance. He failed to appear for a subsequent court appearance and a warrant had been issued for his arrest. 

June 24, 2021, Lanpher allegedly shot at a parked car in Middlebury, resulting in multiple charges. 

April, 2021 police arrested Lanpher on an active arrest warrant while he was driving on Rte. 7 in Rutland County. 

April, 2012 – police arrested Lanpher, then 24, for theft of heavy equipment and batteries from an excavating business in Salisbury. 

Larry Lanpher was cited for driving with a criminally suspended license in August, 2021. He also was taken into custody on an outstanding arrest warrant following a traffic stop by Middlebury Police on Route 7 on Aug. 3, 2022. 

Also, Larry Lanpher had a criminal court date set for Monday, June 5 – a ‘status conference’ in Addison County Superior Court on a charge of possession of 2.5 grams or more of cocaine, court officials said. 

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  1. If only we could figure out why so many violent, thieving drug dealers are moving here. It’s almost like legalizing weed, encouraging prostitution, being soft on the poor, opprassed criminals victimized by The Man, all the while being sanctimonious, gullible idiots has consequences.

    • The obvious hoops they are jumping through to avoid calling Roy the major, primary suspect that he is screams volumes. “Associate” that’s hilarious.

  2. Would like to point out to the liberals- had Roy been charged and sentenced for his firearm offense on the NY Thruway in 2018, he would have been in jail and a man still alive.
    If lives are as important as you claim, that’s the only way you will ever save any.

  3. Sometimes these stories have a happy ending…one dirtbag dead and another going on trial for the killing…either way, society benefits. If Zaquickon Roy, the missing assailant was adequately adjudicated in the federal courts for his previous offenses, he would already be in the middle of a lengthy prison term and not out raising hell.

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