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$1 to Ukraine for every Vermonter. Russian-state business banned. Goodbye, Karelia

Scott order more than just saying nyet to Stolichnaya

Ukraine supporters outside Montpelier post office yesterday

Governor Phil Scott yesterday issued an executive order expressing support for the Ukrainian people and outlining steps the State is taking in response to the Russian invasion of peaceful Ukraine.

In addition to removing Russian-made products from Vermont liquor stores, which was announced on Monday, the Governor’s executive order:

  • Directs the Secretary of the Agency of Administration and the Commissioner of the Department of Buildings and General Services to review all contracts for the purchase of goods and immediately cease purchases and terminate contracts for the purchase of Russian-sourced goods and goods produced by Russian entities.
  • Directs the Secretaries and Commissioners of the Executive Branch to review all contracts for the purchase of goods and immediately cease purchases and terminate contracts for the purchase of Russian-sourced goods and goods produced by Russian entities.
  • Requests that, upon their return to session, the General Assembly appropriate $643,077, one dollar for every Vermonter, for humanitarian efforts needed to support the people of Ukraine.
  • Rescinds Executive Order 100-91, which established a sister-state relationship between Vermont and Karelia, which is now a federal subject of the Russian Federation. The order also requests that the General Assembly rescind J.R.H. 129 adopted by the Legislature in 1990 (R -157. Joint Resolution Relating to Strengthening Ties with the Peoples of Karelia Within the Soviet Union).
  • Calls on any Vermont municipality that has entered into a sister-city/town agreement with a Russian municipality to suspend or terminate such arrangements, until such time as the Russian municipality opposes current Russian policy toward Ukraine and has a government freely and democratically elected by the people of the municipality. 

Click here to view the full executive order.

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  1. How quick Phil Scott jumps when the O’Biden administration dials him up for assistance with their scams and shams. Good boy, such a good boy…federal stimulus biscuits on the way.

  2. I’m not sure I understand the purpose for all of this. Having a sister state agreement is a good thing; the more dialogue and interaction we have with Russians the more we will both view each other as fellow human beings. Ordinary Russians are no more responsible for the actions of their government than I am for mine.

    And besides, yes, what Russia is doing to innocent Ukrainians is appalling but in truth, the US has been playing a dangerous game of poke the bear and what is happening is really due in large part to our government.

    • We don’t need association with the ideas of Russian citizens in a Communist nation. We have plenty wearing the Progressive Label right here in Vermont.

      • We don’t know what the ideas of Russian Citizens are unless we interact with them. They may have much to teach us about valuing the freedoms that we enjoy now, but are so dangerously close to loosing.

  3. So let’s get this straight. Should another country want to boycott the United States because of the current Administration’s ineptness and poor decisions, American Citizens would then have to suffer the consequences?

  4. Biden knew of this impending atrocity and as usual did nothing worthwhile. Putin looked at our leadership and said Now is the time . This administratiou Is not doing good things for our country. Bad decisionds and on the wrong side of everything.

  5. Why is someone giving any money to any foreign country in my name. What business is it of Scotts to be giving our money to any country? Why are we involved in something that does not involve our country unless our leaders have a reason that we don’t know about. What exactly are the Russians bombing in Ukraine and why? How would we feel if Mexico or Canada had bio-labs right on our borders. Why is Biden so involved in Ukraine, the country that his son had so many “dealings” with that made them all rich. What other kind of labs are in Ukraine that would affect the elites and Hollywood if they were demolished. How many DUMBS are there in that country that are involved in the trafficking of humans and especially children, the younger the better. What kind of drugs are produced in that country that are brought to our country to kill so many especially our younger adults. All we heard through President Trumps time in office was Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. They even tried to impeach Trump because of it. What the heck is so important about that country? Before we blindly get involved in WW3 and ultimately have a nuclear bomb dropped on our country maybe people do some research to see what is actually gong on and why. I hope you don’t believe a word the msm says. They are a huge part of the problem.

  6. Who elected Scott to weigh in on international affairs? And why does he think his position as governor give him permission to send public money to benefit non Vermonters? If Vermonters want to donate money to a cause that is a private decision. He should stay out of it and spend tax payers money on Vermont.

  7. Probably a good idea to take an objective view on this situation – Obama/Biden fraudulently installed the current, corrupt regime in Ukraine and violated agreements with Russia re: Ukraine/NATO, and corrupt military forces within Ukraine have been attacking innocent pro-Russian people living in Donbas region… Perhaps biden and his fellow deep-state/globalists scumbag comrades are horrified about what will soon be revealed?

    • Err, the current Ukrainian president was elected when Trump was President. So presumably Trump either did it or was complicit. Don’t ya just hate it when looking at a calendar revels you to be a moron?

      • Biden through his son Hunter was the one getting paid by Ukraine. No one else involved. 10% for the big guy!

  8. I have to question where the Governor gets authority to send Vermont tax dollars to a foreign country. He can spend his money where he chooses. Vermont tax dollars should only be spent on State of Vermont business and it’s citizens!

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