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5,500 bags of fentanyl for ‘personal use,’ former Springfield MA resident tells cops who busted him

A Walden, Vermont man who is a past resident of Springfield, Massachusetts told police the 5,500 bags of fentanyl in his car, which was stopped by police following a long car chase on I-91 Wednesday October 26, were for his “personal use.”

Antonio Vergara, 29, is being held by federal authorities on narcotics charges. According to an October 28 report in the Caledonian-Record, Vergara was trying to escape FBI agents in pursuit when his car ran over blow-out strips put on I-91 by Vermont State Police. The car stopped two miles later, and 5,500 bags of fentanyl were found in his car. Vergara reportedly waived his Miranda rights and told police the fentanyl was for his personal use. Another 4,500 bags were found along the interstate nearby.

Last week’s arrest wasn’t Vergara’s first I-91, Northeast-Kingdom-related drug bust. In July 2017, Brittany Patten, 22, from Hardwick, and Vergara, then of Springfield, Massachusetts, were stopped on I-91 in Northhamption, MA and placed under arrest for trafficking in cocaine and conspiracy to violate the drug laws, Massachusetts State Police said.

I-91 is an oft-used corridor for fentanyl transported across the southern border then to northeastern hubs, including Springfield, MA, federal drug authorities say. 

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  1. Personal use for him alone? Nah. But if the 5,500 bags were for personal use for him AND Sarah George? That I would believe.

  2. Imagine how pathetic and weak, as a State, we must look to out of state, (and some new immigrants), Dealer/ Criminals. An open market without serious penalty. I don t even see anyone addressing it? Vote for Liam Madden. He knows the game. Most people are truthfully clueless… unless you have been forced to live it. The Politicians we have, can t touch it because it involves Race. Truth. 👍

    • You must be Madden’s good buddy. He isn’t going to win this election and if he does it will be another dem/prog vote in congress. Your man has been dishonest throughout this election and is not a republican. He is also an employee in the Green energy industry and would also vote for laws that would benefit his endeavors. We already have Welch and Sanders amassing big fortunes for themselves by using their politics to create wealth for themselves. You have stated your past as one of liberal leaning and now find merit in republicans leadership. I don’t trust your words either after dissing Trump in another comment. You must have skin in the game for a Madden win and neither of you are conservative republicans.

      • I never vote confined by any one Party. I don t personally know Liam Madden although we ve talked online. I work 3 jobs and none are connected to anything near Liam. You have a simple choice: Erica Redic seems like a nice person. She will get at best less than 7 percent of the vote. A vote for Redic is a vote for Becca. Becca will win the Vt. House seat and then become Vt. Senator for LIFE. Realize that.Liam is a long shot but we need change so bad that I can only hope.

      • Okay, I’ll play along. Even if Becca wins the election she will be a non entity in congress if the red wave is as expected to dominate the midterms as predicted. I’ll take my chances with that. To sell myself out to vote for a dishonest candidate because he slithered into the republican primary is not something I care to do. Madden, because he failed to read election laws and didn’t file papers in time as an independent maneuvered his way onto the republican ballot then swore he wouldn’t caucus with the republicans. The voters were deceived and two able conservative women were out because of his dishonesty. Since you don’t have a crystal ball the election isn’t over until the ballots are counted so your prediction is an opinion not a poll. I already voted for Ericka.