Young Senate candidate: Vermont is ‘world class’

by Paul Bean

There has been a sentiment my whole life about Northfield, or perhaps the state as a whole: “there’s nothing to do here…there’s nothing going on… I might as well just move somewhere warm, or perhaps a big city.” My goal has been to prove that the grass is not always greener elsewhere.

Paul Bean

We have to BE what’s going on! We have to be the ones participating and influencing the political system. We feel that because we come from these small little “do-nothing” places that our voices do not matter, and we can not influence or compete with the greater community that is planet earth. It is actually the exact opposite. My campaign thus far is proof that anyone can influence our local communities and the state.

Many around me knew that I was not kidding when I said I was running. Some thought it was a little ridiculous, I can understand that. Yet it is true that I have never been afraid to stand for something I believe in, even if that is not what is popular at the time.

It took a little courage to be the one who said “I want to inspire young people to pursue a life here….I want to help others prove that is possible.” We can use this state as a cozy homebase, and a powerful launch pad to the whole world.

It is almost like many feel as if Vermont does not exist to the “outside world.” What matters most to me is proving that we can live a life completely immersed in our vibrant towns and communities, while interacting and competing with the whole world at the highest levels.

World class brands. World class businesses, athletes, leaders, and hospitality. Just think of what this state has already contributed to the world.

Truly, when we aspire to be the hardest working and the best at what we do, it doesn’t matter where you live, the life you came from, or the perceived barriers and pain holding you down. There is no limit to what we can achieve, create, and give to the world.

The author is a Republican candidate for State Senate in Washington County, Braintree, Orange, and Stowe.

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  1. Vermont has had a brand for a Century: Tourism. Tourism for skiing, for hiking & camping, for antiquing, for foliage. Tourism that embodied pure Americana. Years ago, (in Virginia no less) we found our SUV there being swarmed by a gaggle of Asian tourists in a hotel parking lot….they were busily snapping photos of our Vermont license plates.

    The left LOATHES U.S. culture or “branding” of ANY kind. It’s fine for other nations, but here “diversity” must be forced & long-term culture dissolved at any cost.

    Between abortion on demand, legalized prostitution, drugs (legal & otherwise) and high crime rates, VT’s brand which attracted tourists from all over the world and produced multi-millions in revenue annually for Vermont for so long shall undoubtably be coming to a halt. Once it does, good luck in trying to ever re-brand it.

    Bennington’s tourism is gone. Burlington’s is waning. Great job, “socialist demorats”!

  2. You forgot world class communists, when I tell people I am from Bernieland they know exactly where I am from.

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