Alix: Standing in the rain, RFK shares vision for a prosperous, healthy nation

by Sherry Alix

On Monday August 7, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. arrived in Lyman, NH to speak with about 150 people. 

Those of us attending walked up a long hill to reach the picturesque Mountainside Home, check in with security and make our way to a large white tent. Then came the rains. 

Mr. Kennedy was encouraged by his manager to comfortably deliver his speech from a dry area. He refused and stated, “I want to be near the people.”   

We stayed under the tent while RFK, standing in the rain, passionately shared his message and vision. To say that we were spellbound would be an understatement. We hung on his every word, we wanted more. 

He spoke about his upbringing and a lesson his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, shared with him—A Commander in Chief’s main job is to keep the nation out of war.  

He recounted how President Kennedy fought to prevent troops from deployment to places we did not belong.  He spoke about traveling with his Father, Robert Kennedy Sr., to Poland and witnessing the great love and respect that the people there and throughout the world held for America.  

He reminded us that for 40-50 years after WWII, the United States was respected worldwide. Our nation prospered, we had advanced manufacturing and our goods traveled the world. More than that though, people loved our Country for the moral decisions that our nation had made and the foundational beliefs we stood for. Many understood that the U.S. was a land destined and blessed by God, unwavering and ready to defend freedom of speech, religion and inalienable rights for all. 

He shared statistics of the great pride young Americans felt for their country back in 1985. With sadness, we learned that in recent polls, less than 45% of young people today are proud of our nation.   

RFK compassionately described the financial struggle of young Americans who cannot afford the debt of a college education as well as a home. The long desired dream of property and home ownership is out of reach for many. 

He spoke reverently of our elders and their plight. So many barely getting by on Food Stamps to begin with and then recently experiencing a significant loss in support resulting in malnutrition and increased disease.

RFK called out the injustice involving seniors lose of Medicare despite the billions of dollars sent overseas to Ukraine.  

When asked if he would support Medicare for all, his first response was,“That is complicated, and yes, however we really should not be discussing a topic that is akin to giving someone a life jacket when they are on the Titanic.”   He elaborated “My first day in office, I will walk over to the National Institute of Health and direct them to stop researching pandemics and direct them to research why we are a Nation overridden with chronic diseases, when did this start and why.”

He shed light on the year 1989 as a downward spiral in the health of Americans. Working closely with a toxicologist, he is keenly aware of the chemicals in clothing, fabrics, and furniture, the pesticides, the vaccines – all of which demand scrutiny and safety evaluation. 

His action list was extensive, his wisdom obvious and he is profoundly determined and committed to identifying reasons for the steep rises in autoimmune and chronic health conditions rampant today. 

He announced, “We have got to devote our research to what has happened in our country that we are a sick nation full of chronic diseases and neurological diseases, as well as a sudden rise in allergies, autism and asthmatic conditions.”   Clearly acknowledging that many nations are angry with America and its global policing activity, he stated , “This has to end; we must start paying attention to our own country and fixing our own problems.”

On a deeply emotional note, Mr. Kennedy spoke about a new form of coal mining in the Appalachian Mountains. Mountain tops are literally blown up.  Ecosystems, species and biological diversity suffer complete devastation.   He described his view from an airplane looking down at the absolute destruction of earth’s majestic forests. It was the size of the state of Delaware. We were speechless. 

After an hour listening to Mr. Kennedy’s mesmerizing words, he took questions. He listened intently and respectfully. His ability to remember names was astounding. He was honest and thoughtful. 

When asked by his campaign manager if he needed a break, Mr. Kennedy replied, “I don’t need a break.”   He was soaked to the bone, and his assistants handed him warm lemon tea with honey to drink and he kept sharing and teaching and answering questions. 

While tending my garden the next morning, the question came upon me,  “What is it about a Kennedy?  It is their eyes, they have beautiful eyes. When you see a Kennedy, you see vision. You see someone looking into the future, holding onto a dream and leading us down a righteous path. 

When I saw him, it was like looking into the eyes of someone on a mountain top seeing into a great expanse overflowing with beauty. He knows where we need to go. 

Kennedy was raised with love and respect of God and our great nation. He wants us to know this truth and return to it and pass it on to our children. He is offering hope and the restoration of pride in our country.  

If you are interested in following his work in representing families with children suffering from Autism, and vaccine injuries, see and for campaign information visit 

The author is a Waterford resident.

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  1. God Bless and hold and protect the man in his hands.
    He is doing His work.

  2. The man running for President who had his uncle and father assassinated can’t get Secret Service from the Biden administration.

    Watch Tucker’s interview on Twitter with RFK Jr. He tells what the Ukraine war is all about and the CIA’s involvement with JFK’s assassination.

  3. I don’t care what his promise or vision is, I would never vote for RFK Jr for 2 reasons:

    His drug addiction, from which nobody is ever “cured”.
    His brutality towards his first wife.

    Period, end of story.

  4. He’s an anti-vaxxer. He doesn’t think pandemics are a problem. He’s an America firster and to heck with the rest of the world. He wonders why we have so many chronic diseases when over 8% of our population doesn’t have medical insurance.
    He claims Chinese and Ashkenazi Jewish people are less susceptible to Covid-19. he claims Covid-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people. Kennedy Jr. blamed school shootings on drugs like the antidepressant Prozac. Kennedy Jr. said that voter fraud in the 2004 presidential election allowed former Republican President George W. Bush to steal the victory from Democrat John Kerry.

    And there’s plenty more of his stupidity out there.

    • In this day and age, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Western medicine sucks. Pandemics are made. Medical insurance ensures no cures. But its OK to remove breasts based on body chemistry genes to prevent cancer. Court discovery documents verify violent behavior from antidepressants. How ironic, John Kerry is the real fraud. Larry you are hilarious! I guess AI can have names too.

    • RFK Jr. is not an anti-vaxxer, that’s how people choose to gaslight and vilify him.
      Do some research and learn how he and his family have been vaccinated.
      RFK Jr. is for safe and effective medicines.
      RFK Jr. is aware that our Federal Regulatory Agencies have been captured by PHARMA and AG and other corporations. If you want to have blind faith and believe that vaccines and other pharmaceutical products are safe and effective and that companies like PFIZER are doing their due diligence to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products – keep your head in the sand. The manufacturers of vaccines were released of all liability several years ago, which coincided with a huge increase in the number of vaccines recommended for children and adults.
      The COVID vaccine narrative has been nothing but LIES from the very beginning, and everyone should have recognized this from the start.
      How can a medicine be deemed safe and effective, if it is a new novel medicine and the safety testing was limited to a several month study? How do you know what the effects may be 6 months later or 1 year later or 2 years? You can not possible say it is safe and effective. And as we now know, even the FDA and CDC admit, the vaccine does not stop you from getting COVID or from transmitting it to someone else.
      Safe and Effective, how many times have we heard this line. Have you heard about Risk / Benefit? What is the risk to a young adult from getting COVID, what is the Risk of getting the COVID shot to a young adult? Here is a link that provides 3500 peer reviewed reports and studies citing adverse effects post COVID vaccination.
      It would be good to have a look at some of these studies and then ponder Risk / Benefit and the false narrative that the vaccines are safe and effective.

      And if you want to believe that the COVID-19 virus came out of a wet market in China go right ahead, even though the true origins have already been completely substantiated. Maybe you want to open your parachute and read one of RFK Jr.’s books, like the Real Anthony Fauci, and do you think there is one line in the book that is false? If there was – it would not be sold anywhere – because RFK Jr would have been sued for liable by Big Pharma a thousand times over. The truth will win out, its hard waking up the sheep that have fallen prey to main stream media propaganda.
      If you can not question the science, it is not science – it is propaganda.
      If you can not question the narrative it is likely a LIE.
      My advise for everyone is don’t “blindly” trust the Narrative – do your own due diligence. Do any of our Federal Regulatory Agencies deserve our trust? No!

  5. This is how cults begin:

    “When I saw him, it was like looking into the eyes of someone on a mountain top seeing into a great expanse overflowing with beauty. He knows where we need to go.”

    “To say that we were spellbound would be an understatement. We hung on his every word, we wanted more.”

    On a different note, mountaintop removal has been going on since the 1970s. It’s horrifying, but hardly new.