Alabama man fleeing Border Patrol steals Lexus at McDonald’s

Then steals truck, leads cops on eight mile chase, police say

Willie Goodwin

On March 6, at 7 AM the Vermont State Police Derby barracks received a report from Peter Bryant that his vehicle, a 2007 Lexus ES350, had been stolen from the McDonald’s restaurant in Derby. Willie Goodwin, age 35, of Mobile AL was suspected of having stolen the vehicle after having been encountered by US Customs and Border Protection Officers.

CBP Officers found Bryant’s Lexus abandoned on the on-ramp of Interstate 91 South at Exit 28 in Derby while searching for Goodwin and the stolen Lexus. CBP officers then observed Goodwin operating a Ford F150 truck on Interstate 91 South and attempted to stop him.

Marked and unmarked vehicles from Customs and Border Patrol attempted to stop Goodwin with emergency lights and sirens. Goodwin did not comply and pull over for approximately 8 miles. Goodwin was taken into custody without incident after stopping on I-91 South near MM164 in Orleans and transferred to the custody of Vermont State Police.

While investigating the theft of the Lexus a report was received from Chris Wright that the Ford F150 Goodwin was operating had been stolen from Thompson’s Redemption in Derby shortly after the Lexus was abandoned on the on-ramp. Goodwin was transported to the Derby barracks and processed on two counts of Operating without Owners Consent for taking both Bryant’s and Wright’s vehicles without permission and Attempting to Elude Law Enforcement officers. Goodwin was held on $200 bail ordered and will be arraigned on these charges on Wednesday March 8 at 12:30PM.

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  1. Yeah, sure, he’ll be “arraigned”. And then what? Nada.

  2. Once again we see how Vermont’s tourism promotion programs are so successful in bringing folks up, even from the deep south. I hope Mr. Goodwin enjoys his stay, knowing that he will no doubt be treated so much better than if he practiced his craft in his home state. He is either a very resourceful and skillful car thief, or the lawful operators of the vehicles were woefully ignorant about leaving them running or with the keys on board.

  3. $200 bail for the crimes with which he is charged sounds low to me. Did it occur to the judge that the suspect might sacrifice his $200, go home to Alabama, and skip his court date———-or is that the result the authorities want?

  4. wait! what? Grand theft auto and the bail is set at $200? Vermont citizens still don’t understand they live in a State that practices lawlessness. Eventually, this mayhem is going to catch up with the low information voter, the apathetic citizen and Progressives who vote for this chaos based on thinking they hold some higher moral ground. It may take 2-10 years but, eventually, mayhem is going to show up in the lives of these enablers.

    • Unfortunately here in Vermont we don’t have Grand Theft Auto, rather we have operating vehicle without owners consent, a misdemeanor. So, yes you steal a car worth nearly six figures, misdemeanor or steal anything else worth over $1000 and it’s grand larceny…go figure!

  5. Easy to guess who the criminal is here, and easy to guess that his complexion will be the cause for his lack of punishment. Crime pays in democrap Vermont. The vehicle owners should have beaten the complexion out of the southern thief.