57% of October Covid deaths “full vaccinated,” unvaxxed % unknown

by Guy Page

Here’s a roundup of several bits of as-yet-unpublished news concerning Vermont’s response to Covid-19. 

Eight of 14 October Covid-19 deaths were “fully vaccinated,” Health Department says – but number of unvaxxed deaths unspecified. For the second straight week, the Vermont Dept. of Health on Tuesday listed the number of the most recent Covid-19 fatalities without distinguishing between vaxxed and unvaxxed. 

Vermonters and many other Americans seem interested in the breakdown of vaxxed/unvaxxed Covid-19 fatalities. A September 30 news story, “76% of September Covid-19 deaths are breakthroughs,” has gone viral, receiving 500 times more views than the typical Chronicle news story. It has been referenced on InfoWars and other high-visibility news sites and podcasts showing the high percentage of breakthrough deaths in highly (89%) vaccinated Vermont. 

Health Commissioner Mark Levine was unaware of the vaxxed/unvaxxed breakdown of the 14 listed October fatalities, but promised his staff would provide that information. On October 13, DOH press spokesperson emailed the Chronicle: “As of today, eight of the last 14 deaths associated with Covid-19 were among people who were fully vaccinated.” However, of the six remaining, there was no not-fully-vaxxed/unvaxxed breakdown. The Chronicle will publish this information as it is provided. 

Three UVMMC nurses resigned due to Covid-19 vaccination and testing guidelines. In response to questioning by Vermont Daily Chronicle, University of Vermont Medical Center press spokesperson Neal Goswami said three nurses resigned “as of the beginning of the month” due to hospital vax/testing mandates. None had been terminated, he said. 

Vax not required for hospital treatment – but some testing required. Goswami also was asked about UVMMC policies for vaccination and testing of treatment. He responded: “There is no vaccination requirement for patients, but patients undergoing procedures must have a COVID test.”

A mask mandate “won’t get one single person to wear a mask,” Gov. Scott says. Reporter Anne Wallace Allen of Seven Days said she is hearing “from a lot of people who feel strongly there should be a stronger mass mandate.” Why isn’t the Health Department doing more to require masking, she asked.

Scott answered, “If you’re unvaccinated and you’re indoors, you should be wearing a mask. You should be wearing a mask,” he repeated with emphasis. 

But then he conceded that mask mandates won’t work, because people will ignore them.

“Now I don’t think my saying that, or us mandating that, is going to get one single person to wear a mask that doesn’t want to wear a mask. The enforcement is the challenge. Compliance is the challenge.”

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  1. Instead of blaming unvaccinated people, the vaccinated should ask why does the vaccine fail what is the benefit of getting it.

  2. Good reporting, Guy. Stay on it. Remember that the CDC categorizes someone as “unvaccinated” if they died within 14 days of their last dose, so the Vermont vaxxed fatality percentage could be even higher. And since the majority of vaccine-related deaths occur within two weeks, if those are classified as Covid deaths they will also be labeled “unvaccinated.” The slanting of data is a real problem.

  3. Why are there no published numbers of the different treatments for covid including ivermectin or regeneron? What about convalescing plasma? Maybe patients are getting them too late or not at all? Isn’t that murder?
    Those people who have natural immunity because they had covid and are now fine. Why don’t we hear anything about them? They have antibodies that far surpass the vaccine so why do they still need the shot?
    So why mandate a vaccine on these people? And what about herd immunity? We need answers….thank you. Mary

    • You didn’t mention that a large percentage of the population is already immune, due to cross immunity from other Corona viruses. SARSCOV2 is basically a coronavirus, despite that portion of it that has been bioengineered, and probably 99.9% of the population has already had the common cold, which this type of virus causes. The reason that it is deadly in some cases: the very elderly, obese, and those with an average of 4 comorbidities, is because the spike protein has been modified to be able to enter the cells of every organ in your body, not just those of the respiratory system like natural coronaviruses. With young, healthy people the virus is eliminated by the innate immune system when it first infects the body through the respiratory system and doesn’t get a chance to infect the other organs. The vaccine which only contains the spike protein is directly injected into your blood and lymphatic system (it doesn’t stay in the deltoid muscle), bypassing your innate immune defenses and it reproduces in virtually every cell of every organ of your body. WHAT COULD GO WRONG???

      • I 100 percent agree with all of that but when I authored this letter my goal was taking baby steps to try and get people to open their minds and expand their knowledge. I don’t think my audience was quite ready for an in depth analysis of the danger I believe many might be in.

  4. If people were not listening to MSM and doing there own research. That would include Mark Levine they would find the number of deaths etc on the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System to be mind boggling that they are mandating any emergency use MRNA experimental shot with the number of deaths. As of October there had been 15937 deaths with an estimate of 1% reporting. In comparison the swine flu vaccine was stopped after 25 deaths couple that with the adverse effects now reaching 700,000. It is now know as the clot shot and it does not always happen immediately after getting the shot. The efficacy is poor at best and if you read what you signed when you got the shot it says it may prevent you from contracting covid not it will. Informed consent should have been given along with all possible adverse effects. Because it was emergency use authorization it cannot be mandated. A mandate is not a law. Biden signing an executive order does not make it constitutional nor lawful in my opinion. . As for mask wearing Dr Faucci emails were released and he clearly stated masks don’t work. In my opinion based on the above info I have found they should stop wearing masks and stop the so-called vaccine.

  5. What happened in NYS and Michigan and virtually every state during Covid19 was nothing less than GENOCIDE. It was taking elderly or already compromised citizens, placing them into environs where they would infect a like demographic, offer virtually no treatments or remedies – and see them die; by the hundreds of thousands.

    The government CULLED the citizenry. And continues to do so. The old and frail are a drain on their system.

    Eventually they shall be held accountable. By a being they don’t believe exists.

    • “The financial health of Social Security will be helped by deaths from Covid-19, Social Security Administration Chief Actuary Stephen Goss told Congress today.”

      “… the potential effects from increased Social Security benefit applications will be partially offset by increased deaths among our beneficiaries due to the pandemic,’’ he said.

      It’s not, so much, that human beings can’t damage themselves and the planet Earth. They can, of course. Be it climate change, the environment, food shortages, human relations, or productivity, people will inevitably make mistakes and, if allowed to do so, learn from those mistakes and correct them. But beware of those with a ‘God complex’ who have not only decided that they are uniquely qualified to direct our destiny, but have the means to assert their tyranny upon us. They may be, in the final analysis, the proverbial false prophet.

      • I’ve been following these articles and your comments, thank you for trying to wake the sleepy and cognitive dissonant. But let’s add to this, about a week ago, the 3 letter govt health agencies now tell people to stop taking aspirin because after 20 years they decided it’s bad🙄. This same aspirin that has some antiviral benefit at the very least and more so, it’s ability to thin the blood. Definitely don’t take it now to help thrombosis from covid, or worse the clot shot. This is nothing short of evil. Let’s get more people’s blood to sludge and shoot clots 🤬

  6. Sadly I don’t see these numbers decreasing in the future, only increasing. But we know that the powers that be will lie about it and try to cover it up. I just hope that they are held accountable for their crimes. Can you say Nuremburg trials 2022

  7. There are national commentators now (not MSM commentators) still spotlighting Vermont – last week and this week. They are pointing out substantial increase in mortality rates in Vermont. Why would mortality rates expeditionally rise in 2021 – post-mass-vaccination?

  8. Since 10/15, 4 out of 5 deaths have been people in their 60s. One person over 80.
    I would like to know if those people had 1) Underlying Conditions, 2) If any of them had received the booster shot recently. It would be helpful to know this data for all the deaths to date, but especially over the past 2 months.