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Young men found in Eden killed by gunshots to head

Eric White and Jahim Solomon

Autopsies performed Thursday, Oct. 26 at the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Burlington have confirmed that the bodies found Wednesday in Eden are those of missing Massachusetts residents Jahim Solomon and Eric White.

The medical examiner determined that the cause of death for Solomon, 21, of Pittsfield was multiple gunshot wounds to the head, and the manner of death is a homicide. The cause of death for White, 21, of Chicopee was determined to be a gunshot wound to the head, and the manner of death is a homicide.

Police located the bodies along the Albany-Eden Road on Tuesday, Oct. 24, and Wednesday, Oct. 25. Tuesday afternoon, a game warden with the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife located evidence that appeared suspicious several dozen feet off the road in the town of Eden.

The Vermont State Police Field Force Division secured the scene overnight. Wednesday morning, investigators examined the location and discovered the remains of one individual. In continuing searches Wednesday afternoon, VSP detectives located a second body about a mile north of where the first body was found.

The Vermont State Police continues to pursue leads and develop information regarding this case. Tips from the public remain an important component of this investigation, and anyone with information is encouraged to call the Derby Barracks at 802-334-8881. Anonymous tips may be submitted online at https://vsp.vermont.gov/tipsubmit.

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  1. Long way to come to Vermont for the drug trade and die. Perhaps it would be best to save the commute and leave the issues in MA.

    Regardless, sad to see two lives snuffed out at 21. The perpetrators were people they knew. Imagine how much caring they would have for your family.

  2. Vermont great! Weed legal, good cover for the other drugs, and they want to legalize hookers! DA don’t prosecute, you’ll be out. Get in now, before them other gangs, you no I’m sayn?

  3. Just about every violent death in Vermont can be traced to drug dealing or related matters. Add in out of state colorful characters and the mix becomes reality over and over again. The root cause is truly evident, yet Vermont won’t crack down and render severe punishment consequences to this vile and destructive element…slaps on the wrist and ignoring the obvious makes us all truly victims of these left-leaning cowardly and soft approaches to this omnipresent evil…vote these powderpuff snowflakes out of office!

  4. A VT state cop told me ten years ago that gangs from CT, MA & NY send a new drug salesman up to VT as fast as they can arrest them.

    • …and the best “drug salespeople” they have are every democrat and progressive elected official presently serving in office. The gangs of southern New England love it every time we have an election and return a fresh crop of them to Montpelier and our State’s Attorney offices.

  5. Go to the Rutland Amtrak station and just sit there and observe who is getting off the northbound trains and who is hanging out in the adjacent WalMart parking lot. This isn’t rocket science, people.

    But yet, the only place I’ve ever seen Feds with drug-sniffing dogs was in the parking lot of the Rutland Regional Airport. Probably checking out all the pilots’ cars I would imagine. And I never saw a dog “alert” there. Not one. Shifty group, those pilots.

    Simple question. If they can do that, why can’t they have the dogs sniff out every train and passenger coming from NY, NJ, MA, and CT instead?

    As Jesse James famously said when asked why he robs banks, “Because that’s where the money is”.

  6. You think they came from Massachusetts for the scenery 🤔 they were here for one thing, to distribute drugs.

  7. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions and think drugs were involved. Maybe they were going to testify against the Clintons and it was a double suicide.

  8. Montpelier likes the direction we are going; it is their plan.

    If they wanted to make a difference, it would be easy. Treat them like you do a legit business in Vermont and they would stop dealing in Vermont immediately.


    Do what they do in zoning.

    Immediate fines.
    Require a Permit and make it impossible.
    Have every NIMBY report drug activity in town.
    (Everybody know who’s dealing and where they live)
    Spend ludicrous amounts of money prosecuting them. (think Costo gas pumps)
    For the smallest infraction, big fines.
    Change the rules on a regular basis, making it harder and harder.
    Track down the supply chain.
    Post complaints in the paper numerous times.
    Make it the lead story across the state.
    Have multiple parties getting court status, filing multiple complaints.
    Post signs as you enter our state and in every town about getting caught.
    Make the law enforcement act upon any letter sent to them about drugs.
    Make them pay their own way, don’t subsidize with state money. (Sugarmamas)

    I could go on and on.

    Vermonters, here’s you sign. There is a reason you can’t find decent priced home and we’ve got drug dealers running rampant across our state.

    • Or we try something new just make heroin legal. big Pharma can continue to sell it anyway. The gangs lose distribution. The cartels shrivel up and die. Central Americans return home to fix their own countries- and we still have the same people who wanna be worthless junkies at the end of the day without all the violence.

      • With the lack of prosecution for simple possession and open use of street opioids, it has essentially been legalized in Vermont. Vermont now has “vending machines” to provide Narcan and test kits for fentanyl and xylazine (the fact that they are called “vending machines” is liberalspeak, since they require no money to dispense product, but cost us taxpayers plenty). The progressive “problem solvers” are now lobbying to build out a system of “safe use” facilities to further protect and show how much we care about our beloved junkies.

  9. Perhaps these ethnic drug dealers misconstrued Vermont progressive’s “I BELONG” campaign. Glad someone was able to clear that up.