Agri-publicans announce three more candidates for statewide office, many for local races

by Guy Page

January 6, 2020 – Many new candidates for local and statewide office today officially joined gubernatorial candidate John Klar as “Agri-publicans.”

“We must pop this bloated tick on the belly of this building,” Klar said at a press conference in the Cedar Creek Room of the Vermont State House this morning announcing new candidates for local and statewide office. “Today we storm the Bastille,” he said to cheers and laughter from the assembled crowd and candidates.

Agri-publicans if elected will work to reduce taxes, strip away Act 250 regulation, reduce opiate addiction through more recovery coaching, protect pensions, support farms, and oppose carbon taxation. They are a group within the Vermont Republican Party, and are running as Republicans.

From left: Bill Huff, James Nagle, Sally Achey, Sarah Toscano, Kathy Vorce, Dave Soulia, Bob Readie, and Ericka Redic are running as Agri-publicans for the Vermont Legislature.

Statewide candidates include: retired military officer, Alice Flanders, Auditor; H Brooke Paige, Secretary of State; and Sharon inventor and businessman Dana Colson, Lt. Governor. Local candidates are: Terry Williams, Rutland Senate; Bill Huff, Orange Senate; James Nagle, Caledonia Senate; Sally Achey, Rutland-Bennington House; Sarah Toscano, Hinesburg House seat; Kathy Vorce, Rutland House; Dave Soulia, Rutland House; Bob Readie, Washington House seat; Ericka Bundy Redic, Burlington House seat. Bottom photo, Kate Bowen introduces Klar.

Flanders has worked in the Pentagon as a resource manager. Colson has degrees in engineering and business management, hold patents for welding, and operates a welding supply company. Father to a son who was murdered in 2018, he wants to promote support for law enforcement and better protections against violent crime. Paige, of Washington, has run for several statewide offices.

When asked by a reporter if he supports President Donald Trump, Klar answered, “we’re Trump-neutral. My opinion on Donald Trump is irrelevant.” Differences on Trump and hot-button social issues have divided the United States and distracted policymakers from solving real problems, but it need not be so in Vermont: “If the nation can’t do it, can we?”

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