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17-year-old missing since March 29 found dead in Weybridge

WEYBRIDGE — A search team from New England K9 Search and Rescue located the body of Rebecca Ball, a 17-year-old who had been missing in Middlebury since March 29.

Her body was found in a wooded area on the west side of Otter Creek north of Beldens Falls on Tuesday.

Ball’s body will be transported to the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Burlington for an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death.

According to Vermont State Police, the death is not considered suspicious and is being investigated by a detective trooper with the Vermont State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

Search efforts had been ongoing since Ball was reported missing.

Personnel from the Middlebury Police Department, Vermont State Police Search and Rescue Team, the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, New England K9 Search and Rescue, the Vermont State Police Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team and the Vermont State Police Underwater Recovery Team had participated in these efforts.

A Vermont National Guard helicopter had also supported the search efforts.

Anyone with information on Ball’s whereabouts before her death is asked to call the Middlebury Police Department at 802-388-3191 or the Vermont State Police New Haven Barracks at 802-388-4919. – Republished from Newport Express

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  1. So sad 😞 the country needs to deal with the mental health issue 😞

  2. This is tragic beyond any measure. Eight years ago I was told to stand down when offering to assist in the search of an alzheimer victim. Searching on my own was shocked how poorly the “professional” search was conducted. Essentially goobers riding around on ATVs, and dogs that preferred to chase squirrels. The person was never found. Vermont would benefit from calling in those that have spent the better part of a lifetime reading signs invisible to all but a few.

  3. Mental health is NOT the issue. Drugging with mind altering drugs IS the problem. By the mental health “profession”.
    Read the paper that comes with each prescription. The lie about brain chemical imbalance justifies this drugging. Best example: serotonin is made in the STOMACH. Got that???? Or are you going to go to the fall back position of “follow the science”?

    Stop Stop Stop MAKING these young people crazy with your ridiculous evil whisperings to these YOUNG people that they are NOT what God made them to be.

    Stop Stop Stop convincing parents that their YOUNG children have ADHD (or some other aribtray label) rather than suggesting that their NORMAL ACTIVE child needs some more exercise.

    I wrote a piece on this after the CT school shooting and learned that in incident after incident these YOUNG shooters were massively drugged by Big Pharma.
    Hmmmm…..seeing a pattern here?

    And here’s another whisper of truth: Vermont’s crimes have sky rocketed since the Great and Powerful Politicians decided to allow ILLEGAL ALIENS into our state whether we wanted it or not. Are you following me….so who killed this young person???