Skylark: YouTube deletes ‘dislikes’ on Biden channel

The number of “thumbs down” on the Biden Administration’s YouTube site has been reduced, according to data below:

by Dave Skylark

In 2019 a federal court ruled that President Donald Trump did not have the right to ban naysayers from his coterie of Twitter followers.

Trump was our first Twitter president. He used it with gusto to attack his critics. A plethora of supporters and critics commenting on his every tweet. For those Democrat opponents, getting just the right comeback was important. It could put wind in the sails of all those people who couldn’t believe they lost to a game show host.

The federal court in New York gave Trump an emphatic “No!” The president is a public figure, it ruled. He had no right to censor or mute his angry critics who lived and breathed to mock him with a clever riposte.

Presidents change, but their dislike of criticism is forever. Only now the social media companies are helping President Biden silence his critics.

As you read this, YouTube is erasing reader dislikes or “downvotes” from the White House YouTube page. Even pro-Big Tech ‘fact-checker’ Politifact admits it – but with a big ‘so what’ shrug. They say it’s to cut out “spam” and provide better ‘context.’ Nevertheless, thousands of downvotes miraculously disappear. How odd!

There is a transparent double-standard going on here and it stinks. The Biden Administration (I purposefully don’t mention the President, because he’s probably still learning what a facebook is…) is filled with snowflakes who can’t swallow their own medicine. For four years they acted as if the country was being led by Hitler himself. But when they finally get back power, they forget about Free Speech.

Remember this day. Remember that their regime must silence an ounce of resistance. They are so thin-skinned that
the mere fact that their propaganda is downvoted into oblivion by the online community is a bridge too far. No, they don’t want you to have a voice. No, there is not a fair and open marketplace of ideas. And no, we aren’t ignorant
of the double standard.

I want an alternative to the easily cowed social media conglamerate that is Google/FaceBook/Twitter. But don’t hold your breath. After the banning of Parler, most of us are not hopeful for a free market solution.

We pray for swift justice, a balancing of the scales. It starts with an awareness of where we are today. I’ve never written anything before. My writing class was always my lowest score. But I wanted to write this because I’m so fed up with self-righteous, pig-headed folks who don’t see what is happening.

Thank you for reading this and “Keep the Faith” to anyone else out there who feels as frustrated as me.

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  1. Should we be surprised ? Trump and his supporter’s are deleted, and Biden’s critics are deleted. Whoda seen that coming !!!!!!!!!

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